Alright we owe it to ourselves...make your own AWE ending

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Ok, screw T and T for the moment make your own ending, it can be as bizarre and unrealistic as you wish, just make sure you title it something like...sailorleo's ending....

Kate's ending.

This takes place in tortuga after the bad guys have been defeated. Will stabbed the heart, Tia kept him alive and she and Jones disappeared into goddess land. the rest of the characters left singapore and are on their way back to port royal, but they stopped in tortuga.

Liz: Well, Will. Now that you've saved your father I have some news I need to tell you.

Will: Yeah Liz, there's something I've been meaning to say to you. I don't think we're meant to be.

Liz: Me either! Thank goodness!

Will: You see, I idolized you and put you on a pedastle, and it really hindered who you were. I tried to make you into my perfect ideal of a woman, when actually the real you was very different. What we had was great, but i think we both know it wasnt meant to be.

Liz: We'll always be good friends though, for when we get kidnapped or something, right?

Will: Yeah. And if we aren't married in 20 years, we'll give it another go.

Liz: Sounds good! (sweet hug. Will boards ship with his father for port royal)

Liz runs and finds Jack, who is sitting on the dock, drinking rum and humming "a pirates life for me."

Jack: What are you doing here? You'll miss your boat, dearie.

Liz: i don't think the pearl would leave without us, jack.

Jack looks over at her, realizing she's chosen to stay with him.

Jack: But what about the whelp?

Liz: Fate intervened. (sits down next to him and grabs the rum) Besides, I am still curious.

Jack: About what?

Liz: About how long you could be true to me.

Jack: I'd wager my ship I could be true to you longer than you could be true to me.

(Liz shakes his hand)

Liz: We have an accord. First one to cheat gets marrooned.

Jack: Speaking of getting marooned, do you think the crew would mind dropping us off on that little island for a bit?

Liz: Well, you're the captain. You give the orders on this ship.

Jack: In that case, get in my cabin, find some handcuffs, and be prepared for my vengeance.

They kiss.

Jack: On deck all hands! Charter course for the marooning island! And let no one disturb me in my cabin...

Liz and Jack walk towards the cabin humming "a pirates life for me", as the crew sets sail. Gibbs watches them go, smiling, closing shot.

LOVE IT kate smile

Leo's Ending

(the wedding scene onborad what ever ship it is...white sails are seen closley by now)

Barbossa: Is there any reason why these two should not be wed (besides the obcious *he coughs*)

Leo: I OBJECT! *leo is shown heroicly on the ship ship standing next to admiral norrington ((oh yeah)) *

Will: The nerve! who are you!

Leo: not important! I can't let you stab the heart of Davy Jones

Will: *eyebrow acting* why not?

Leo: Because that's not the real heart, *she pulls the real one out* se?

Will: then whose heart to i have?

Leo: an animatronic puppet, like yoda

*everyone's confused*

Will: *jumps up* give me that one! *he reaches for it she pulls it away, he notices Norirngton*

Will: I thought you were...wait how did you get the heart? I took it from Norrington?

Leo: Well it seems dear william that I took it before you tried stealing it; using....well, womanly persuasion

Jack: Powerful stuff that *he sneaks off to make out with liz*

Will: *not noticing* It's my destiny to stab the heart and die for my father! I want him free

Leo: P' shaw *rolls her eyes...just then a baby kragen jumps up and snatches davy's heart from leo's hands and eats it*

Will: ****ING KRAGEN!

Norrie: It's just a baby....

Leo: that was lucky....ok...plan b, well it's obvious liz doesn't love you, (points to J/L making out) so why don't you come with us *gives sparkly eyes*

Will: I can't resist them, they're so cute!

Norrie: *blushes* no one can.

Leo: James, dearest, i know Steve loves threesomes(coupling reference) , but does the admiral?

Norrie: two guys and a girl, I don't know..*leo gives sparkly eyes*...ok ok...

Leo: YIPPIE! *runs back to norrington's ship

Will: Norrington, weren't you dead?

Norrie: She resurrected me, as it were..

Will: ah....*more eyebrow acting* she's not serious about the threesomes was she? *he smirks*

Norrie: Lay a hand on my leo, i'll kill you! Understand *he looks at will but he's already gone*

J and L: see ya whelp!

Jack: *as james was leaving* see, admiral, I was rooting for you... *shot zooms out from jack dramatic music plays, end movie*

That was great TOO!!!

Norri's mine,but I like it. smile

Originally posted by sccch
Norri's mine,but I like it. smile don't start...

Originally posted by sailorleo
don't start...


*cracks knuckles* let's take this to the norrie thread

*Evil laugh* Meet you there!

Great idea!

(Will sails back to Port Royal with a woman he's met in #3)
Will: It's time to set things right back at Port Royal.
Woman: I fully agree.
Will: I doubt they will listen to a blacksmith, though.
Woman: But they'll listen to you (winks at him. They share a kiss)

Back on the Pearl:
Jack: Well, love, it appears brave William has sailed for home in someone else's arms.
Liz: And who says I did not plan it that way?
Jack: To be trapped with old Jack? Come now, Lizzie...
(Liz just looks at him)
Liz: You made me an offer of marriage right here on these steps.
Jack: So I did. And you refused.
Liz: You won't ask me again?
Jack: I might...(looks over at her), but you have to do something for me.
Liz: Let me guess....
Jack: You have to agree to stay with me and captain this ship with me and share all my adventures.
(not what Liz was expecting, but she's very touched)
Liz: I can do that.

