Complaints about Clone Wars cartoon

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To me this CW cartoon is the best animated series ever made apart from one flaw which totally ruins it :

What is the producers obsession with Mace Windu ???

In series 1 he overshadows almost every other character by having far too many great ideas used on him , and demolishing a huge army of droids on his own .

Then in season 2 , the overkill continues :

Despite the fact that nowhere in the history of starwars do I recall it ever being mentioned that Windu can fly a starfighter , he steals Anakins thunder by wiping out countless droid ships , before diving out of his wrecked ship and hi-jacking a "Vulture" .

What is this crap ???
Wouldn't it have been more sensible to give Adi Galia a chance , since she's a known jedi pilot , and gets one measly line in the entire series (aside from being a far more interesting and better looking character.

Then as if all that wasn't enough , we have the spotlight hogging skin-head stealing Yoda's show just as he was brilliantly seeing off an army of droids (Yoda even calls Windu over to help him force-blow a huge group of droids away .... like he needs his friggin' help ... we'd already seen him juggling two battleships).

The final straw came at the end when Windu deals the final blow to Greivous .
This goes against the words of George Lucas himself , who even says Obi gave Greivous his Cough .

Thanks for ruining a perfectly good series by Windu-overkill ..... Just because he's the writer of the series' favourite character doesn't mean he's ours . The writers should be catering to impress fans , not themselves ....

Unfair , unbalanced and unnecessary

Style counted for a lot in that cartoon, and the writers thought he had a ton of style. That's all that is needed for justification.

I want major pwnification by Plo Koon in the Clone Wars Cartoon.
He can freeze small creeks, he can do natural electric judgement, he has a bad skinrash.

Shadow x 20
Amazing that Plo never onced used those powers in Attack of the Clones.

He's just modest. He is a council member after all.

Shadow x 20
And? Plo could have use these powers you so speak of in the arena and maybe they could have saved some Jedi but he didn't and since Mace and Yoda (who are far better in Plo both in saber combat and the force) I doubt that Plo can use those moves.

Why don't you go watch Sonic the hedgehog and leave the grown ups to talking about Plo Koon.. I'm telling you, Plo Koon will rock your world! smile

... And then freeze it!!!!

Yeah, basically you started a thread about what we all already knew. Mace can chop at a vulture droid and then stick his hand inside it and stand on top of it and fly it around. Not only that but then pwn in air combat... without wearing goggles. Mace was over the top every time you see him in that. It doesn't bother me as much when I prove to myself that it's not canon.

Hurray for sarcasm...

I'm sure all Jedi have some skill in flying a starfighter, especially the combat types like Master Windu; still, that was over the top, but it's just a cartoon.

I wonder if Yoda can pilot...

Heh. Flying around in a buzz droid sized Jedi Starfighter, I wish...

I imagine the exageration of Windu must have been the hype to help viewers learn that he would have been the most powerful Jedi in the Order of the time and the only one who could take Sidious.

Pretty much.

The cartoon was queer. No getting around that.

As long as you don't take the cartoon too seriously, it's not all that bad. It's fun to watch and entertaining, which is all it's meant to be. For a more realistic take on the Clone Wars, I read the books or the comics. Take it with a grain of salt...

Originally posted by Alkaselzer
it's just a cartoon.

Originally posted by SnakeEyes
It's fun to watch and entertaining

Thats why. Ive only watched a couple of episodes, one had Kit Fisto going underwater and owning....I dont care how ridiculous it was, it was cool to watch.

And the Yoda juggling spaceships thing...come on, he had trouble lifting the big pillar thing after Dooku dropped it over Obi Wan and Anakin, the cartoon stuff is for fun only.

i cant stand mace so that did kind of annoy me about it. the fights in it were awesome, and it had some decent stories behind it showing what all the familiar characters had been doing since the war broke out. id love to see the sidious vs mace fight done with the clone wars style cartoon, it would look awesome.

Hell.. We should regard the cartoons as the lowest of canon. sly
What do you guys think? No more Grievous pwnzorisation?

All opinions welcome , but come one folks , surely the cartoon should be taken every bit as seriously as the films . After-all it's all fiction , who's to say which format is the true events .

Not only that but no-one knew who the hell Mace Windu was before '99 , while Yoda has been a cultural icon since '81 .
Surely he should be the one who the spotlight falls on (not to mention the fact that seeing a 2-foot tall toad partaking in a hefty session of droid demolition is far more eye-pleasing than seeing a bald Sammy Jackson doing it ) .....

BTW folks , who's sexier Ventress , Shaak-ti or Secura .

Ventress is my fave !!!

Err, GL and Lucasfilm are the ones to say what are and are not true events.

And sorry, Overlord, but in the terms of the EU, the CW cartoon is 100% valid. You just have to appreciate its stylistic touch.

I can't even remember making that comment.. sly

Originally posted by overlord
I can't even remember making that comment.. sly

Sorry Overlord but if you look to your post previous to the one quoted above you'll see the words :

And I suck at noticing things ....

Darth Jello
if you listen to dvd commentary on episode III, i'm not really sure if you can count clone wars as EU anymore since the people who worked on it use it to justify things like Grievous' cough and cowardice in episode III, which is definitely not EU

What's EU ???

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