New member, but just had to rant

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how good this show is! Im halfway through season 4 and its sooo good! Lionel Luthor is fantastic! John Glover is brilliant. My fav character has to be Lex though, consistently great. You just see the darkness seaping into him, you see the moments where if Clark was just a little more honest or if things had gonse just slightly different Lex could turn out not the man hes going to become...

Season 4 is already my favourtie season so far. I had my doubts about Louis Lane being introduced and my first impression was they got her wrong with the casting, but thats all changed, I can see why they did and the relationship between her and Clark is great!

Favourite episode is the body swap without a doubt, man that was class, but also loved the introduction of the flash, thought that was very well done.

My only problem is with Lana and this whole witch story, just doest work for me at all, seems very out of place in the overall story and whats more the episode where she cloe and Louis were possessed was just silly. To me it just seems that they wanted to do something with a clearly fading character in Lana and this was it. I mean what else would she be doing if it werent for this whole witch story?

Hope pete reappears at one time or another, he was never a favourite but it would be nice to see him come back.

The Casting was so good though! Everyone from the kents on down was spot on. I keep wondering if they will make a Metropolis story that follows on from Smallville, but hey well see.

Ok rant over, sorry if this dragged, but ive needed to blurt ever since i saw the pilot lol

Lana Lang should be used as a love object (operative word: object - of the disposable variety) of Clark's affections. She shouldn't be this martial arts pixie who gets possessed by a witch every so often.

With any luck, she'll be the one that dies.

How random was that ^? Pete was the most boring one there. He looked so out of contrast to the rest of the cast (no I don't mean skin colour and I'm not racist). I laugh that you said you would like to see him back. What would he do if he came back? They got rid of him for a reason you know.

Yeah, very good. Get the prettiest boys and the prettiest mother and daddy figures and the prettiest girls. And bob's your uncle! You've got one very pretty highly rated show that's followed by tons of impressionable teens across the globe.

Yes, it is a good show though, I do like it. smile

heh heh its an ideal formula, pretty boys and pretty girls, just look at the OC or if your in Britain...Hollyoaks heh

Lana is the single most dull character, I swear shes gotten worse over the series and now when I see her im squirming until shes gone. She brings exactly nothing to ever scene shes in.

As for Pete, its true he was dull, and pretty much a pointless edition and I dont think I ever really liked him, I'm just a sucker to see what would happen if he came back for 1 and i do mean ONE episode only

Your marital arts point reminded me of the problem I have with Louis Lane. What in the world is her kung fu side all about? Im seriously getting tired of handing women these kung fu moves and saying look im a woman and independant and I can kick butt too! And lets be honest, since when is Louis Lane a martial artist?

The single best thing about the show has always been and probably always will be the Luthors. Just feel the need to say that as often as I can lol

Exactly, couldn't agree more! And she's got such a huge following aswell. What in god's name is wrong with people today? LOL!

Yeah, for a scene like this:

Pete: hey clark!
Clark: hey pete!
Pete: how's it goin?
Clark: good pete, you.. never mind, when you leavin?
Pete: now
Clark: good, and don't come back, yer borin git!

How's about those other two bland characters: Witney and Teeg (or however that's spelt). I've never been so bored watchin those two. Both a couple of pretty boys trying to be all complex, when all they come across as is a couple of whiners. Maybe that's why they were axed?

Exactly once again! I said something similar to this in a Lois Lane thread somewhere on this forum. I just don't like how they're putting her over as anything more than the tart Superman always saves.

I'd like them to do more "Superman vs." type scenarios, like the whole Brainiac thing.

ok ok! you win! no more Pete! all you had to do was mention bloody witney lol

And why am i not surprised Lana has a huge following...*yawn* wonder why that is...


You're on my wavelength with that one. I know exactly what you're thinking the reason is...

Shallow people, eh.

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