Diablo VS Yuna, Cloud, Goku

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Burning thought
fully powered Diablo who is allowed to summon 5 creatures from act 4 to help him vs these

Yuna, can summon 1 thing to help her, no maga sisters,

Cloud, equiped with all materia, no Knghts of the round

Goku, fully powered
No Reviving allowed, once a character is dead it cannot be revived

the setting is in an Enormous futristic city that has been mostly demolished and smashed apart, in the center is a flat land mass with no building blocks or anything in it which is about 10 miles in diameter, outside are hundreds of burnt out and damaged sky scrapers, houses and buildings

the match starts in the center, Diablo is fully powered, this is before he is weakened by hells forces and sent to earth weakened, he is at full strength now

i say diabllo loses

Burning thought
erm...can you please express youself a little more please...why does diablo lose?

Blaxican Style
Because while Diablo is the devil Goku is god.

Burning thought
thats all very well, but Goku isnt "the God" the God has the power to take anything becasue according to chirstian belief he created everything and everything is his to take as he wants, the Devil on the other hand broke God power over him.

Diablo has far more power than Goku, Goku would be destroyed by god, but Diablo's power is almost equel or equel to God from a certain point of view

Burning thought
Originally posted by Blaxican Style
Because while Diablo is the devil Goku is god.

Also if ime correct Goku is similiar to the Greek, Roman and Hindu, and norse gods in the fact that although he is powerful he can be damaged, destroyed and killed

wheras "the God" is supposedly undestroyable, Satan is the very essence of evil, if you could actually kill him (which you can truly) but if you did somehow, all evil would die with him, so Goku would die

diablo the devil so hed win but then god would send him to a place worse then hell for killing ff characters

Burning thought
laughing i doubt theres anywhere worse then hell, and then again Diablo wouldp robably enjoy it, also

A: God isnt really in this fight, i just used him as an example

B: God cannot really do much with the Devil, his power reaches anywhere and everywhere since he is true essence of Evil, but yes he Owns this match really

Gokus the deciding factor, but after Goku kills Diablo, he gets possesed by him, and then everyones screwed....

Burning thought
Satan can only be defeaten by Godly beings though, it took all of hells armies and two powerful lords of hell to take down Diablo amd his two brothers, Diablo will just create Goku's greatest fear, sending him into weak madness, while running in his childlike maddened state Diablo simply comes before him and drains his life from him, from gaining strength from Goku's fears and soul Diablo will have more than enough power to simply cause Appocalypse, Actually any battle against Diablo is Fcked, the only one stopping Appocalypse is God, without God who isnt in this fight Diablo can cause Armageddon anyway, annhilating everyone in the match and sending them into hell for him to torture


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