incase u missed it..

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Starts off..

Lana walks into se clarke in his room

He tells her his secret, brings her to the cave with a ship, inserts the pentagonal plate, then they get warped into a ice cave, and he jumps with her to a high place.

later on(important scenes)

he proposes to her.. after showing her he can make a diamon from nothing but a piece of carbon coal.

she later accepts, outside his house.

commercial n stuff..

Jonathon wins election. some1 calls him * it was lionol*

Lana gets call from lex, that f4gg0t 4hole.. :*( , he talks spit about clarke lyeing to her n ish.

11:02 , lana dies in a car crash.

Clarke goes to jorel and asks to rewind time. he does.

clarke tells that blonde chick to watch lana, this time around.

At 11:01 lana is coming back from lex, as lex is speeding to follow her.,

Clarke pushes back the bus that "hits" lana, in the first place she lives.

clarkes dad drove by, scary scene.

Clarkes dad = heart attack after hitting lyonel, b/c he showed him a picture of clarke doing something superpower 1sh.

:*( so sad

Worst episode.. so sad mad sad embarrasment sick

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I seriously SERIOUSLY hope you get banned for this. We HAVE A RECKONING THREAD!

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relax u jedi b1tch, im just trying to make it clear what happened for people of out us county , get the bug out of ur ass or get out more fat ass

Reported for being a useless dick. As JP said there is already a thread for the 100th episode.

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Originally posted by ripjonathon4evr
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Wow, I would be careful with that.

But in any case, couldn't you make it clear in the proper thread?

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That would have required a brain to read that we HAD a thread Darth. laughing out loud

Use the already existing thread for this topic

Thank you

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