Thanos lost his Reality Gem (A NEW THANOS QUEST)

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Lord Urizen
Let's say Thanos loses his Reality Gem, during his time when he had to be Guardian of it, and embarks on a Quest to recover it before Adam Warlock discovers he lost it, and therefore requests it back so he can find a new guardian for it.

All he has is his intellect, his personal powers, his technology and his Cursed Immortality

In his Quest he must fulfill these missions to finally find the Gem:

1) Locate and Murder both Silver Surfer and the Runner at the same time (Assuming these two are together, for w/ever reason, can he find and kill them both two on one ?)

2) Afterward He Travels to Earth to the time when Onslaught was forming on planet Earth. Can he forcefully seperate Magneto and Professor Xavier ?

3) Then the explosion from Onslaught's division causes Thanos to end up in the IMAGE Universe with all his powers and immortality intact, only to face a Second Age Spawn. He must defeat this Spawn to progress any further.

4) If he defeats Spawn, Angela senses Spawn's death and comes in to investigate. She sees that Thanos is the murderer, and she decides to punish him for this. She is equipped with her Heavenly Lance, one of her swords, and all her powers intact.

5) If he defeats Angela, a mystical portal opens and he goes through it and ends up in a neutral universe, having nothing to do with Marvel or any other comic book universe, its a brand new one. Here he finds that current Darkseid has found his gem. He also discovers that Darkseid has made an alliance with Lawbringer QZTR (from Crossgen comics) and Mammon (from Spawn Image Comics). To get his Reality Gem back, Thanos must defeat these three.

Rules: Thanos cannot use Heart of the Universe, anyone of the Infiniti Gems, or a Cosmic Cube. He also is banned from using any cosmic scale artifacts from the other comic book universes.


Lord Urizen
Like I'm dying to give my opinion, but I can't until someone else makes an argument

I Don't know..Maybe.....How much prep time is he getting?

Lord Urizen
Before Mission 1 he gets as much prep time as he needs.

SAme before mission 2.

Between mission 3 and 4 he gets like 10 minutes

Between 4 and 5 he steps into the portal whenever he chooses, but he might not be totally aware of what comes ahead.

Feel free to complain about any of the circumstances if you feel they are not possible to make decisions on. I'll alter anything that makes the missions impossible to decide.

Interesting thread Lord Urizen..

Lord Urizen
LOL thanks. I felt i needed to spice things up a bit.

In all honesty, i thnk Thanos CAN take this.

How? I duno....I invite creativity and imagination to be used here, as long as your serious and can justify why you think what.

If you aren't familiar with some of the characters, feel free to ask me. i know a lot about most of them.

He can make it to 4...I do not know anything of 5

Lord Urizen
Current Darkseid, Thanos might take alone.

Lawbringer QZTR from Negation comics, is a vicious and sadistic cosmic being, but I think Thanos can take him 1 on 1.

Mammon, however, I'm unsure of. He's a major devil in Hell.

And all 3 of them against Thanos? Wow...maybe i made this too unfair.

Lord Urizen
And trust me, Mammon is not a jobber or cheeseball like Mephisto, so you can't really make that analogy about how Thanos kicked Mephisto around all the time.

why are you giving him so much prep that much prep is to much for thanos he should have a limited time or he can find a way to beat anyone most likely which is not fair to the opponents anyway how is he going to get past onslought one on one? if he had limited prep he might win since he's thanos if he had no prep he'd get his butt handed to him.

Lord Urizen
The reason I give him so much prep time is because he has no prior knowledge of all his missions, obviously except for Mission 1.

Also he cannot utilize anything like HOTU, IG, or Cosmic Cube. No cosmic power on that scale. Just his brains, his might, and his tech.

Also after beating Onslaught he would end up in the IMAGE universe where Marvel artifacts would not work. He would probably fight Angela not to long after he beats Spawn, IF he beats Spawn.

Thanos would have a major disadvantage against Angela in Image since he would not have THAT much prep time, and because he would have never even met her. How could he prepare anyway if he doesn't even know who Spawn and Angela are ?

Angela's heavenly weapons WOULd probably be a major threat to Thanos, he'd have to do his best to avoid them. Her lance not only emits cosmic energy, but Heavenly as well.

Not to mention the alliance of Current Darkseid, Mammon and QZTR..if you even know who the last two are......I really don't thnk Thanos can easily take those 3, it would be soo difficult .

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