The Prequels

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Will-one Kenobi
I have created this thread because so many people wish the Prequels had been done differently. this is where you can plan out your own Episode 1,2 and 3. If you wanted to see Maul in all three movies say so, If you felt you wanted to see Ani vs Mace say so here e.t.c.

This thread is not for bashing other peoples ideas just use constructive criticism. If you are like me and are tired of people making threads devoted to their version of the Prequels only you will understand why I created this.

Yeah, I would have liked to see Anakin take down Mace rather than Sidious, thats the way I always envisioned it. Keep the same scence, except instead of Anakin cutting off Mace's hands, they go into a duel in which Anakin bests Mace, showing that he was perhaps more powerful than Sidious.

I would have also liked to have seen more of Count Dooku. He was a far greater character than what was portrayed.

Also, change the Jar Jar character to something not quite so annoying. George Lucas needed a fool for Palpatine to play, but he could have done it a bit less annoying than with Jar Jar.

One more thing, I think that the Yoda/Sidous fight should have been all force. There wasn't really a need for lightsabers there. Sidious was cool with a lightsaber when fighting Mace, but it looked awkward when fighting Yoda.

As much as I would have liked to see Maul, you need to keep Dooku for all his diplomacy. I would also like to make the Ani Dookie scene longer, so you get more sense of power from Anakin.

Just a kind of cool idea here. During the Sidious and Mace fight, have Sidious be clearly winning the fight, then have Sidious disarm Mace, and make it clear that he could win. Then have Mace jump away and pull his lightsaber to him. Another fight ensues where Sidious is losing but smiling. Then Sidious is disarmed. Enter Anakin, he walks in to see Mace over Sidious with his saber ignited. Anakin jumps in front of Palpatine and Mace and Anakin begin to fight. Anakin looks upset and betrayed, but that quickly changes to anger. (Place non-cheesy dialogue here). Mace disarms Anakin but in the same motion Anakin chokes Mace. Anakin then pulls a saber to him (either his own or Sidious red one) and stabs through Mace, killing him, Mace then drops out the wind(u)w.

Notes: if he uses Sidiou's saber show him picking up his own, to show conflict, maybe, maybe not. That part about Sidiou's saber could be left out.

Yeah, I agree that I would've liked to see Anakin in a full fledged battle with Mace but the Sidious/Mace office battle was still genius to me.

The major points I missed were the clone wars, I would have liked to have already seen intergalactic war in TPM with Maul being some sneaky ass-hole who defeats jedi when they are on their missions.

But also what disturbed me was that it was called 'the clone wars' while the confederacy of independant planets was the real threat to the universe who was eventually defeated.
Meh.. I just pictured it differently.

I would've also liked to see more of the council member jedi masters because as they are portrayed now, they just seem like dumb fools who crashed into buildings/were stabbed by Sids and were killed by droids/commando's.

Ah.. But I liked the PT. It just had a few awful points in plot and too much focusing on relationships wich hardly interested me.

Yes, the PT were definitely good movies, not to argue that, it's just that they don't live up to there EPIC brethren, the OT.

Will-one Kenobi
Yoda vs Sidious battle with just the force... I could not agree more! I feel giving Sidious a lightsabre ruined the character that he was in the OT

exanda kane
I think the Jedi should have been looked at differently, maybe with more than just two dominant masters (Mace and Yoda), say expand it into the kind of group OT had with it (not meaning Jedi but overall main characters would all be Jedi Masters with a few exceptions) then it'd make an even better impact with the order 66 scene.

Just to clarify I'm thinking out of the box here so I'm imagining things very diffferently.

Originally posted by Will-one Kenobi
Yoda vs Sidious battle with just the force... I could not agree more! I feel giving Sidious a lightsabre ruined the character that he was in the OT

You have to admit though, Sidious was awesome with a lightsaber vs. Mace Windu though. I wouldn't change a thing there. I got chills when Sidious ignited his lightsaber for the first time.

I'm bumping this thread until some good topics are posted.

I wish that the PT had taken more advantage of "the prophecy" angle.
It would have made things much more interesting to have that explained. I would have wanted to see Anakin conflicted, asking about it.

"Who said there would be a chosen one?" "what should I do" (not to sound too Matrix-y) "What if Im not" would have made his conflict (I'm the one to save them, and they won't listen to me) more believable.

Also, a good scene of Obi-wan explaining the prophecy to Anakin, and telling him that he didn't know if he was the chosen one, but would do his best to train him to be. Sort of telling him stuff that the council wouldn't have wanted him to, about the prophecy, and what the council thought.

Seeing as how Anakin was Obi-wan's attachment (in the novel anyway) that would have been a cool element to show. Obi sort of giving ani (and us) the inside deal on the prophecy cool

see a good idea for mace and dooku would have been this: dooku escapes just as grievous...and instead of the sidious vs. mace fight...we have an Anakin vs. Dooku fight, so that he stays longer in the film...he kills Dooku...sidious creates more lies around Anakin, Anakin goes to the temple just like in the film...and there he fights Mace...

In the council chambers!!! big grin

With the younglings watchin from behind the seats!! rock

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