that last thing was a mess up THIS is how Episode III should go

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"Annikan, I'm Pregnent" Padmae cried
" Ok... well we're not going to panik." Annikan Replied
" How can you say that?!? The queen will notice and most likely not allow me to be senator any more!"
Padmae was crying even harder now
"That's ok. As long as I stay a Jedi we will be fine."
"How can you be sure that nobody will find out?" Padmea asked
" Well we will just have to be extra careful." Annakin explained
"This is a happy thing we don't need to worry now." He said to relax her.
Annikan saw Obwan coming out of the corner of his eye.
"What's the matter Padmae?" Obwan asked.
" Nothing. I am just stressed out with everybody giving the chanceler more of the superpower." she lied
" Oh yes. I heard about all that" Obwan gave Annakin a glare
" What master?" Annakin asked with a sly grin on his face.
"Nothing." Replied Obwan as he was looking back at Padmae.
" Well if you will exuse me Jedi, I must retire." she winked at Annakin
When Padmae was out of site Obwan turned to Annakin and said," I do hope you had nothing to do with this."
" Trust me master I did nothing that would be displeasing to you" Annakin replied with a smirk.
" Oh yes. I can completly believe that!" Obwan sarcasticly said

Later that evening while Annakin was training Obwan stopped at Padmae's home.
" Padmae are you sure your all right?" Obwan asked with concern
" I'm fine. There is just a lot going on in my life right now." she answered
" I can tell something is wrong." he said in a low voice
" I just need to be alone right now" a tear started streaking down her cheek.
" I am worried about you Padmae. You need to talk to someone, either Yoda, Annakin, or me"He turned twords the door " And don't talk to the Chanceler about it either, the Jedi's trust is very low about him"
Padmae nodded her head as he left, " Thank you Obwan. You are a great friend."

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No ones gives a damn about how you want RotS to be. This isn't Burger King, you can't have it your way.

^^^ LOLLL!!! laughing out loud

it's good, but it would seem too much like a love triangle.

I wanted palpatine to piss blood, and Yoda to sh*t lightsabers.

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so why is this thread still open?

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How True

Ok, first of all, PLEASE stop flaming when htese threads come up. If people keep doing it they will be warned. Try and at least make the effort to be friendly and polite.

Secondly, closing again- Katie, there is an area for General Fiction; try posting there.

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