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Hey guys.I thrown some really good ideas at your way so far but none of you seem interested for some reason. Like why dont we make a Desperate Housewives RPG and a LOST RPG?

They are to really good and interesting storys that I think could be alot of fun if people just gave it a chance.

Desperate Housewives

This RPG (if created) will a be a fun RPG where alot of anything goes.There will be 4 main characters which are the four housewives.This will not be related to the show and you will be able to choose your own names and your own personalities and mysterious backgrounds.For the men there will be another 2 spots open for their husbands or lovers (2 housewives will not be married.They will be divorced).You are also aloud to make other characters up that to start juicy mischief around the neighborhood.I'll be the head of the RPG and will be responsible for making new,interesting characters that influence all of your lives in many ways.

If you do not sign up in time to be one of the husbands or housewives you can play side characters with mysterious past but not quite be in the spotlight.

Main Characters

Joseph-Husband of Anna
Calab-Husband of Helena

Brianna and Raquel are currently single after just getting over messy divorces.

Who's in?


This will be based loosely on the tv show as far as taking the whole plane crash concept from it but I want to also make something fresh and new.We'll be survivors of a plan crash and will all have mysterious backgrounds that will be presented in flashbacks. NO MORE THAN 4 FLASHBACKS A WEEK! As we progress into the story we will began to find out the secrets of the island and slowy but surely we will realize this island is special and we didnt just crash by accident.I can tell you right now that we wont find a HATCH.We will find something different.There will be "the others" and there will be weird animals but i'm gonna try the best I can not to steal everything from the tv show.I will present the secrets to you as the RPG progresses and I will be responsible for what comes next (you are all welcome to pm me tips or ideas on how the story will progress but dont make it known to the public).

We will start out with 5 main characters and progress from there.


I will work with 5 for the time being and then if I see alot of more people are showing interest in it I'll allow more characters to be put in and possibly more characters to be put out.

Keep in mind I will have the authority to tell you to kill off your character.This doesnt mean you'll never be able to play again but you'll just have to create a new character.I'll warn you of such things about a week in advance just to give you time to finish any storylines in your characters plot.

if its lost can i be jake

post your ideas here no expression

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