Final Fantasy: Revelations

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Lörd Sorgo
Hello, It's Sorgo here with a Roleplay game for you.

It is called Final Fantasy Revelations and I am the Grandmaster of the Game.

We'll kick her off right away.

FFR Disscussion

If you'd like to ask me any questions or socialize with other Roleplay Members of even discuss the Roleplay, do so by PMing me.

Character Sheet

Before you decide to fill out the following Character Sheet, you must first choose a class from the Character Class Section of this thread. You must choose a Class and PM me, requesting the Class. If I accept, you then may proceed to create your Character Sheet.

First Name:
Last Name:
Scars and Marks:
Eye Color:
Hair Style:
Hair Color:

Lörd Sorgo
Character Classes

Note: You must PM me first requesting a Class. A Class can only be used by one Player. Each class is unique to each Roleplayer. Look over the Classes and PM with your decision. If I accept it, you may make a Character Sheet.

A Complete and almost flawless fighting Machine. Knights are usually seen wearing heavy Silver Armor with or without a Helmet. They also use Medium or Large Sized Swords and have an extremely scarce talent and ability in Magic.

Dark Knight
Status of KNIGHT required
A darkened and emotionless evil Knight that brings terror upon all those who oppose it's everlasting darkness. They are usually seen wearing Dark colors of Armor such as Black or Blue Dark Armor. They carry around Obsidian Colored Medium and Large swords and have a bonus in Intimidation and Evil.

Status of KNIGHT required
A Divine Noble Fighter. One whose heart is pure and solid. This Knight fights in the name of the King and for the people of the land. His armor is usually a Light Golden Color or a bright Yellow tint. They carry around Medium and Large Colored swords and have a bonus in Persuasion and Divinity.

Some of the most powerful entities to walk the land of Shulzer are the Mages. They are powerful to a highly significant extent and can cause great damage or widespread health throughout the world. They usually carry around Staffs and wear heavy Blue, Red or Green Robes. They also sometimes wear things to conceal their facial avatar.

White Mage
Status of MAGE required
An entity that brings Health and Goodness to the land with their enchanting spells of good health and fortitude. They are overly powerful and can possess great persuasion technique. They have defense spells and meager offensive spells, usch as Ice and Heal. They always wear White Robes and have a variety of Staffs.

Black Mage
Status of MAGE required
A Black Mage is like a plague that spreads around the nation, the epitome of evil and a walking pillar of death and famine. They are extremely powerful and possess techniques to threaten and inflict fear. Their spells consist of Offensive Spells, such as Fire and Dark spells. They always wear Black Robes or Dark Blue Robes.

Creature Mediator
They do not use weapons and often do not dress in any special way, but are seen wearing awkward drapes and different kinds of decorations. They do not need weapons, for they can control and tame some of the wildest Animals on Shulzer. They can breed, tame, ride or control Beasts and Animals in any way.

Status of CREATURE HANDLER required
Dragoons are born Warriors of a dangerous kind. They are usually seen wearing extravagant Armor with tribal designs and weired Pointy Helmets. They wear Dark Blue or Dark Red Armor. They also use Spears as weapons and can jump to amazing heights. Their most treasured talent is their ability to Tame, Control and Ride Dragons, which are rare among the land of Shulzer. They are either Good or Evil.

Thieves believe that everything and anything belong in their hands, which is wrong. Or is it? They usually wear concealing clothing and carry small Daggers or even tiny Guns on them just in case they get caught up in a mess. They can crack doors open, slither through tiny spaces and can steal just about anything.

Treasure Hunter
Status of THIEF required
Treasure Hunters are more refined. Everything they find is legal and their methods are twice as effective. Treasure Hunters usually find big Money and Artifacts and they always make sure to share them with others. They make alot of money and are usually seen wearing extravagant clothing. They always carry a Gun on them . . . Just In case. They bring alot of the Rare Items into the scene.

Status of THIEF required
Some Thieves crave more . . . Some take the darker road . . . Some go as far as stealing . . . And killing! An Assassin is a dark and deadly shadowy killing Machine. They lurk in the dark, wearing Black Tight Clothing and 90% of the time conceal their facial appearance. They suprisingly carry Medium Sized Swords and an array of Daggers and throwing Tools. They are quiet, Sneaky are are just as deadly in Frontal combat than when assassinating.

