I have a bad feeling about Elizabeth (AWE speculation)

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I have a feeling that they might be killing off Elizabeth too. Because I'm pretty sure that the story of the heart is forshadowing what happens to Elizabeth. Honestly by the end of DMC..we see it get taken from a Jar of dirt where Jack thought it was going to be safe..he treated it as leverage. It was then kidnaped by Norrington and ended up in the hands of the EITC in a sack before DMC ended. The story of it seems to be kept ahead of what happens to Elizabeth.

Now that I have been told that the first 57 pages of the leaked draft script are actually in one of the "final scripts"..then its true IMO

Elizabeth gets put on sao Feng's ship (Jar of dirt) By Jack and treated as leverage by Jack. He thinks he's going to see her in a week though. Sao Feng's ship comes under fire from the EITC and Elizabeth gets kidnapped by Norrington and ends up in the hands of the EITC.

The heart gets stabbed by Will at the end and he turns into the next captain of the Dutchman and in doing so this causes Liz great pain because she has lost him so I was right about who ever stabs the heart will be the one who causes Liz's the greatest pain..and because the heart is "dead". IMO She might kill herself to be with Will

I say this because of that spoiler on podcast

I'm not sure if its going to be Tia or Elizabeth who casts herself into the sea to lift the curse of the dutchman..

right now my reason for backing up Tia to do it is the fact she is Calypso..and it seems as if she is the only one who can lift the curse because she is a sea godess...and that spoiler on podcast makes more sense of this ending..Also Kate's buddy seems to know about this possible ending.

My reason for backing up Liz? Is the way the heart is forshadowing what happens to her...and it dies basically.

nooo lovelyone this cant happen srsly i will bust out crying and yelling at the cinema screen lol.

I have a strange feeling liz will be alright.... there might be a moment IN the film where we think she might not make it (as has happened in BOTH films so far with Will and jack and Liz) ...but overall i think she will be just dandy...smile
IMO anyway lol

I dunno..I dont know if I should trust in anything I saw in DMC...it seems to all fall to shit with the next movie as if none of it happened in DMC..especially the Jack/Liz stuff

kill off will AND liz? (insert various dry humored swear words here).

that would be so "house of flying daggers". Or was it "Crouching tiger, hidden dragon"? one of those where the girl jumps off the bridge at the end.

in any case, if they end their trilogy with two dead main characters and Jack walking off with a bunch of whores, i will be laughing hard. then i will go rent some 80s action flicks and drown my sorrows in rum.

but like i have said, i have faith in disney's moneymaking obsessions... they will do their best to please the largest number of people possible, while balancing out the actors' need for oscars. big grin

I think Liz's gonna be fine too...dunno why just do..but remember the scrit for the trailer????? the part where is says *Elizabeth raps her arms around jack as they both fall off from a high point into the sea* ??? whose to say liz doesn't choose to sacrifice herself and jack either falls in with her cause he's trying to stop her then accidently falls or makes it happen somehow that he falls in with her too...then they both turn out to be fine...I know ...I know it ain't gonna hapin but what I meant was maybe the shot in the trailer script has SOMETHING to do with that "liz sacrifices herself" thing

i also think she's gonna be fine. She may be in danger (for sure!), but she won't be dead. Disney cannot kill all the main characters wink

IMO...Killing Liz off would be absured...i dont think thats gonna happen...because how r they going to kill off Half the cast in the 3rd movie...especially 2 main characters...i mean there is Sao Feng, Norri, Gov. Swann, Davy, Will and now Liz it just dosent make sense!! it still is a disney movie!!

I hope they do kill off liz. She's a total goon!! I think that Will will turn into something like Davvy jones.

you aint far off hun^^ lol

Chiki Mina
if they do kill Liz, im sure calypso/tia watever the hell she is will offer to revive her. either offers immortality for jack or revive elizabeth.

far off what? I'm no goon I'm random! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm random.

