The Game

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i was thinking a game or quiz or whatever you like, about potc; there'll be a question and whoever answers correctly, can ask another question.
it'll be a pleasure to post the first one stick out tongue

Where was Jack, when he said: "It's the Pearl..."

in jail.....right?

ok ok next question, this one is easy
2.) When jack is on the island with elizabeth, he says "We're really bad **blanks**" right before he falls on the ground...fill in the blank big grin

eggs haha

ummm how many times did jack get slapped?

3 plus anamaria makes 4 times

What gets stuck in the guy's wooden eye?

Captain's Wench
A fork!

who can recite parlay???

something something blah can do no further harm til the parlay is complete.....that's a hard one....

Elizabeth : Parley. I invoke the right of parley. According to the code of the brethren, set down by the pirates Morgan and Bartholomew , you have to take me to your Captain. If an adversary demands parley you can do them no harm until the parley is complete.

who sleeps with pigs? stick out tongue

wow you're pretty good....
answer: Mr. Gibbs
ummm... next question, who are the three people that say "the code is more like guidelines anyways."?

barbossa, elizabeth and mr. gibbs

next one: who were in dresses?big grin

all the girls/women and those two pirates(the one with the wood eye and his friend)but i think anamaria didn't wear one...

Where does the black pearl "make birth"?

The Isle de Muta...or whatever it's called. I can't spell it XD

I'll try a "hard" one...

What do you need to do to become a "Commedor"? (forget about Norry for this one)

oh crap, that's hard, i gotta think...
oh yeah, it's Isla de Muerta i was on kingdom hearts in the pirate world too.
~back on need *blank* to become a commador. I have no clue what the blank is.

Sorry I'm not answering the question because I don't know it but I have to make sure you know coz it's annoying me..

It says "berth" not "birth"..

that's you can tell, i'm not a ship expert or anything but now that i think about it, somewhere in the back of my brain i think i knew it was berth instead of birth, but it was way way back in my brain big grin

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