Warhammer: mark of chaos

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Any news on release date and which units etc are in this game? Can't wait!!!

No news yet...only speculations and rumors. WH online is getting all the attention so far.

it kinda looks similar to dawn of war, which is probably not a bad thing... not sure how resource works but it looks like it mite be sound

i want a blood bowl/madden game though

Blood Bowl would be cool. I remember seeing a fantasy sport game. Can't remember what it was called but it didn't have a great rating. Just looked on The Mark of Chaos site and it's looking good for the amount of customisable features: always adds enjoyment and lifespan to a game.

So far, a beta has been released but the beta did quite poorly unfortunately, which is such a damn shame to. Hopefully the devs will work things out to make a top quality game.

Just bought the Collectors Edition droolio

So much stuff...droolio
Seriously, if you are getting this game, pay the extra money and grab the Collectors Edition yes

Novel, Soundtrack, Concept Art Book, Poster, Pewter Mark (I got stinkin' Nurgle, the one Mark I didnt wantdisgust), stickers, and some weird ass flag thingy.

**** yeah droolio

what the feck is going on with the custom smiliesWhat the f**k?

the champion unit "dueling" is kind of silly... you just click spam til the other champion dies.. but it does add good drama to the fight

Gotta say, this game was a disappointment. If they didnt have that uber collectors edition, I probably wouldnt have bothered.

Skirmish maps are over in 10mins, Siege maps have a crappy time limit, so by the time you even get your forces into position the game is half over, theres no customisation in terms of skirmish map options like Age of Empires does, map choices...what are there, a whole 5? What the hell is that about? Little choice in terms of units and armies (wheres my Bloodthirster!?), Duelling is frustrating since you either have to watch your hero and kill theirs while the rest of your troops get attacked, or watch your hero die while you are directing your troops (I thought the troops would stop fighting while the heroes duel.. -_-), campaign mode is ok I guess, nothing special..., the units move far too slow, especially knights....come on, you're on horses for crying out loud, dont just crawl there mad The game is running way too slow for a high end machine, loading times...pfft wont even go there....I'd hate to see how online modes handle..

I'd just skip this and get BFME2: Witch King expansion.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.