Sex-wise, who is Smallville's target audience Girls or Guys.

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FistOfThe North
I heard this one guy tell me that Smallville's for girls. I was kinda shocked by that cause I myself as a guy, likes watching Smallville. Superman's been my favorite character since i was a toddler.

But i thought about his statement and Smallville does have alot of lovy dovy moments. Probably alot of the times. Sometimes Smallville comes across to me as a female teen targeted show like the other garbage WB shows.

I dunno. I still love Smallville, but isn't a Superman show supose to be for the guys or at least neutral.

Not being sexist. i just always grew up with Superman mythology mostly being a guy thing.

Ultimate Hulk43
Definitely a guy thing,Lois is working at a strip club tonight too anyway.big grin

Darth Macabre
I dont know I think its more of a neutral target. There's episodes that are about fighting, and Strippers are for guys. But then theres the moments that are for women, like the Lovy Dovy stuff.

Just my opinion though. Cheers!

Jedi Priestess
The shows producers have stated that their target audience is males.

I would assume males since you have the element of comics with very attractive young ladies playing leading roles.

I love Smallville and so does my wife!

She's just as hooked as I am.

She watches it for the Dawson's Creek moments.

I watch it cos it's Superman. big grin

I think it has aspects for both guys and girls.

it has Tom Welling and lovey dub moments etc for girls.

and it has Lois, Chole, Lana, and cool fights with superpowers for the guys.

i think its a show both guys and girls can watch, thats why its so successful.

It is pretty crappy, but the target is not mainly for males or females. They show a lot of partial nudity of a wide variety of characters which amuses a wide variety of people.

whats pretty crappy? huh

Ultimate Hulk43
I think he means the show is crappy which I TOTALLY DISAGREE with.

I think the audience they're aiming for are girls who don't mind comic book heroes in their soap operas, and guys who don't mind emotional touchy-feely moments. stick out tongue

Smallville is for anyone who wants to watch it....

I was kidding. Obviously i think this is an awesome show otherwise, i wouldn't be here.

FistOfThe North
Originally posted by MysteryRidah
Smallville is for anyone who wants to watch it....

Yea but who are the producers trying to target. I say 40% guys 60% ladies.

There's more of that girly mushy lovy dovy crap in it than there is action.

Typical WB show, lol, but I still like it cause of Lex, his pops and Clark's ass kickin's.

I think it's neutral.They do have alot of nudity scenes or potential nudity scenes but they always have the same amount of male and female nudity scenes.Like Crusade with Tom Welling naked in the middle of a corn field and Kristen Kreuk also in Crusade where she woke up naked in her bed after supposedly being possessed by Isobel.I kind of tend to pay attention to those kinds of things.

I don't really care who the target audience is. Obviously I watch it, and I'm happy (most of the time).

Target audience is supposed to be for everyone but it definitely attracts us guys more (especially when you've got Durance in a bikini lol). However, they've been able to drag girls into it with the semi-Dawson's Creek type of dialogue/scenes every so often. If a girl watches enough episodes of something they tend to care about the characters and then they'll keep watching. Its a good show though, so they don't kill it with too much of the Dawson stuff.

i started watchin it wen i was 11/ 12 im 15 now im sure allother young teenage guys lyk me enjoyed it and naturally wen ur young lovvy duvvy gives guys a YUKK!!!! feeling i didnt feel lyk that cos it was balanced with teh hot chicks and the super powers.. its wikd ..and may be most likely aimed for guys coz their are 3 things cfgoing for guys here 1 )hot chicks 2) superman without a red underwear 3) super powers

the girls propbably like the luvvy duvvy stuff thats only one thing

(sorry If I'm wrong) but The only main girl/woman is Jedi Priestess. again if I'm wrong about that sorry! embarrasment

I have came to a conclusion that it's targeting guys. You don't see the show revolving around Lana's life, or Chloe's or even My Lois(too bad though)

If it was targeting girls, there would be a lot more scenes with Clarks shirt off, (thank God there isnt) But there are ton's of semi-nudie scenes having to do with girls (mostly my Lois)

hey i dont mind teh chicks especially chloe or lois ..4get lana

Thanx a Lot

Thanx a Lot rock

thanks alot

what the heck? who are you thanking?

and I think it's more's not just guys that like the fighting scenes..(I, personally, really like the good matched fights...when clark actually has to do some work, like in Talisman)..and the super powers are appealing to both sexes.

I really think it is for both.

I myself, amd a huge Smallville fan and I'm a female, but I have several guy friends who watch it as well.

Its for both wink

I hope its both otherwise i need to have a long look at myself, nope its ok laughing out loud


its a guy thing man superman it not a women

General Kon-El
Everygirl in the show have had a shower scene. I say targeting males.

yeah and my pet cat simone likes the show too

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