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Vido Corleone
Starting another one up for people who were to late for the other.

Just fill out the following and your in, game will start 10/20 5:00 PM...(tomorrow at 5)

real name:
physical appearance:
other info:
weapon of choice:
(Fill Out)

Real Name: Vido Corleone

Nickname: "Vinne the Angel" "Vinnie Gorgeous" "The Black Angel" "Hollywood"

Age: 20

Physical appearence: See Bio

background: See Bio

Other Info:Emmigrated to United States at the Age of 20yrs. Landed at Ellis Island April 1, 1995 with his cousin and last known surviving relative, Rocco Berlingieri. (30 yrs old)

Vido and his younger cousin Rocco, stayed with relatives upon their arrival to America in Little Italy, Manhattan. Vido, only 20 at the time struggled with his transition into this fast paced society. His english would improve over the first few years. His relatives, the Lampone's hooked them up with jobs at a cumpare's meat factory. Vido quickly became bored of this job and wanted a bigger piece of the american dream. He began hustling almost immediately. Small time at first, a dollar here a dollar there. Until one day.....he became noticed as an "earner". (enter family)

Vido was raised since the age of 6 by his Grandfather in the Village of Santa Croce. Domenic Corleone was his role model, and his father figure. Vincent was an only child to Giovanni and Elsa Corleone. Both parents died within a year apart of inoperable cancer. Domenic taught the youngster the 'old ways' and traditions of his heritage. Domenic always put emphasis on 'respect' and the importance of knowledge and loyalty.

He adopted the nickname 'Vido the angel' almost immediately amongst his new friends in America, due to his baby face. His green eyes and dark features made him an instant hit with the American women. Vido has a hard time being faithful to one woman and often is labelled as a womanizer. He is a master of seduction and a great lover.

Vido was a fighter since he was a small child. He was always good with his fists. But his grandfather always told him the mind was more powerful than the fist. "the fist should only be used as a last resort". Beat your enemies with your mind. Use your looks and your brains to get what you want and if they cross you....then show em who you are. Vido always carries a knife with him and prefers a silencer to loud weapons. As goodlooking as he is.....he doesn't enjoy too much attention in the form of heat.

Always curious Vido constantly educates himself in the area of Business, Business Management, and Economics. But isn't afraid to enforce on his own if somebody crosses him or misses a payment.

Weapon Of Choice: Knife

no permission

Iam guessing you did not get permission so you cannot start one withoiut

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