Stardust & Silver Surfer vs The Justice League

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We had a debate over if Surfer written well, not uber could handle the JLA. Some believed yeah, while many said "hell no!!!"
How does he do with backup, since Stardust is alive and well in continuity??

JLA Lineup is

Red Tornado,
GL, Guy

i could of sworn that Stardust died. Beta Ray Bill indirectly killed him. If he can do it, than Silver Surfer will eat him up and spit him out!!!!!!!!!!! Then he can wipe JLA off his shoulder.

Stardust was caught in a blackhole in Stormbreaker. He was last seen in Annihilation, alive and well. And they're on the same team, vs the JLA.

The League takes it, too much versatility thanks to Guy Gardener, Supes, Firestorm, and Martian Manhunter

Adam Warlock
Anyone who can't react as fast as the Surfer can will fall before the first second.

That's more than half the team there. The only ones who would be probably left alive on that team would probably be Superman, the Flash, WW, and possibly Powergirl. Within the next few seconds the rest will fall. A properly written bloodlusted Surfer with the will to kill is very dangerous. Surfer's Speed will be the other teams downfall. Stardust will watch why Surfer is the most powerful Herald.

To whoever said Cosmic Awareness cannot detect weakness in beings like Superman, then read this definition of Cosmic Awareness:

Surfer is a pro using CA. He's been doing it for years. Not an amateur like Genis.

Here's a scan of SS using Cosmic Awareness and straight up telling Gladiator not to [email protected] with him:

Adam Warlock
If anyone brings up that Flash time travels and stuff, Surfer can do it just as well. Here's a scan:

I think Flash could potentially become faster than SS, but he'd be dead long before that could ever happen.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.