the adventures of ted and terry

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SOOOOO i was thinking about these two notorious people who have the power to ruin our lives or make them complete LOL... and after reading some interviews with them, i was picturing them working on the 3rd script (as the 2nd one is beginning to be filmed)...

so ted walks into terry's office...

Ted: Terry do you have a sec?

Terry: Sure ted. I was just trying to figure out a line for Elizabeth to say after Jack says "persuade me".

Ted: aren't they filming that scene today?

Terry: Yeah. we never finished it.

Ted: Well, just have her do a little eyebrow acting and walk away.

Terry: But that leaves the scene so unfinished! i need closure here. remember how we talked about her saying something about how she checked his cabin to make sure there was no dress?

Ted: The execs at Disney nixed that one. Said it was too suggestive for the kiddies.

Terry: I just want to take this furthur.

Ted: Buddy, we still have all of movie 3. Actually, thats what I came to talk to you about.

Terry: Yeah?

Ted: Yeah. I was working on the scene where Elizabeth and Will say there vows, and I can't make it work. Its like the ending scene in CoTBP... "this is wrong." Now don't freak out... but what would you say if I said we should end it with Elizabeth sailing off with Jack?

Terry: (drops his cup of starbucks) What?!?!?! Get out of my office.

Ted: I told you not to freak out. Just think about it.

Terry: I am NOT thinking about that right now!!!! It's always something Ted. "Lets throw in a scene where Liz and Jack almost kiss... oh heck, lets just let them make out with each other!!!" I have put up with your crazy ideas, and let them go into the script. I have been a saint. I let you play your compass gags, I let Jack say the "pirate" line... what more do you want of me?

Ted: Calm down, just sit down for a second. You know it sort of makes sense when you think about it. Can we at least talk to Gore about it?

Someone else can continue this barrel of fun... LOL...

Katelovespirate you are just too much and this is great...

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