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(This is my first Role Play here... Now, it's an advanced Role Play, so no taking over other characters, or anything like that! Post your intro here and we can start, you can be up to 2 characters, unless, like me, two of the characters are hardly ever seperated, (Sango+Kirara) I'll post mine: )

Two, blood covered knees, fell onto the mossy floor, splashing into a puddle. The rain poured down from grey clouds, and hit, the long, glossy, black hair, of a woman. A small cat like creature, crawled out from underneath this woman, and turned into a fireball, in no time, it was a big cat demon, formally known as, Kirara. In the distance, was a young man, running towards them, he had a staff, and a long dark blue cloak, yes, it was, Miroku.
Thunder struck onto a tree, and the branch snapped off flying towards Miroku.
"AHHHHHHH!!!!!" Miroku screamed, jumping into the air. Kirara's feet lit with flames and she soared over to Miroku, putting him onto her back as she flew back to Sango (The woman). Miorku jumped off of Kirara's back, landing next to Sango. He kneeled down in the puddle of blood that she was lying in, and tears rolled down from his cheeks onto Sango's face.
Kirara licked Sangos, pale and cold hands, but nothing happened. They could see that she was still breathing, but barely, and the rain wasn't helping, if Naraku came back, Sango would be dead. That's what had happened, Kirara and Sango were trying to catch up with Inuyasha and Kagome, when Sango tripped up, Naraku attacked her, and then heard Inuyasha calling, so left. But Inuyasha didn't come back, and left Kirara to protect her, when Miroku came...

Red Fox
i dont think this has permission?

(What do you mean by that?)

u need permission from ushgarak to open an RP thread. post your idea with waaaaaaaaaaaaay more detail in the thread at the top of the forum that says READ THIS THREAD FIRST! u need to include a character creation sheet, what you do in the RP and other things like that.

Shiro Ooka
This does sound interesting, I'd be happy to join once you get approval.

STARS Nemesis1
Yeah you need permish. Don't worry we all do it.

This is my first time RPing in an actual forum, but I do have considerable experience on I'm hoping I don't get shunned.

Mioku Herko
I'll join when you get permission.

No offence to anyone who likes inuyasha... but here's a comic that I found about it... I just blurred out the f*** words to make it fit for the kiddies ^.^ stick out tongue

The Doom Master
i've seen that one! it's on vg cats

The Doom Master
and yeah i'll join, but i'd only b able to post in afternoons and some weekdays (namely monday, tuesday and possibly fridays)

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.