Iori Yagami vs Kazuya Mishima

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Major Snafu
The Devil Gene is strong but will it be enough to defeat the Orochi power.

That's what'd drawn Iori to the battle - Kazuya's Devil Gene...that and the fact that Kazuya has beaten Kyo Kusanagi into a bloody pulp.

Feeling cheated out of the fight to maim Kusanagi, Iori decides to take it out on Kazuya...if he can.

Kazuya - Tekken 5 version, by the way

Stage - Honmaru Ruins (with the Anakin vs Obi-Wan fight theme playing)


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iori wood just barely beat normal kazuya,i like kazuya a lil better thoe.

again a weird thread of yours

Iori will slaughter Kazuya

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I don't know. Iori has the whole 2d chars super human DBZ style ripoffs on his part, but he lacks serious control. Kazuya on the other hand is a smart and cunning fighter.

I can see it go both ways.

i take back what i said,iori wins,saying that kazuya wood even get close 2 iori means that jin might beat iori.still kazuya is slightly cooler than iori and WAY cooler than jin

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Kazuya is smarter and more cunning than Jin. He would take any opportunity to put Orochi Iori...Nevermind I was thinking this was Orochi Iori...Kazuya loses sad

Originally posted by shin_remy
Iori will slaughter Kazuya Ditto

This is pretty much a one sided killfest. Iori would beat Kazuya easily enough, but even with Devil, O. Iori is a monster. He beat down Kyo and Shingo easily, and that was after Magaki, a herald of Orochi.

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In my opinion control > rampaging monsters.

Kazuya's more than smart enough to find a way to beat O. Iori, and even if he can't he can just fly away to live and fight for another day.

However since this is normal Iori I do reckon Kazuya dies.

How about taking away his blasting powers.

Lets see if he is as skilled then.

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You mean Iori without his flames?

He gets raped and resorts to selling cookies with the girl scouts.

Damn straight. cool

Iori would beat Normal Kazuya without his flames, but probably just barely. But even as O. Iori, he probably would lose to Devil. That's hardly fair to do that to him.

I am talking about pure H20. Normal versions of them. but as Orochi and Devil. I think Devil takes it.

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