Empire Magazine (AWE spoilers)

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In the latest edition of Empire magazine (Australia) a page is dedicated to "The secrets of Pirates of the Caribbean 3 in Star Wars form".

So, the spoilers are as follows:

Will & Elizabeth: "Their relationship hits the rocks as they discover there are obstacles they might not be able to overcome... Elizabeth will ditch the tomboy look and possibly be kidnapped again. Will will be stuck with Barbossa." (Star Wars pairing, Luke & Leia)

Davy Jones: "Villain he may be, but Pirates 3 will explore Squidface's backstory, showing how love drove him to villainy. A last-reel redemption is looking likely." (Star Wars pairing, Darth Vader)

Captain Jack: "Post-rescue will largely be stuck with Davy Jones. Ventures to the literal world's end for one of the film's biggest sequences..."
(notice how there is no starwars comparison with that one^^)

Norrington: "Betrayer at the end of DMC, you can bet your pieces of eight he's going to come good before the closing credits roll." (Star Wars pairing, Lando Calrissian)

Pirate-kind: "With piracy under threat of extinction, the world's pirates gather in one huge sequence to fight back."

Beckett:"Now in possession of Davy Jones's heart, Beckett will be looking to bring the pirating world to an end. Has severe angry-small-man syndrome." (Star Wars pairing, the Emperor)


They say luke/leia..and we all know they didnt end up together in the long run.

Looks like Jack isn't around Liz all that much either.

Now I don't know what to think confused


It says that Jack will be stuck w/ DJ most of the time, but there are some scenes where Jack/Liz and Grant (Jacks daddy) are going to be together. It says Liz is kidnapped and that Willy will be stuck w/ barbie.
It says in the script that she is kidnapped by Sao, and then taken by DJ men. That can be a good thing. I believed they are going to end up together at somepoint.


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Barbosa big grin

Ohhhhhhhhhh. hahaha


Things that make you go, Hummmmm

Wait, what? Someone explain these "spoilers" to me.

I like Liz's tomboy look! She's a pirate at heart and Jack loves her that way.

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