I would love to see a KotOR-esque game taking place a few years ABY.

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Ganner Rhysode
Where you would be a student at Luke's academy, or you were an ex-Rebel, or ex-Imperial officer, or something along those lines.

Or maybe twenty or thirty years BBY, before the time of the Clone Wars, and Episode I, back when the Knights were prosperous and keeping peace throughout the galaxy.

And hopefully it better than Jedi Academy. I despise that game -.-'

You know, not to be an ass.. But I would like a jedi knight version of KotOR. Not that I have played it, but I am still very scared of the RPG gameplay.
And JK3 really was fun to do, especially killing so many stormtroopers in such short time and blowing away annoying tusken raiders whenever my energy was running low.

Ganner Rhysode
Well, in my mind, the perfect game would be this:

A storyline that works like KotOR's did.
A battle system like a vastly improved Jedi Academy's.
A conversation system like in KotOR's.
A "walking around not in battle but being able to kill anyone" system like the TPM game's, or Morrowind's.

But that doesn't change the fact that it probably won't happen. >_> I'd still really love to see a Star Wars RPG that takes place not long ABY or just a few years BBY, though, and THAT is a much more realistic possiblity.


Dirk Jade
Hey newguy comment :P in my oppinion i think it would be great to have a starwars game like Kotor but you start out as a kid around the age of 5 and as you go through the game you get older. Sorta like fable.
Im sick of the jedi council letting people like Luke Skywalker and Reven and to a lesser extent Anakin. seems to me all the people who are excepted at an older age keep f***ing up Luke pledged himself to Joruus C'Boath, Reven destroyed the old republic and Anakin turned into
the official maskot of the dark side. Also i would like to see a wookie jedi. probly wont happen but would be kinda funny to see a wookie Shave himself with his lightsaber trying to do somthing fancy smile

Ganner Rhysode
Actually, Revan had been trained since he was a child, and he didn't start going astray until he was older. They simply retrained you in KotOR, and so you relearned what you already knew.

Also, Luke HAD to be taught despite the fact that he was older, as there were no other Jedi.

And, finally, the Jedi were not without flaw... It is possible that their only letting younglings be taught the Jedi way is among those flaws. Luke sure didn't teach only young Force sensitives...

And there have been Wookiee Jedi in the past, but one in a game would be neat, I suppose, although it's not high up on my list of requests...

People who want the game to have a real-time combat system are missing the point of KOTOR's RP origins, from Baldur's Gate onwards.

Ganner Rhysode
Nono, I loved the KotOR battle system, and I love RP games, but I still think a game with a more Jedi Outcast feel to it, whilst having some of the better aspects of KotOR instilled into it would make for an even better game still.

You're never really going to get a decent FPS style fighting system to work properly in that way. KOTOR is just not that sort of game.

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