What 2 Jedi would you have liked to see Fall to the Darkside?

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FistOfThe North
Any Era Jedi.

The Overmaster
Revan? Well, actually no, I like the story better when he choose to go down the dark path, instead of it dominating him.

Serra Keto? She would have made a nice addition to Palpatine's harem.
Aalya Secura? She would a made a pretty goodlooking sith, since i dont think she would get pale, or veins on her face.

Yoda. Given the description by Dooku of his power, it would've been an awesome sight

Can't think of anyone else I really want to see go DS.

Tangible God
I'd like too see Yoda and the Fat Youngling who jumped when Anakin ignited his saber. Together they could throw down even Ragnos.

Gryn Jabar
Beyond that, the most wouldn't make much sense, as the ones that did fall, fell for a decent reason.

Dan Skywalker
Yoda and Mace on the darkside would have made an amazing team

Obi Wan and Yoda would make lame sith, I'd rather have that Plo Koon or Kit Fisto although they are gay lovers.

Yoda and Qui Gonn. Qui Gonn just looks like a villian already (ever heard of rasputin)
And Yoda, if you read Dark Rendevous, sounds like, anyway, the description we get of him as he is flirting with the dark side is awesome to behold.

I'd would've liked to see Luke go dark when Vader suggested it.

"...Rule as father and son!"

mace plo yoda or obi wan


Originally posted by Boris

I would have loved to see him turn to the dark side.... Oh wait, I did!

Mace and Quinlan as Master and apprentice.

yoda...... very powerful sith..... wahahahaha!!!!

FistOfThe North
Yoda and Mace; Master and apprentice

Sith master Yoda and Darth Windu have a nice ring to it.

Darth Orcus
Yarael Poof!

Hehehehehehehehe... laughing

Qui-Gon Jinn and Mace Windu.

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xyz jedi
yeah qui-gon and mace

If Yoda was a villian everyone would hate him, even more than Jar Jar and fanboys combined. He would be the lamest Sith ever, just think about it. He would ba a midget that talks backwards and flips around in a fit of rage as the Dark Lord. If it wasn't for Yoda's OT wisdom... and comedy, we would all hate him as a PT character, I would hate to see him on the Dark Side.

Windu would actually be cool, if he used vaapad alot, found out it was really powerful and looked for more dark side secrets to power.

Being heroes is all that makes Qui Gon and Obi Wan cool. No dark side for them.

If NJO Leia had gone evil it would have made for a cool story.

Dirk Jade
DarkSide Mira (kotor ii) Bounty hunter skillz mixed with the Power of the DarkSide would be pretty lethal...

Qui-Gon, it would even fit. Look at it this way, Darth Tyranus was his teacher, and Qui-Gon would believe him about the Republic thing (as he should). Then he would join him believing he would be fighting to stop the corruption of the Republic by joining the dark side. Sid was brilliant, he basically fought a war with himself but did it in a way that the side fighting for the Republic would lose regardless.

xyz jedi
Hey Anakin looked up to Qui-Gon and thought about him in AOTC and ROTS. If Qui-Gon went to the dark side so would Ani and maybe Qui-Gon could of killed Obi-Wan and the OT would of been completely different.

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