The deadly and acrobatic Gunman! Gunman usually wear in casual Clothing or something light or a bit more loose. They are often scraggy looking characters whom pack a big bang on 'em! Gunman are usually seen carrying a fine selection of small Guns such as Pistols and Revolvers. They are fast and deadly. Trying to get at them at close range is most affective but is somewhat hard considering there would be a flurry of small steel bullets headed for you.

Status of PISTOLIER is required
A more refined Weapons handler at best. They handle all sorts of weapons with ultimate delicacy, including Shotguns, Automatic Weaponry, Pistols, Revolvers and Rifles. They usually wear long smooth, soft coats and small protection. They carry customized weapons and often work for others out of the goodness of their heart or just for the adventure!

Status of PISTOLIER is required
Soldiers are drafted into the Oronian Army to fight for King Afunalus. They are bred to kill anything that defies the Great Kingdom and are often sent to inflict fear and threaten people, Cities or Villiages. They are trained to be the most Evil, effective and Deadly Gun Wielders around. They carry Rocket Launchers, Automatics, Shotguns, Revolvers and grenades. They MUST wear the Oronian Soldier Apparel, which is a Light Red Uniform with a facial blocking Red Helmet.

This Class is usually seen playing with various Knifes and Daggers. They are quick, powerful and precise with their weapons and usually work for others or lead small groups. They wear elbow pads and small Leather Jackets and usually seem quiet and rougish at first.

Status of SWORDSMAN is required
This Class is one of the most deadly classes available. In the past, Swordmasters have been known to tear apart entire armies with just fifteen minutes at hand. Their Swordsmanship is incredible. They handle their blades with flawless Accuracy, Power and Finesse. They usually wear long, Dark coats and have large Shoulder Pads or Large boots and have a set of awkward looking but effective Swords. They either work for themselves or with others.

A Brawler is a dangerous Hand to Hand combat machine, who has steady power and hand and a craving to pummel someone in the face with their Knees, Feet, Fists, Elbows, head and hands. They usually wear no shirts and they like to show off their large and toned bodies to their opponents. They like to often wear headbands, which signifies them as Brawlers as a whole.

Status of BRAWLER is required
A Mean and Large Scrapping Machine. They usually have large bodies and are drizzled in Tattoos. They are loud mouthed and often beat the ever living shit out of whoever they think or feel needs an ass kicking. They're large and dangerous and will often Kill someone with their bare hands just out of boredem. They are evil killing Machines and anyone who has half a brain should avoid this entity.

Status of BRAWLER is required
An elegant and divine version of the Brawlers, Fighters are often quick and have massive skill at their disposal. They do a variety of movements and usually are proficient in some kind of Martial Art. They are quick and are often Medium Sized people. They also use Claws and Brass Knuckles at their disposal. They wear Headbands signifying they're Fighters and wear loose clothing.

Lörd Sorgo

The epitome of extravagance. The high class Noble. Nobles are often brought up upon Royalty and wealth, often growing up in a Kingdom or in a Rich Home. They are elegant and wear Light Clothing, often bearing Capes and shoulder pads and extravagant designs on their clothes. They also are seen often practicing with Medium or Short swords.

Status of NOBLE is required
He rules the land with the purest of intentions and the most serene of ideals. He is a perfect leader and a fine gentleman. Kings usually wear long overly extravagant robes with lavish designs and all sorts of garments. Kings usually practice with Short Swords once in a while.

Status of NOBLE is required
Virtually a Dictator. An Emperor. A person of Evil. They rely on their cynical Idealism and they crave constant conquer and control. They usually wear dark Robes and are proficient with Weapons themselves, including Medium Swords and Guns. Alot of them have covered Tattoos which signify their lifestyle.

Can Summon Basic Creatures, Spirits and Entities to come fourth to aid the Summoner in battle. They often wear Fur Clothing and they act somewhat laid back. They may be seen wearing Soft Coloured robes, shirts and pants. They hold weird tools, such as Summoning Staffs.

Status of SUMMONER is required
Uncaring, emotionless and cold are the few words that can explain a Necromancer. They awaken the spirits, Creatures and Skeletons that have deceased and imbue them with a false spirit, using them as a tool of battle and a tool to fight and a tool . . . To kill!

