Leon Kennedy vs Dead Rising

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Major Snafu
Here we go again.

Once again, Ashley Graham is kidnapped, this time by religious raincoat-wearing extremists who believe that the end is near.

Leon Scott Kennedy, the sole survivor of the now-defunct Raccoon Police Department turned U.S. Agent is once again called to rescue Ashley. He works with Homeland Security agents Brad Garrison and Jessie McCarney in his mission.

Even photojournalist Frank West, who narrowly avoided the Raccoon Outbreak, lends a hand, since Leon is considered a legend of sorts, being one of the very few people who escaped Raccoon City.

Once Leon gets Ashley to safety, Leon decides to stay behind and help the survivors (you can take a man from being a cop but not the cop from the man).

Armed with his trusty Handcannon and Chicago Typewriter (with I. Ammo), Leon is ready to rock and roll.

However, as with his mission concerning Los Illuminados, several of the Psychopaths are Doc and Mr. Salvador, and the Bella Sisters. Even Jack Krauser, who is supposed to be dead, makes an appearance.

He survives, I mean come on, it's the Chicago typewriter FFS, nothing beats that stick out tongue

Fallin Angel

ESB -1138
Leon with the Chicago Typewriter and Infinite Rocketlauncher. He doesn't need anything else. He doesn't even need the IR with the Chicago Typewriter. The IR takes time to reload but the CT...you can just fire like a madman and never worry about reloading.

Major Snafu
Okay, let me rephrase the weapons.

NO C.T., but he has the Handcannon, full power, but ammo is limited. I.R.L. is also a no-no, but his other weapons are at full power.

Superboy Prime
Lean does it.

He's just that resourceful.

Whoa Whoa, are the old enemies appearing AT ONCE, or one-at-a-time?

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.