What Earthly Government Force is the closest thing to a Jedi?

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FistOfThe North
Military, Law Enforcement, etc... or whatever government force, including independant enforcers.

Gen. Chambers
A long time ago along with Charlemagne where the Paladins. That is my guess.

Fighting wise, I guess the Spartans.

The Overmaster
Marines for the Jedi. For the Sith, the Presidency...

Tangible God
For the Sith, I guess the Nazi regime, or the Mongols. For the Jedi, you'd could say America--the "World's Police."

Captain REX
Team America? stick out tongue

I want to see what Ush says. For the Sith, I think various combinations of world powers from the past that conquered everyone; for the Jedi, not a clue.

Count me in for monks! And otherwise, samurai.

exanda kane
Jedi -------> Buddhist Monks.

FistOfThe North
Yea, i'd say monks/policemen/UN peace-keepers/Samurai..

Jedi = Strip Club Bouncers

FistOfThe North
i'd say policemen with lightsaber billy-clubs.

Jedi most closely resemble Buddhist monks, with samurai influences.

JEDI = NINJAS (ninjas started off as samurais but left the ways of the samurai to pursue something above a samurai, samurai means "to serve"wink

Yes, they are ninjas. Hence the whole basing the movie off of a samurai movie.

Samurai, serving the Republic. Preparing for war in times of peace and peace in times of war. Well, kinda, mostly the latter. They were a little more independant then the Samurai.

Dirk Jade

Vigilantes? Like Charles Bronson? I don't think so...

Great Vengeance
Jedi=Samurai/Zen masters(with christian influences)

Sidious=Hitler(With less insane delusions, more focus on the gaining of power)

The old sith=Any large barbarian empire

Originally posted by Dirk Jade
jedi serve the republic, vigilantes are people who enforce the law, with no government afilliation.

Jedi = Shaolin monks , it is from they George Lucas created the Jedi.

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