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Kurosaki Ichigo
Yes i mean the whole series of the Games. Which one is better? You can even choose one game over it. I don't want to start a flame war but then I do want to get some input. There were a few good arguments for NH3 over at the other board which lead to a few GNT4 players getting more interested in the game.

I am acutally looking for a few GNT4 players who want give me some reason why, if I only had the money to buy one console and one game and I want to get a naruto game, would I chose GNT4 over NH3.

I acutally never played GNT4 so I don't really know the game very well...

so hopefully we can have a good discussion, I want to know what arguments a player can use to argue that GNT4 is better then NH3 in terms of being a fighting game.

Quote: Originally Posted by Kyuzo
Jaxel is one of the biggest evangelists for NH3 out there. He's also the webmaster for Shi-Shi Rendan. With those two combined, he often has a bad habit of forgetting to make specific mention of tactics-- trusting instead that his audience will go to Shi-Shi Rendan in order to research it for themselves.

NH3 has a huge amount of depth to it, even though the control scheme is simple. Think of the game Go for a moment. The rules of Go are quite simple and easy to learn. However, playing Go requires a level of strategy and tactics that requires decades to master.

So, you might look at NH3 and think, "There's only one attack button? It can't possibly have depth!" However, you'd be completely ignoring the actual practice of the game. Let's look at one small aspect of playing NH3, for a moment: Chakra Management. Using a Jutsu, executing a KnJ, and performing an Ougi all require Chakra. It is difficult to regain Chakra mid-match. As such, one must constantly be evaluating their own Chakra levels. Can I afford to perform this next Jutsu? Do I have enough to get into a KnJ battle with my opponent? If my opponent breaks this Super, will I be left with enough Chakra to survive? Is the opposing character slow enough that I can run and charge my Chakra? Does my character's Nin rating help or hurt his chances of getting Chakra items? If I run out of Chakra, does the opposing character have a simple Infinite, effectively putting me into "Panic Mode?"

For example, I play Neji as my main. Neji's attacks are very easy to KnJ in NH3, which means that if I'm not careful, my opponent can gain positional advantage. However, I can also use that knowledge to my own advantage: I can count on my ability to force them into a situation in which they will KnJ. Which means I can force them to have to choose between Chakra and Health. Additionally, I can keep the pressue on my opponent with Bounce maneuvers. If anyone misses a Bounce Tech against me-- ever-- I hit them with Neji's 64-Palms super; this, in turn, gives Neji a Byakugan powerup (meaning that I drain my opponent's Chakra with every hit, even if blocked). Neji with Byakugan is one of the scariest things you can see in NH3. It's almost an assured win for the Neji player.

For all his strengths, though, Neji has a number of weaknesses. His ranged combat isn't great, which means he suffers against mid- and long-range opponents. His attacks deal little damage and are very easy to KnJ, meaning he's usually at a disadvantage when it comes to health. Neji players need to take this into consideration, or they will often find themselves falling off the bottom of the tournament brackets.

Every character in NH3 is this unique. Which means it's not enough to know your own character, you need to understand the strategy going into your opponent's play as well. There's a huge amount of depth.


the post above is a great example of a well structured argument~

This is kinda in preparation for myself to defend NH3 when GNT4 players attack our game ><

Kurosaki Ichigo

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