Pirates of the Caribbean 3 script.

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I read a portion of the script for Pirates 3 and it sounds like it`s going to be a really good movie but the rest of the script I haven`t been able to see yet but you can try by going on Latinoreveiw.com but I really don`t think I should tell you what I found out because it will ruin some of Dead Man`s Chest for you.

Go ahead and post the link!!! WHO has'nt read the POTC3 script????!!!pirate2

Okay I`ll tell some of what I know. Pieates 3 begins in the Orient, where Elizabeth Swann is taking a prisoner to the dread pirate Sao Feng. We soon see that Elizabeth is in cahoots with Barbossa, the evil ghost pirate from the first film. The plan is to exchange the prisoner, who is hooded, for some charts Sao Feng has, but the whole thing is a scam. The prisoner is actually Will Turner and the heroes make off with the charts anyway. It turns out that the charts are to help them find Davey Jones` Locker, where Jack Sparrow went after he died in the last film. The Black Pearl sank: it seems, with Jack on board. Jack is not in heaven or hell, though, but in Purgatory which for him is a desert filled with weird crabs.

I love the description "dread pirate!" wink
I think POTC3 has a good chance of being as good as 2, THAT is without ALL the "STUPID" comic relief I've heard about over the web that was proposed for POTC3. I also heard that even JD himself said the script need to be rewritten because of the ridiculously stupid antics and slapstick [email protected] that was in it.
HUZZAH t' ye Captain Jack!! Ye got [email protected] along wit th' brains an' GREAT looks!! yes

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That Latinoreview.com thing didn't work for me to find the script, I think I really need the link.

Disney keeps pulling the script down....once it's found somehwere u gotta get there fast before they pull it down again. yes

Yah Disney just wants people to be suprised but I say if people want to know what happens in the movie before it comes let them.

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but htne they might not go see it if it sounds crap....which would lose disney money...they're not stupid...

Guys here is a place where you can find portions of the script for POTC3,
Withthemind.com once you get on the site click the words with the mind then scroll down and look for the name Will Turner and click it, then scroll down and look for Spoilers!-POTC3 script review-Spoilers! and click it and there is the script review.

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Very interesting. While I may be a historian, this movie has gone out of the realm of historical consideration for me, and just plain interest in movie plot. Hopefully this trilogy doesn't turn into a unlimited fantacy world. They are now pushing it even more in POTC 3.

One thing makes me think though, who and why were all these movies made with such a fantacy factor? The only other thing I could think of was that Disney didn't want to make another pirate movie that was either a boy's adventure movie (example, treasure island), romance movie (Captain Blood, The Black Swan), or the unknown historical pirate movie (never have seen a good historical pirate movie).

here' a blurb for you....

Pirates of the Carribean 3: It was known that Chow Yun Fat would be there for
2 months and the movie would require a lot of action scenes. In the
movie, instead of playing Cheung Po Chai, he will be playing the role
of a captain called Sao Feng and will be with Johnny Depp fighting
for their lives. Even though the script was top secret, (HA,HA,HA!) laughing It was said
that Chow Yun Fat, Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom would be entering a
journey to hell and fighting demonic pirates:twisted:. This is going to be a
block buster in 2007 summer."

Demonic pirates...eh?!

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