Call Of Duty: Finest Hour?

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Can anyone tell me how to get past the Russian hill in Call of Duty: Finest Hour? I've been stuck there for weeks, and I can't get up it. Can anyone help me? sad
Cheat-codes would be good too... Happy Dance

I beat this game AGES ago with no cheats, let me see if I can help you out...

When you get the mission from the girl sniper, head down the stairs and exit the building. There should be a med kit somewhere against the wall opposite the building. The sniper said she will cover you but you can barely tell anyway. I recommend taking the left path and strategically moving up the hill. If you are still using the rifle, switch it out with one of the Nazi automatic rifles, not many use it but it will make the rest alot easier. Dot worry with taking out the pillboxes, just head straight to the top eliminating ememies along the way. If you run out of ammo for the machine gun, switch back to the semi-auto or just run. When you reach the top a couple of your comrades should appear to help you out. If they dont then maybe you went to fast and they are catching up. Dont wait for them in any case. Barge thru the door, take out the machine gunners and thier buddies and hurry to raise the flag and raise the hopes of the Russian Red Army big grin

Hope it helps wink

I hate ally AI in COD erm

Its always the same...', we'll all stand outside this bunker, while you blow open the door and go inside and kill everyone by yourself, but dont worry, we'll stay outside just incase someone else comes', and then later its 'everyone take cover, except , you run up that bunker, avoid incoming fire, throw some grenades, take out those snipers and clear a path for us!'. Like wtf, is this a one man army or something? I hope COD3 makes it more unscripted and crazy, that'd be awesome fun if each NPC had different reactions and everything running on real time.

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