Last showing of DMC at Tinsel Town, The Woodlands, TX

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Thursday I went to see DMC 3 TIMES...anyway, I went to one theatre and saw it twice and at 10:25 pm there was the last showing in the area at Tinsel Town, The Woodlands, TX. I am standing on the curb waiting for my daughter to arrive and she is ALWAYS late. I have on a black tank top with a skull outlined in sparkle stones, black jeans, and a black ball cap that has "Pirates of the Caribbean II & III".

I see her coming and I walk in to get our tickets so we can get to our seats before the trailers end and the guy at the ticket window says,
"Ahh, we didn't sell any tickets and so they are already breaking down the movie." and I said, "If you advertised it, don't you have to show it and the movie wont even start til after the trailers, so I want 2 tickets."
I was being super nice to this twerp, but I did want to see DMC one more time.
He turned and called his manager on a cell phone and the manager shows up and tells me the same thing.
Ok, now I turn to my daughter as she is walking up to me and I tell her what they have said and when I turn back around, both of these guys have gone into some kind of hyper mode and the ticket guy is trying to call the projection room and the manager is running up to the projection room to get the movie back on. So, I wait there for about 3 minutes with my back to them again and talk to my daughter. (Not like I hadn't seen it 14 times already. Anyway the manager comes out and says that we don't have to pay for the tickets and they are complementary and I go "No, we'll pay, we just want to see the movie."
He then told me that it was back up and running and thanked us for coming to see the movie.
I thought all this was rather funny and laughed all the way to our seats.

Great movie, one.....more....time!!!!

When I get home I take off my cap and I had forgotten that on the back it said "Bahamas Crew". Go figure, do you think those two dudes thought I was part of this "That is very interesting"...

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