Favourite Iron Maiden and/or Judas Priest album(s)

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Grimm Reaper
What's everyones favourite album by these two great metal band, for me it's

Judas Priest: pretty much every judas priest album I have and heard

Iron Maiden: every Bruce Dickinson and Paul Di'anno album

What the f...?
Come on ... There gotta be 1 thats your fav. out of all the albums.

For me ...
Judas Priest: Screaming for Vengeance

Iron Maiden: Seventh Son of a Seventh Son

Grimm Reaper
They're so great I just can't decide but at the moment Dance of Death is my fave Iron Maiden and for judas priest...I dunno

judas priest's best album imho is...british steel

Alpha Centauri

Maiden: Powerslave.


Grimm Reaper
It took me a wile to get into powerslave because I didn't really listen to it that much but now I really like it, my favourite song on it is Back in the Village and it has that really freaky end bit

Ram It Down for Judas and i dont listen to enough Maiden to say an album

Grimm Reaper
Was Ram it Down a halford album?

im not sure of your question since one of rob halford's solo projects was called "halford" if your asking that then no.

if you're asking if it was JP with halford, then yes

Grimm Reaper
Ah, yeah, that's what I meant, tell me a good song so I can check it out

what, you mean from british steel?

well you've probably heard half the songs on there already. breaking the law, metal gods, living after midnight, steeler. of coarse its not all great, for instance that corny ass song "united". but really there is no perfect priest album is there?

Grimm Reaper
No I meant from Ram it Down and I liked United...but my favourite song of all is Beyond The Realms of Death and I mena my all time favourite, with Touch of Evil and Turbo Lover following close behind...but yeah tell me a good song of Ram it down...and I like Electric Eye!!

ahh yes, electric eye could very well be my favorite, although i never really weighed it out with the others. as for ram it down...i really dont like it...i mean i did when i bought the album in '88 (i was 13 at the time) and really liked it, but it didnt really have that timeless quality and wore out my favor really quick. so i cant really suggest anything there...well...they did a cover of 'johnny b good' which was very popular, so you may want to check that out.

Grimm Reaper
cool, thanks, I've got some albums that I donwloaded so I have a bit, I don't really have a fave album though, just the majority of most album is good, especially The Sentinel on Defenders of the Faith

iron maiden: powerslave
judas priest: screaming for vengeance

Iron Maiden : Powerslave

Love the album.

Jugulator, best priest album of all time.

Iron Maiden - Brave New World
Judas Priest - British Steel

Mine favourite Judith Priest album is the first one! (1974)

The BEST sounding one for sure..... (I just got the record)

For Iron Maiden it would be the album with 2 MINS TO MIDNIGHT on it....They went downhill after that....

Eon Blue
Iron Maiden: Powerslave

Judas Priest: Defenders of The Faith.

Priest - Unleashed in the East
Maiden - Live After Death

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