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At World's End Rumors
POTC3 now has three working titles: Uncharted Waters, End of the World, Calypso's FuryThis last one is interesting because rumor has it that Calypso (the goddess of the sea) was Davy Jone's lover, the one he tore his heart out over, and that somehow the pirates of the world encased her in a human body (and I wouldn't be at all surprised to find out that she is Tia Dalma.)
From Jodie: Elizabeth is captured by the pirate SaoFeng Captured, no it's Will.
While searching for Jack, Barbosa, Elizabeth, Will and Jack's crew witness the "green flash." True - this was inspired by an experience that happened while filming the first POTC.
Tia Dalma is the goddess Claypso. Davy Jones fell in love with her. When she betrayed him, he buried his heart. She lives, as you notice, above water, not on land.
From Joanne:Tia Dalma betrayed Davy Jones, perhaps with Jack Sparrow's father - and Jack may be the result of that.
Tia Dalma(the embodiment of the sea goddess Calypso) appears to have been one of Jack's lovers. It is possible that whoever she touches in such a way has been permenantly infused with the supernatural. With Jack, it is why the Pelagostos recognize him as a god, and why he's so unearthly lucky most of the time.
The only reason Will is willing to go find Jack is to get the Black Pearl, so he can try to rescue his father.
By the time Jack Sparrow leaves Singapore, things are blowing up!Confirmed
In POTC3 Captain Jack Sparrow, Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann forge an alliance with Captain Barbossa to fight the British Navy and Davy Jones Seems highly probable
In POTC3 Lord Cutler Beckett and Admiral Norrington join forces with Davy Jones We'll have to see, but this seems highly likely in light of his choices.
By the end of POTC3 all the pirates unite (Chinese and everyone else) to fight the British Navy.
POTC3 has an ending that suggests another sequel i.e., POTC4 So Johnny & Bruckheimr have hinted.
A character becomes/searches to become immortal(most likely Jack)Well, in a way, if you call being locked in Davy Jone's locker being immortal. But I think the immortality theme may be carried on in POTC3.
Chow Yun Fat plays Captain Sao Feng in POTC3 Bang on.
The working title for POTC3 is World's End
One rumored title for POTC3 is "Pirates of the Caribbean: World's End"
From Lauryn: In POTC3, Elizabeth will realize (inwardly/outwardly) that she truly desires Captain Jack Sparrow. This is backed up by the hints in the 2nd movie-at least two times, when elizabeth looks at the compass, it points to Jack...
From Pam: Jack will end up performing the marriage of Elizabeth and Will, as hinted in POTC2 when Jack told Elizabeth he was fit to perform a marriage ceremony.
From Laila W: These are some general points from the third movie (if my sources are correct) -They get lost on purpose. Will is captain of the ship during the voyage there... Barbossa is navigator during the voyage there... Gibbs and Barbossa have an argument over where they should go. There's a really big "waterfall". They turn the ship over on purpose.
From Pirates4Ever: Will really IS Jack's distant cousin.
From Vixon446: More of the Rolling Stones will be in POTC3, Captian Barbossa murders Elizabeth. Will Dies.
From Taylor: according to Wikipida, Sao Fang captures Elizabeth, thinking that she is "Calypso" the goddess of the sea
From Simon: Elizabeth becomes possessed by an evil spirit (probably the dragon lady) by the fault of Sao Feng. Also Sao Feng falls in love with Elizabeth and finally Elizabeth has to make a choice between saving Will or Jack (she also nearly kills Will!) Or Will has to make a choice between saving his father or Elizabeth.
From Simon: Rumour has it on the net that Will has to choose between Elizabeth and his father. Also I heard from a movie website that Commodore sacrifices his life for Elizabeth!!!

I found this most of it look highly likely but some sounds like nonsense

evilm0nki3 hehe love that website..

yes some certainly do sound like nonsense!

Why does every guy fall for Liz? Aren't there other great girls out there?

Jack of Blades
Well the i can kinda ask why does every girl here fall for Jack.
and your Question
ANWSERmessedhe Looks Realy hot in pirate CLothes

1 thing..Jack aint got black in tia being his mother?? wha?

I know i was at school and we were working when i was reading this and i read that and literally laughed out loud...!

Chiki Mina
tia..jacks mom...omg who the hell came up with this?!?!?!

jack sleeping with his mom omg!!! this pirates of the caribbean not pirates of the trailer trash

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