Why didn't Lex just get a vasectomy? *spoiler*

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Ok, I'm referring to the Lex-mas episode where he saw what his life could be if he was good. And he chose in the end not to take that route because he didn't want to see Lana die. Lana died giving birth to his second child. So, since he knows what will happen, why not have the first child with Lana, then do a little snip snip so he wouldn't have to worry about it?

cuz lex is there to be the badman

Because the episode wasn't a look into his future! The episode was about a message from his dead mummy, telling Lex that the choices he's making in life are the wrong ones. The 'dreamy' visions Lex were having were just that, dreams acting as symbols; representations of possibilities, should he make the right choices. So whether he has a vasectomy or not, it wouldn't matter, he'd still have to go through pain if he gave up his wealth, because that wasn't an apparition of his future, it was a premonition of his present.

I notice lots of people misunderstand this episode.

hi....we're still like 3 episodes behind lex mas down here in mexico, but since i love this character plus what i've read about it, i can express an opinion. i believe Lex thinks in all the possibilities, not just the fact Lana could die giving birth, since like someone said...it's not the future, but a possibility, he knows there could be many things, even if he gets a vasectomy somethign else would happen, he just doesn't wanna take the risk.

Yeah, like someone just said, in agreement to what someone said earlier (think that was me, can't be sure), there's a bigger picture that his visions were painting for Lex. They weren't to be taken literally. An open mind is a good mind to have, so sometimes it's better for people to keep their mouths shut and their minds open (take note, all whom it may apply).

I'm not going to go right out and say that Tom is wrong, since I agree with him, but damn man, your comments are really off base. There is ample room to interpret the Lexmas episode as being a literal foretelling of the future, whether either of us sees it that way or not. Lex's mother even stresses that *this* is the life he could have, which suggests more a specific foretelling than a symbolic representation. If you go back and watch the episode again, even, you'll see that not once is it said that Lex's vision is not literal.

With that point in mind, telling people to keep their mouths shut simply because their opinions didn't quite align with yours is pretty immature and uncalled for. Disagreements are allowed on the internet, and message boards wouldn't be much fun if everyone just said around agreeing with one another.

Some things in life do not need to be pointed out in order to 'understand' what's happening.

I've watched countless episodes of Star Trek, so maybe my mind finds it easier to pick up on these things than the regular Smallville fan's would. But, the message in the episode is clear. It wasn't a literal future for Lex - how could it be? Lex is dreaming. He's unconcious in the hospital, fighting for his life. THAT alone tells you these visions are messages, and NOT literal representations of his future. He did NOT step into a time machine and then cut to a scene in the future. HE was SHOT - we ALL saw this. Think it through and I'm sure you'll agree with me again.

I'd like to see you, smartypants, paste where I've told anyone (directly) to keep their mouth shut. I do like to correct incorrect thoughts. The more incorrect thoughts for me to correct, the better, imo (in my opinion). See, I've just welcomed even more opinions, so why on Earth do you think I want everyone to be quiet?

I've even FOUGHT for my right against extremely biased Moderators here in other threads to freely express myself. And as you can see from the numerous closed threads, these Moderators want to shut us up. They are the ones who want people to shut their mouths, as they did with me in other threads (so, with that in mind, just go have a browse round and see for yourself). I don't recall anywhere where I MYSELF have tried to deny freedom of expression to anyone in here. Oh, you mean the bit where I say "sometimes it's best for people to keep their mouths shut and their minds open?". Well that was just a figure of speech for, don't jump to conclusions. I never expected anyone to be so closed minded as to take it so literally.You've totally misinterpreted me. Do read my disclaimer aswell.

I cringed when you referred to me as 'immature' by the way.


I've ran out of space to fit anything else in the above box, so I'll post it down here.

Here's a link that shows you moderator(s) directly telling me to cease expressing myself on a subject: http://www.killermovies.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=306727&perpage=20&pagenumber=3

Don't forget to browse others though. It's not only the Mods that try to shut people up either, if I recall correctly.

Reason being they wanted to show the "MOMENT" that Lex takes his figurative "plunge" into darkness.

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