Heihachi Mishima vs Serious Mr. Karate

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Major Snafu
Mishima Fighting Karate vs Kyokugenryu Karate, Shoran level.

Ryo Sakazaki and Robert Garcia have both picked fights with the head of the Mishima Financial Empire. Both were sent to the hospital.

Yuri, however, had the good sense not to fight him.

Now it's Takuma's turn.

Upon donning his infamous Tengu mask, he unlocks the power from within, becoming Honki ni natta Mr. Karate, or Serious Mr. Karate.

Now the King of Iron Fist has to take on the Kyokugen grandmaster in a dramatic battle to the finish.

Heihachi - Tekken 5 DR version

Karate - SvC Shaos version

Both men are suffering from the serious effects of SNK Boss Syndrome.


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oh dear god lol.. I think Serious Karate takes this one.. his palm thrust invisible fireball is quite annoying.. then if you jump over that you get that annoying super uppercut

but what is DR version of Heihachi like?.. is he that different?

a lot of these threads are coming up lately.

not even a match. Serious Mr Karate rapes Heiachi

Superboy Prime
Poor old man in diapers...

Major Snafu
Originally posted by Superboy Prime
Poor old man in diapers...

I hated that outfit. The black gi with the tiger imprint was much better.

s.mr.karate.but i like heihachi better.as a character,takuma and all forms of mr.karate SUCKS!!!

serious mr. Karate is a monster.... he freaking sends Heihachi crying to his mommy.

It's obvious this is a joke thread. In SVC chaos, only the bosses and Shin Akuma seem to be more powerful than Serious Mr. Karate. Jinpachi would be a better opponent, but Heihachi? Come on, it's like putting Dan Hibiki against M. Bison. Assraping to infinity. Btw, some people have translated Mr. Karate's name as "Seriously, I'm Mr. Karate." Which is funny as hell to me. lol

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