Interviews that gives us hints about J/L in 3 movie

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Again, I was browsing around the net earlier on and found some interviews of Keira and Johnny where they talked about their characters in the 3rd movie. It gives us a little hint about the J/L relationship.
I don't remember the site where I found It, I copy it earlier on, but I apologize for not bringing the site. Hopefully somebody has read it. I will try to find it. Here it goes

here's a quote from an interview with Kiera...

Interviewer: What was your thought when you read the kiss in the script?

Kiera: I was trying to read it in my car, and Orlando was riding along, so I was trying to make sure he didn't see it. And then all of a sudden i realized this meant i got to kiss Johnny, and I spilled coffee all over Orlando, i was freaking out so much!

Interviewer: Was it a difficult scene to film?

Kiera: God, no. One of the best days of filming, actually. Johnny can actually be very serious when he is working, but eventually we loosened up. Towards the end we kept calling for another take, because we wanted to try the scene several different ways. Gore was absolute money. He just let us go nuts with it, really, try it until it felt right. The next day Johnny and I both met with the writers and made our case for more kisses!
Interviewer: And did Orlando get bored at all?

Kiera: I don't know, i wasn't really paying attention (laughs) No, he was great. He was really into it, actually... It gave him a chance to show some depth in Will's character. It's just the first stones falling before an avalanche for our characters, so we wanted to make sure we all played it right.

Interviewer: So how far do you get to take Captain Jack in the third installment?

JD: Are you trying to get me to give away an ending? (laughs) Jack Sparrow is the sort of character you can take in many different directions. When I originally read what they had in mind for the third one, I was a bit surprised. I just wouldn't have thought I would get to take this character to that place. It's been a growing experience for me as an actor, definitely.

Interviewer: That's pretty vague.

JD: Ask me again once the movie is out.

All of this sounds really good to me, discussing more kisses!!!. And Johnny talking about taking his character to a new place. hint hint gurls. After reading this I feel much better

he is still sseexxii!!CONGRATS JOHNNY AND NESSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I lIke it!! It makes me feel much better too!!!

Wow! I wanna more info in that style!
J/E 4ever! Great job in finding that!

Jacky Sparrow
but it`s an old news...I read that in august! Although, I like it very much up till now!

when they say more kisses you sure they didn't mean more takes for DMC

the only thing I find kinda interesting is the last thing he said about where his character is going..I hope its love.

yeah i think that kiss line was meant as a joke. sounds like something Keira would say just to get a laugh or something.

and i really, really hope Johnny didnt mean UNREQUITED love with where his character is going.
Johnny has always been the one telling the writers to keep Jack as much the same as possible, while the writers always wanted to give his character more arc. THEY wanted him to be more like Rick in Casablanca (according to their blog) while Johnny saw him more like Bugs Bunny.

its all a bit hazy. these interviews are kind of annoying because you think they are saying something huge, but they really dont give any info away.

they cant keep him the same though..IMO the writers knew this..the Jack in movie 2 was very different to him in movie 1..he was more serious all of a sudden..I noticed it from the first moment we see him on he's not so much swaying on the spot and he's not so exaggerating with each word he says like with his hands etc. Critics said his character needs to evolve otherwise he would become boring/stale..IMO its true..he's still very much Jack but he's maturing

Chiki Mina
u cant have the same character all the time. theres no such thing.

we also change throughtout the years and there will come a time when we mature more. Dont u think thats what happened to jack sparrow.

Its ok to have the same JACK SPARROW but his attitude needs to change somewhat. We grow and mature, we go through many stages in life and learn something new everyday. Yet we are the same, we just developed more.

the old jack sparrow ''died'' and his reborn as a new man. Hes still jack, just not ur average materialistic, coward, sex obsessed pirate no more.

laughing she spilled coffee on orlando! i bet he was mad!

orlando - mad

anyway, do you know if that's on video?

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