Status of SUMMONER is required
These sensitive and near harmless Geomancers utilize the resources of the Earth to fight against anything immoral and Evil. They can control Earthquakes and turn Soft Leaves into Sharp Blade like weapons. They can summon Golems and creatures made of Fire. They are deadly.

A versatile Hunter and a natural survivor. Hunters are dangerous and steadious. They often wear loose Tribal Clothing and have small soft slippers and usually wear Vests made of hide. They utilize alot of throwing skills, often throwing Small Daggers and Knifes. They have a secondary proficiency in handling the Daggersfor combat. They can use Short Shorts, but it is rare.

Status of HUNTER is required
The greatest Hunter of them all. A quick and strong handed entity with a dead eye and a expansive skill in Archery. Archers utilize Bow and Arrows of various builds and sorts. They wear Short Tunics made of Hide that are usually blue or green. They also wear awkward cotton pants with cork boots. They are highly effective and have expert agility.

A character with great potential. A Scientest plays around with Potions and Elixirs, always trying to make something new or brewing some sort of Poison Potion or Healing Potion for his friends. Scientists can make Revival Potions and Regenesis Potions. They wear awkward Lab Coats and often work under a Company or under a Kingdom. Their weaponry is limited to Small Daggers.

Status of SCIENTIST is required
A deadly and mysterious class, An Alchemist mixes potion and can throw them in Battles, augement weapons with them and make bombs with them. They can make a large variety of potions and can use Small Daggers and Revolvers. They usually wear very long capes and wear them in bright Red, Blue or Green.

Lörd Sorgo

Roleplaying in FF:R will be a fairly simple procedure and it's extremely smooth if you follow the posted rules.

Grandmasters Rules.

- You are not to initiate a Combat Revolution Post. That is my job.
- You may ATTEMPT to kill any entity at any given time. Basically, you can try to kill anybody you want but the success of random attacks is often not in your favor.
- You may talk to other Roleplayers but you have no direct right to control them or any NPCs unless I give you the permission via PM.
- When attacking, be sure to use Maneuver tags and think over what you're going to attempt.
- Your character will not start out as an Uber Powerful God that can smite anyone. You will start out like a weakling but your power will grow throughout gaining levels.

Combat Revolutions

When initiating in battles, you will be thrown into what is called a Combat Revolution.

This is where you will use the following tactics to survive and defeat all opposition on the Battlefield.

Attack Initiations during a Revolution.

You will initiate a battle and use posts like this using Maneuver Tags:

Cyan initiated an on Kefka's torso.


Cloud attempted to use a on Sephiroths Leg.


You can defend instead of attack while a Revolution takes place using Maneuver Tags.

An example:

Cecil used to defend against Golbez' next attack.

If you wish to defend yourself AND attack during a revolution, after posting an attack initiation, use a defensive maneuver after you post your attack.

NOTE: This will bring down your Attack Power significantly but it increases your chance of getting hurt after attacking. An example as follows:

Shadow tried to attack Kefka using his on his neck.

Initiate after attack attempt.

Maneuver Tags

Maneuver tags are the text in the two boxes that identifies the type of attack you are utilizing on your attempt to hit an enitity/NPC.

The Maneuver Tags will be the Bold Text in the following sentence:

Edgar tried to hurt his Brother, using a on his legs.


Cloud killed Sephiroth in an instant slash.

Cid cut Vincent's leg off with a quick sweep of his Spear.

You must only ATTEMPT or TRY to attack someone. I will determine if the attack is a success.

Make sure you always use Maneuver Tags as well.

Thank you.

At god
does this have permission?!

Originally posted by At god
does this have permission?!

Not yet.

At god
I knew need to post first at the idea form which is up on the top I think not lot of ppl won't join this.....((No offense))

Originally posted by At god
I knew need to post first at the idea form which is up on the top I think not lot of ppl won't join this.....((No offense))

Alot of people won't join it because of the simple system people tend to make complex for themselves.

Although alot of people over the age of eighteen might join it due to the fact the System is easy for understand.

Most Kids won't get the concept easily. I know that from experience of this roleplay.

I'd like to see you make a better roleplay.

((well, if it ever gets permission, i'm in, love the idea))

Awaiting permission; closed until then.

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