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has anyone played fire emblem i love it im a huge fan big grin

you can chat all about it here smile

never played it.

its cool man u should play it!!!!!!

HigH ScholaR
never played it always wanted to though

i'm going to start getting the ones that came out on GBA also i'm when the gamecube version comes out i'm getting it although been thinking lately what will be better baiton kaitos 2 or fire emblem.

also heard about a DS version in the works

I played te first one, to be comletley honest, I wasn't impressed.
I dont like RPG's as much as I used to, I enjoy first person shooters.

Lord Follen
I LOVE THE GAME!!!!!!! big grin

I saw Marth and Ry in SSBM, and they were very cool.

Then I found out that they were from a game called "Fire Emblem."
Then I found out that it sold big in japan, and that it was coming here.

I was completely oblivious to how the gameplay would be like.

So I got it anyway.

It is now one of my favorite games ever.

If there is anyone here who hasn't played it yet, go get it; it has instant appeal.

(for GBA)

General Kaliero
I started out with Fire Emblem on the GBA, on recommendation from a friend. I was instantly hooked.

Sacred Stones came next, and I loved that.

Now I'm practically drooling for Path of Radiance. If at all possible, I will have it in my hands this very night.

It seems that, while the first GBA one was dumbed down and powered down to make up for American gaming style, Fire Emblem in America is getting back up to the standard that has kept the series around forever in Japan.

Lord Follen
I WANT THAT GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The game is just so damn appealing!

It really was an awesome game, I just wish people would know more about it, otherwise it's just a sleeper hit.

Lord Follen
good point...LOL big grin

General Kaliero
Update on Path of Radiance:

If you like the Fire Emblem series, you MUST buy this game. I'm only a few chapters in and loving it. The cel-shaded movies are amazing, the dialogue is great, the characters are beautifully drawn, the difficulty is just about equal to the NES and SNES games, and the whole thing is just a true Fire Emblem experience times 10.

Get it NOW.

Lord Follen
I WANT IT!!!!!

I love the fire emblem game. I have the sacred stones, but I still haven't beaten the first. Can't beat that damn dragon.

OOOO...I remember how to beat him...I used Hawkeye as a decoy and had a healer back him up, while I just kept sending in Eliwood in for the kill...You need 2 healers; one for Eliwood, and one for Hawkeye.

Lord Follen
i used athos!!! smile

Naaaa...that old fart dies anyway.

The guys who made the game actually got it right. You actually have to use the main character to defeat the final boss.

Lord Follen
ne doesnt die shifty besides canas is the best character and no dont have to use the main character to defeat the final bose stick out tongue

Interesting...the old fart always died on me.

Eliwood was always the best.

Lord Follen
i never use eliwood...LOL Athos..., i love magic users...LOL

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