WW2 Rpg

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Well this was inspired from playign brother in arms for 8 hours......

(And do i gotta get this approved?or what?Just wondering since im new to actually making one.ive wanted to but ive been having trouble finding a theme and learning what needs to be done.)

Ok here are basic rules.


-Your character will start all int he same squad.If you come later ingame then you will be a recruit and so your skills wont be as good as the people who had been here for longer.

-Your character should have a backstory.

-There are several positions to use.Ill post them here along with your loadout.(the loadout can change during the games course)

Medic:A healing class that can help mend wounds.

thompson mahchine gun with 5 clips.
Medical kit
3 grenades
colt .45 with 7 clips
spade(fox holes)
food and water

Marine:A fighting class.Ideal for fighting battles.

A garande rifle with 8 clips
some bandages
4 grenades
colt .45 with 7 clips
food and water

Combat engineer:Ideal for creating cover and barricades with the right material

Garande rifle with 6 clips
colt .45 with 7 clips
food and water

Those are the three clases.The medic is less combat equipped but still should be in the rp.The engineer also knows less of weaponry but cane help fortify a position.

We will all be american.We will start in one squad.Also i will be the commander and if we get more people then we may make a 2nd squad to use.Now you wont be alone as there are uncontrolled allies that u can create and kill at your leisure.But be reasonable.Like make 5 and have them flank the enemy but get one or two killed.So be reasonable and dont mass.

-Not much cursing.(a little bit's ok since its ww2)
-No massing of troops
-No yelling because of historical record
-Your not supersoldiers.Your a human and have limitations,emotions and morals.So you should be concerned of your own mortality...

Now we arent going to go by the history books...

This is a seperate war.We start on D-Day.You start in a landing craft.We are at Omaha beach.And you can help decide the course of the war.Maybe if we have a battle like the battle of the bulge the germans will win and push us far far back.

Ok lets begin.....


Name:Nick Trent

Appearance/traits:American,Strong bodied,Smart and very very angry if any german gets in his way...
Class:Marine,Squad leader

Backstory:Born in Maryland in 1918,He wanted to join the marines and at the age of 21 he did.After being in the army for 2 years he was put in command of a squad of soldiers in the 4th infantry division.Now after months of hard training and preparing he is on the boarding craft not 10 minutes from the beach.He grew up with a few friends and now after his father and mother were killed in a car accident he left his family and joined the marines when he heard of the beginning of ww2.But it wasnt until 2 years later he'd start fighting.


Nick Looked at the beach and the sheels pounding.He saw a plane go in a bomb a bunker.He saw it brust into a yellow red flame and he watched it burn.The driver called out "8 minutes" and he gulped and held his rifle sternly.He was surrounded by 20 other marines.He guessed less than half of them would live.He wasnt a good shot and thats why he chose the garande because it was a easier aim and when he fired thier was less recoil....The driver said "5 minutes!"....Nick got ready to fight the enemy....

can i join

w-e.......but i 4got to ask for permission so this could get closed.And remember i control the squad.....

Also remember not to make your posts short....


Remember to take a look at the character i made for any inspiration or anything.and remember this is world war 2.

Name:Jacob Leopard

Appearance/traits:American,Strong built,Smart and mean and hates gremens
Backstory:born 1920 in san antonio texas his familey got killed in a car crash and lived with his grandma who tought him how to farm and then he got drafted

No permission. Closed.

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