Best/Favorite NJO novels?

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This is for the members who actually enjoyed the New Jedi Order series. I am reading Traitor currently, and I think it's really good.
Feel free to discuss your favorite/best NJO book(s) and don't forget to elaborate and explain your decisions. Have fun!


Dan Skywalker
Im just about to start The Unifying Force, the final book in the saga. My favourite two books have to defiantly be Star By Star and Destinys Way so far. Star By Star just had a huge impact because of the content of the story and the character development. Also it had some great battle scenes.
Destinys Way for me was the turning point in the series where the good guys got their act together and decided to try and actually win the war. It just had a great storyline and again some great battle scenes. One of the best things about the series has been the charcters development and how Ive seen the character change especially the jedi characters and even some of the Vong.
Looking foward to starting the final noval, should be pretty cool!

I just finished Traitor and really liked it. Now it's time for me to take a temporary break to read the following books: Labyrinth of Evil, Dark Lord, Cestus Deception, and Dark Rendezvous. Then I'll go back to the next NJO book; Destiny's Way.

Ganner Rhysode
I've only read the first four books, but Vector Prime was really good...

Agents of Chaos I was also really good, too, I thought.

BUMP; I know there are more of you who read the series.

Dark Aristokrat
They're in Witness Protection Programs, dude.

Really? I just thought they were... ya know... "in-the-closet fans."

I have a few books from the NJO Series, not the beginning one Vector Prime tho, I think the nearest one to the beginning is Dark Tide II: Ruin. I plan on getting the whole series, but is it safe to start reading a bit? Or should I wait and not spoil anything?

Well, definitely start with Vector Prime, but you don't need to have the whole series to start reading. So, yeah, go ahead and start reading, as long as it's the first book (Vector Prime).

Unashamed NJO fan here. Unifying Force, Star by Star and Traitor were the best....though Dark Tide 2, Edge of Victory 1, Enemy Lines duology, Destiny's Way and Final Prophecy rocked so much

I remember liking Rebel Dream and Conquest the best but most of them are very good. Dark Journey was good but in an okayish sort of way...Traitor was weird, very much mental

Star by Star. I can't get enough of it.

Well I finished Traitor a while ago and I thought it was really good. It was awesome!

Tangible God
Star by Star is the best. If I remember right, it's the most action-packed book without talking about the Force alot.

I just started reading the NJO books and have only read 3 so far (first three) sad . My favorite was Dark Tide 2 Ruin because it shows the real first milliatary action against the Vong. I do not count Dubrillion as a big milliatary action that or Dantoooine, closest thing to it was at Helska 4. I have a lot of the books but I can't find Hero's trial anywhere, from there I am covered until I read Balance Point. Could anybody give me a short list on which books are the ones where the most important events take place? And is this true or just a rumor, Boba Fett brings Clone Commandos to fight the Yuuzhan Vong?

Mother of Sorgo
No,he brings MANDALORIAN Super-Commandos to fight the Vong, and the only books I liked out of NJO were The Unifying Force and Star By Star.

Jack Daniels
umm my favorite is the one narrorated by supershadow....LOL

I have just finished Agents of chaos 1: Hero's trial. I am halfway done with Agents of chaos 2: Jedi eclipse. After I am done I will Balance Point, obviously. But does anybody know where I can download or simply read Recovery?

Revolver Ocelot
Star By Star was awesome.

So I've heard.

Did anybody know that Troy Denning, (Author of Recovery and Star by Star) and Mathhew Stover, (Author of Shatterpoint, Revenge of the Sith, and Traitor) have Usernames on

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