You guys are awesome, you guys would do a much better job that TnT big grin

I still like My PEARL HARBORISH ending!! lol...if anyone!!!

*clears throat* MY ending (this outta b good!)

Jack:I love you so much!
IBD43:I love you too!
Jack: maybe we should get some more privacy?
IBD43:What took u so long?

*run into jack's cabin and have some *fun*

screen cuts to black

*me applauding*
Me: bravo! spectacular! wonderful! inconcieveable! i love it! wwwooohhhoooo!!! *looks around at everyone, they r all staring blankly at her* What? i thought it was great!



Jack on bored the pearl with a mysterious woman

woman: pity about Elizabeth running off with will.

jack:yeah pity

they engage in a stare

back in port royal

Elizabeth:i always loved you will
will:as did i Elizabeth
Elizabeth: pity about that strange woman taking off with jack..
will:yeah (hes grinning inside)

back on pearl

jack:so uh i didn't catch your name dearie

woman: it's Elizabeth PETERSON

JACK:nice to meet...

Elizabeth grabs jack and kisses him passionately

Elizabeth squeals


skips off happily

thats my dream ending lol

(We cut to Jack who has someone's hands covering his eyes)
Jack: Lizzie, love, kindly enable to me to see where we're walking.
Liz: Not yet. Just a little bit longer
(The crew, including Will, are at the dock)
Liz: All right. Look. (uncovers his eyes)
(We see the Black Pearl, restored and ready for Jack to captain it again)
Gibbs: It's all yours, Jack. We been savin' it for ya.
(Jack says nothing, but plays it cool)
Will: Well, Jack, I suppose this is the end of our adventures (extends his hand)
Jack: I suppose you and said missy are to run off to the nearest church now?
Will: Yes, yes, I finally agree with you on something
(We think they're talking about Liz, but we see Will take Anamaria's arm and they stroll back down the pier to shore)
(Liz sits on the steps of the Pearl)
Jack: And you.
(she looks up)
Jack: If you're going to stay, you're going to work like everyone else.
Liz: I have every intention of doing so
Jack: Good. Now, report to work in my cabin, and be sure you're dressed appropriately.
(Liz grins, knows what he means)

heeeheee!!!!! i like this thread a lot. big grin

we should email it all to t and t.

Yes we should This thread is great!!!

Ok Guys I want to give this a shot smile It wont be as good as all of yours but its fun to try

Will stabs the heart of Davy Jones, Tia runs over and has now Tranfformed into a beauiful sea Goddess, she gives will 2 choices: William you can either saty here and live your life with Elizabeth and your father will perish, OR you can with me and Rule the sea as a sea god and your fathert will be free of any debt owed, you inturn will be imortal. Will Thinks long and hard walks over to Elizabeth
Will: you know what I must do! we are no longer what we once were, and you know this, I know your heart belongs to another. I trust you will always remember me and how much I trully did love you. embrace in a hug and walks to jack
Will: jack, I will no longer be here to come between you and your true love, I trust you understand what I am leaving in your hands. you are right not all Treaseue is silver and gold and she is proof of it. Goodbye jack

Walks over to Tia, they begin to dissapear in to teh horizon
Everyone on the Pearl stand there in silence for a moment and then the crew goes back to worka s if nothing ever happened.
Jack: Elizabeth, I know your heart must be in sorrow right now, I am here for you, you know that walks away

a few months pass and we are taken onto the pearl where there is it seems as though we are in a bit of a pickle cannon fire, mass confusion from the crew Jack screaming orders,
Elizabeth: What do we do next : Their gaining on us!!
Jack: Darling we fight of course: after I finish off me rum
Elizabeth JACK!!!
Jack: OK OK save the Rum for later I get it:
All of a sudden you hear the crew go silent and a un identified man walks onto the pearl and Grabs Elizabeth from behaind, she screams JACK!

Jack: What is it that you want, Let her go!!!
MAn: Ah Captain Jack Sparrow, let see now I believe my Brother would have captured you by now of it werent for her!
Jack :your brother
man: Lord beckett of the eitc
Man: Its over Jack Sparrow
Just then Liz frees herself from his hold and Grabs Jacks Pistol, Poits it into the mans face
Man: Yoou know if you kill me youll never make it out of here alive I have others on my ship
Jack pulls annother pistol and Joins Elizabeths side
in unison Jacka nd Liz say
son, were jack and Elizabeth Sparrow, Savvy
Gun shot !
fades to black and exit music

Hope u likessmile


I just Love that Line from the first move
Son I ma captian Jack Sparrow savvy
I just thought I t would be great to have it for jack and Liz to day smile

yeah I totaly love it..especialy like they're saying it together and we're like OH MY GOD THEIR MARRIED

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