Cloaks of Darkness

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Story:deep in the underworld the war between werewolfs and vampires wages. only one race can stop them both,however the one race has dark plans of his own the werepyre's.

who wins the war you decide!

take on the role of a vampire, werewolf or werepyre and battle the other groups in an attempt to defeat the others and claim the world for your kind.

all kinds have advantages and dissadvantges they are

Strengths:are super strong,have enhanced sense of smell, are increbily fast
Weaknesses:silver,sunlight reverts them back to humans

Strengths:they can fly,have enhanced vision and have increadible stealth
Weaknesses:garlic, sunlight causes them to burn, wooden stakes

Strengths:they can fly, have enhanced senses, can cling to walls
Weaknesses:decapitation, silver opening a wound and garlic being exposed to it

*i'll do mine as an example*

description:a long black haired werepyre, his name spreads fear acros the land as all who have crossed him to this day have dyed within the week

Rules: the world of Cloakes of darkness the groups are creating clones so that when there men die there body is brought back in a clone, so when you die you become a clone of your self.
2.the leaders of the 3 groups are the hosts of this rpg. swearing/flaming/spamming etc.

Oh em gee!

You need permission.

Bye bye thread!

OoC:Can I Join? As a werewolve?

Miroku Herko
me too but as a vampire

Can I join as a vampire????!!! please?!
her name is kiriya. smile

Well I don't think this is going to last on the forum very long, it's very unstructured and I think that your "Werepyres" are a little over powered.
I would join if you had a better story and it was strictly Lycans and Vampires in the fray.
Also this looks like it will be PvP and you need to have a very good system to make those kinds of RPs work.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.