Poll: Best SW novel?

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Poll: What do you think the best SW novel is? Or the best SW novelist?

Deus Ex
James Luceno, and the Cloak of Deception.

Timothy Zahn, The Last Command.

1) Shatterpoint
2) Labyrinth of Evil
3) Shadows of the Empire

Timothy Zahn. Do not -censor- with Thrawn! W00t!

Whoops...forgot to throw my own opinion in. Best novel would have to be I, Jedi by Michael Stackpole. But, my favorite author is hands down, Timothy Zahn.

Dan Skywalker
Novelists: Timothy Zahn and James Luceno, I cant choose.
Best novels: Star By Star, Thrawn Trilogy

Zahn's probably written the best of the SW novels.

I still haven't read LoE yet though....

Tangible God
Mr. Zahn all the way. Thrawn trilogy all together is great.

The Ysalimarri in the Thrawn Trilogy kinda let me down...but I like the author; just not the material.

Zahn could probably write a NJO book and suddenly turn the series into a masterpiece; that's how good he is.

But my favorite book and favorite author is "I, Jedi" by Stockpole.

Great material, great story, and I love his style.

I thouroughly enjoyed the book. thumb up

General Bondius
I havent read str by star, they say its the best one yet, but I would say Dark rendezvous is my favourite.

Something written by Luceno.

Hmmm... Let's see... What have I read:

-The first 12 New Jedi Order books; I'm on the thirteenth right now (and yes, I like them)
-Episodes 2 and 3 novelizations
-Hard Contact
-Shadow Hunter

I think those are all the ones that I've read. I recently bought Labyrinth of Evil though, and will read that after I'm done with Traitor (an NJO book).

I liked Hard Contact better than Shatterpoint as far as Clone Wars novels go. I liked it because it was from the perspective of Clone Commandos. It was different than any other SW novel I've read. I remember Shadow Hunter being quite good as well. Probably because Darth Maul used to be my favorite character when I was younger. It's too hard for me to pick just one though. I might like LoE quite a bit.

Thrawn trilogy. Shame they couldnt do a mini movie type thing with it.

Shatterpoint, Thrawn Trilogy, that's to name a few.

Anyone read The Approaching Storm? Just wondering, because I bought it a long time ago, but never got around to reading it. That and Rogue Planet...

Darth Faunus
I'm sure Janus has.

Personally, Labyrinth of Evil, Dark Lord, and the Cestus Deception were my favorites. Luceno and Barnes pwn. Period.

I just started Labyrinth of Evil today. It's good so far.

I've also heard that Dark Rendezvous is very good... Has anyone read it?

dark rendezvous is a good book with some nice background on dooku. I'm currently reading Cestus Deception. Thrawn trilogy rocks!!

Tangible God
I wish we could just make a notice in the forum page saying:

"Thrawn books have been voted #1, alright, it's official...so no more asking which is the best book...ok?"

"Oh P.S. there's a blue Dodge pickup parked infront of a fire hydrant, it needs to be moved...Blue dodge, infront of a fire hydrant."

Darth Zannah
Are there any Jedi books in which you fall to the dark side?

I'd say Shatterpoint is my favorite Star Wars book

exanda kane
The Approaching Storm wasnt too good.

it's Zahn all the way really.

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