UH OH! Looks like Will is going to be a consequence (possible spoilers)

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Steps 9/10/11/12 of the hero's journey

9) Reward. This is also called seizing the elixir or seizing the sword. Once the hero survives the ordeal, it is time to celebrate and the hero receives some reward for surviving. ( came back forLiz and then he gains her as an elixir)

10) The Road Back. The hero must deal with the consequences of all that he/she has done in order to gain the reward. Often, the villain pursues the hero.

11) Resurrection. This is the second Ordeal, a time for the villain to again attack the hero.

12) Return With the Reward. The hero is able to return to the ordinary world with the reward. Sometimes the reward is not physical, but can be true love, freedom, wisdom or knowledge. (if its true love then its a physical reward damn it! its Liz)

Jack is pretty much hovering around step 10 right now..he's not quite off this step yet..and he probably wont be for a while during movie 3

So what are his consequences to face after gaining the elixir? His Elixir was Liz..not the heart..she is the reward he must return home with..so what must he face up to now that he has taken her?..who's going to be the villain/s that trails him?

1. The kraken again because Liz still needs to escape and the kraken is his responsibility..its his fault its there (totally would have stayed anyway but what Liz did was 1. her "refusal of the call to adventure" and 2. Jack recieving his elixir as a reward after facing the supreme ordeal which was facing up to Liz as an obligation in his life..he was happy..then the kraken sneaks up behind him again lol..still has that little consequence to face.
Movie 3
2. WILL - saw the kiss..Jack just robbed him of his woman
3. DAVY - because Jack lost the heart which wasnt his true elixir Davy is now under control of the EITC..so its really the EITC after Jack now when it comes to davy..the EITC are a consequence because Liz was arrested by them and it probably has some sort of significance now that Jack has her and they dont..

Jack did kill Davy's his beloved kraken for Liz..so thats gotta give him lots of rage

and apprently Will/Davy team up in movie 3 for a while..so thats Will/Davy and the EITC all team up in movie 3 against Jack..and maybe even Liz??..so there ya go laughing out loud

Will is going to become an enemy of Jack it seems...which fits PERFECTLY with where he is at the moment (stage 6) "allies, enemies, trials"..he may also hovering around stage 7 btw

Wow. thats all really good, how do you come up with all that?

Sorry im just a dumb shit.

Its part of the hero's 12 steps in which he finally gains an elixir and returns home with it..there was a book written in 1949 by a man called Volger called "hero with 1000 faces" and he realized that these pattern of steps can be placed over pretty much any heroic tale in the history of the world..the hero almost always follows these steps to a tee..a man called Campbell also went into greater detail with these steps.

..each main character (will/Liz/Jack) is following them with this story and Jack is 9/10 steps ahead by the time the movie closes.. movies 2/3 are one big story this time..and its a new story so they started the hero's steps from scratch..Liz ended on number 4/5 and Will ended on number 6/7

here are all the steps.


.you'll see why Liz did what she did to Jack..

Jack and the new feelings she has for him are the special world..where as Will and her feelings for him are the Ordinary world..Liz is placed into the special world of Jack and she feels like "a fish out of water" which is basically how she's feeling about Jack through out much of the movie...she's scared of all the new feelings she has for him...then Jack comes back for her which is basically him asking her to be with him (call to adventure) and Her chaining him up was step number 3, her (refusal of the call to adventure/fear to accept the challenge)..she then meets the mentor and (crosses the first threshold) and accepts to gain her elixir (Jack)

she was stuck on number 1 for ages lol..all the fear/denial bulding up etc..so the refusal of the call was bound to be climactic when it happend..ad it happend tight at the end of movie 2 for he character

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