Punisher vs Master Chief

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Jabba the Hutt
Punisher gets 2 weeks prep time. Chief gets no prep time.

All Punisher has to do is have a trap set up that has paint flow over MC so he can't see. Then Punisher hits him with a few rockets. End of story.

Jabba the Hutt
Or paint a road scene on a cliffside, and watch him bump into it like an idiot. And then shoot him.

KMC Dark Lord
Or hire Samus to kill him.

ESB - 1138
Or say "look an Elite!" and while MC is looking the other way kills him.

Agent Krueger
Jabba The Hutt= Fanboy. Master Chief is a fkin Super Soldier. He can withstand bullets and fkin Lasers!

The Master Chief is a Spartan II Super Soldier, a genetically and cybernetically augmented warrior designed to put down rebels and insurgents within the United Nations Space Command. When the powerful alien empire known as the Covenant attacked, the Master Chief and the other Spartan II's had a priority shift. Extensive surgical alteration coupled with a ruthless lifelong training regimen has resulted in Master Chief being significantly stronger than even the strongest natural human, and his strength and fighting ability are further augmented by the advanced MJOLNIR power armor he wears.

Lookie I copied and pasted!!

WOW!!!..roll eyes (sarcastic)...im not sure who wins, but going for MC

KMC Dark Lord

One bad mutha f*cka and was a navy seal, basically the Best of the Best of his time. He speaks loudly and obnoxiously, and carries many many big guns.

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wait never mind.

How exactly does MC lose this?

Not seeing what Punisher can do in two weeks to stop master chief. Master Chief has just as much, probably more training, as well as his suit and energy shield. Punisher doesnt have any advantages in this fight.

Read the rules, please.

ALL characters must originate from a video game. Punisher is a comic book character.


Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.