The New Essential Chronology

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Jedi Priestess
Not sure if this goes here cause it covers the movies too or EU but anyway here ya go.
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Endnotes for The New Essential Chronology
October 25, 2005


The Star Wars universe is a living thing. For almost 30 years, it has continued to grow and evolve, with new chapters constantly being added by writers, artists, game designers and other talented creators. While the six films form the most visible and important part of the Star Wars universe, the story is much bigger than six movies could ever contain.
Star Wars: The New Essential Chronology attempts to compile all the many stories into one enthralling tale. It is an epic that spans over 25,000 years of continuity, from the founding of the Republic to the formation of the Galactic Alliance. The newly updated book, written by Daniel Wallace (with Kevin J. Anderson), provides an overarching view of the many stories set in the Star Wars universe, finally fills in the gaps of the prequel trilogy and The New Jedi Order, and connects the many eras and tales with newly revealed information. It is both the perfect primer for someone new to the expanded universe, and a valuable resource to even the most experienced chronicler of Star Wars lore.

This online supplement serves as the endnotes for this formidable tome. For readers who wonder where all this information is coming from and want to find out more, this article will point you in the right direction.

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Captain REX
And then they'll come out with another one in five years... stick out tongue

Kevin J. Anderson is awesome.

Sir Mist
Fark that must be a big ass book.....sweetsmokin'

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for some reason I figured it would be bigger than 256 pages tho huh

Dan Skywalker
Cant wait to get it, looks amazing

Yeah, I think I will indeed move this to EU, as the SW website clearly has it in its EU section.

This book is on my Christmas list. It looks amazing.

Dan Skywalker
I got the book of amazon a few weeks ago, it totally rocks, one of the best Star Wars books ive ever bought

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