What kind of trilogy kills off 2 of its 3 main characters? Although Jack doesn't really like him, he has a soft spot for Will and if Will dies (I'm not convinced of anything right now), he will take it pretty hard. But to lose Liz? Jack's not going to recover from that, and the audiences demand a relatively happy Jack, not one who is haunted forever by two deaths, one of them being the love of his life.
Doesn't anyone want to be surprised? I'm not looking up all this crap because it's all rumor and I want to walk in not knowing what to expect. I knew nothing about the first movie and only had the previews to judge DMC.

i hoenstly dont think Jack will take it pretty hard if Will dies....will he be sad? YES but willl he mourn and go through a depreession for a bit? dont think so...

If he loses Liz of course he is going to be devestated!if she will stilll have that special place in his heart for her...that spot can never be fillled so if she dies then he will have nothing!

Yeah, you have a good point, and I don't mean to say that Jack will retire to his bed and never come out if Will dies, but I think he would blame himself. He kind of makes it a point to look after Will and Will always screws it up. I think he feels Will is his responsibility even though he doesn't particularly like him. Also, he realizes they work well as a team and he's the son of a friend of his, so I think he would blame himself and take Will dying kind of hard.
Not nearly as hard as Liz dying. She better not. It seems like it's this Hollywood rule that if a woman in strong and tough she's bound to die. All the stories begin with her, so she's kind of the heart of the story, the emotional tie between everyone. Not that they would do it, but I don't think Jack would mind following her to her death if that was the case.

I agree..why do they make the strong women die all the time..especially when they have screwed over a man..Its like the writers have to punish them in that way..I had to learn that in film..people are never satisfied unless the woman dies for trying to get the better of a man.

oh god now I'm getting worried..

okay guys, i just realized how ridiculous we sound.

NO WAY will they kill off 2 of the 3 characters. or even 1.

in the magazine article we were discussing yesterday, it said some characters from the first one die (swann, norrington) and some characters become immortal (either JACK or Will and Liz or just Will)...

my bet: one of the three main characters will NOT die, but...

Will will stab the heart and think he's going to die, but instead be made immortal by Tia Dalma. this still means that he has to say goodbye to his former life, so he says goodbye to Elizabeth, who sails off with Jack.

OR the more realistic ending (sad).

Will will stab the heart and Tia Dalma, feeling bad for all the havoc she has wreaked on people's hearts, will take pity on him and make him AND Liz immortal. Jack chooses to stay human and they say goodbye, as Jack heads off on another adventure.

Is that one of the things you heard?^^^

I think she just removes him from the dutchman..dunno if she can make him mortal..I just hope she doesnt make Liz and Will immortal together..I dont see how she can..I dont think Davy was ever mortal was he?..and again..it would make ALL of the flirting/feelings for one another in DMC pointless..sad

noooooooooooooooooooooooo! how could you guys!

she's lizzy, the girl that our fav. characters love! even though sum of us don't like her

jack luvs her and will luvs her. and if they luv 'er then we should luv her too!

IF YOU DONT LIKE POSSIBLE SPOILERS/SPECULATION DONT READ..fed up with being told off cuz some people dont like what I say

DAMN..I think it IS her who casts herself into the sea bacause Naomi Harris has let slip she's in pirates 4 because of her dramatic departure in 3..Orlando isnt.gonna be in 4 .and I'm guessing Keira isnt gonna be in P4 either sad...they are getting rid of both these actors because they wanna start a new adventure up with Jack?

so yep Elizabeth does really love Will the very most it seems. It makes sense of the spoiler on podcast..she's in a love triangle but her faith in the captain is the strongest..Will becomes the new captain of the dutchman..he finds his love (they married before he stabbed the heart..after a bit of turmoil they "made up again"wink....excuse me whilst I go pig out on some icecream..and dream of what could have been between Jack/Liz

Emma Hermine
Ohhhh my god!!!
I never thought of it that way... I mean it's Liz right?! And also I thought there wasn't gonna be a P4 ???
If Liz should die she at least has to be with Jack till the end.. they owe us that!!!

see!!^^^ there are so many Jack/Liz lovers disney..(it totally got you up to the Billion)..Its been a long time since I came across any NEW Will/Liz ones..a VERY long time..and I know you won't read this so I dont know who I'm talking to here..

welcome to te board Emma Hermine smile

Also dont take what i say there as truth..much of it is me speculating due to certain spoilers smile

wait i still dont know what was said exactly on that podcast. care to share? big grin

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