Star Wars Battlefront 3. Will they or wont they?

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The Ones
will they make battlefront 3?


crap, could a mod edit the poll question correctly please?

You're a bit ahead of yourself aren't you? Maybe we should wait and see if battlefront 2 is any good first, and whether theres anything they can change. I'm sure that BF 3 is the last thing on Lucasarts' mind at the moment.


Dan Skywalker
Battlefront is all about playing the epic battles from the movies. With all the movie battles now covered, what new content could they offer in a future edition? I think 2 covers it all

Gryn Jabar
Clone Wars, KOTOR, NJO, EU stuff I would imagine. Can we PLEASE lay off these posts?

Seriosly, I would love an NJO game.

Taking out thousands of Vongs Dynasty Warrior stlye...

I loved Dynasty Warriors. 3 was the best by far, both graphically and gameplay wise. The levels in 4 were so small and contained few enemies. It's nearly impossible to get 1,000 kills in 4, but in 3 it was on every other stage.

General Zink
Battlefront 2 isn't even out yet, why are we pondering this?

The unfathomable urge of making threads.

Prince Nauj
I saw in x-play the battle sceens for battlefront II and I didnt like the graphics, it looks very bad

Two things - firstly, graphics do not make a game - look at final fantasy.
Secondly, The graphics are easily better than the last game's graphics and are better than the dawn of war series, and that involves mass military actions and is superb. Trust me, you will be pleased.


Prince Nauj
I know that the graphics have improved and this game looks great but all Im saying the space battle is *yawn*

if they dont cover everything then theres a possibility
but they may have covered it

id like to see shooting and jumping at the same time
you know little stuff like that

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