Uni-Mind vs Ego vs Psi-Lord

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Three powerful beings

Intelligence: Immeasurable (10/10)
Strength: Inapplicable
Flight Speed: Warp Speed (12/12)
Stamina: Immeasurable (10/10)
Durability: Godlike (13/14)
Agility: Inapplicable
Reflexes: Inapplicable
Fighting Skills: No physical abilities
Special Skills/Abilities: The composite knowledge skills, abilities, and experience of all its constituent beings
Superhuman physical powers: None
Superhuman Mental Powers: The Uni-Mind is a collective being which is created by a significant number of Eternals merging their physical and mental beings together into one organism, as such it possesses vast psionic abilities across a wide range of mental talents, including levitation, psychokinesis, telepathy, the ability to project mental bolts of force, the ability to travel through the vacuum of space unharmed and intellectual powers of information processing and problem solving far beyond human understanding.
Special Limitations: Superior cosmic powers, such as those possessed by Celestials, are capable of unbinding the collective form of the Uni-Mind, breaking it down into its constituent beings.
Source of Superhuman Powers: The collective psionic and cosmic powers of several hundred Eternals.
Personal Weaponry: None


Intelligence: Immeasurable (10/10)
Strength: Incalculable (12/12)
Flight Speed: Warp speed (12/12)
Stamina: Godlike (9/10)
Durability: Godlike (13/14)
Agility: Inapplicable
Reflexes: Metahuman (7/7)
Fighting Skills: none
Special Skills/Abilities: Knowledge of sophisticated alien technology far in advance of present-day Earth
Superhuman physical powers: Ego is a "living planet" with total control over its entire mass down to the molecular level. It is able to use its own substance to extrude tentacles, organic sensors, plant-like growth and to create humanoid vessels for its consciousness. It can shape its surface into the appearance of a gigantic face, to appear as a dead inhospitable world, or into an idyllic paradise to lure unwary space travelers to it surface, which it then absorbs. Ego possesses various internal features analogous to a living organism, such as gigantic tunnels which have been compared to arteries, and a gigantic brain-like organ deep below its surface, Ego possess both digestive organs which it uses when absorbing living beings, and an immune system which creates powerful antibodies to destroy beings which resist absorption.
Superhuman Mental Powers: Ego possesses vast psionic powers, which enable it tap energy sources such as stars or to absorb the life energies of living beings, and channel that energy for its own uses. Ego has vast telepathic powers, which appear to be effective over interstellar distances.
Source of Superhuman Powers: Unrevealed
Personal Weaponry: none

psi lord.


Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.