Potc 6

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Smurf you guys lets do it....


(didn't read potc 5 either)

we never did the last scene for 5

well go do it....

well you guys were talking about jacquilen...

and im confused, is she in the story now?

i guess for number 6

oh okay

well i dont know if i can do the last scene
the last line should be very catching, and i dont know if i can do it,
who's going to be the new bad guy anyways?

i don't know yet, we'll make up something

so, the sixth story's basically just going to be a treasure hunt right???

and im confuzed, whose this new jackie character, and why do we have 2 of them????sry, i read it on the other thread, but im still confuzed about it

yep, but we need a new villian, otherwise thats no fun

i dont get this new girl either, i've tried reading it on the other thread but i couldn't follow

well what don't you get?

dang were goin far!

I am ready for some story smile someone start leo?

I want a story too...but I'm not ggood with starting it so...who will do the honors?

maybe we can open this thing with jackie, that leads to her coming to the pearl for treasure hunts...

Sounds great to me, Leo I have a question What happened at the end of POTC 5 did I miss the ending somehow?

well it seemed to fizzle out..if you want to make an ending

well, did jack win back Lizzie's heart or do i need to continue with that story as well, I know you and I talked about a treasure hunt so I def want to do that as well!!

i'm not entirely sure...maybe they're back together...well by now they are

oh..jack and liz's kid....boy or girl?

Ok Ill start the first scene

the reflection of the moon is shinning on the sea, a slight breeze blows and its a cool night abord the black pearl, we see the pearl sitting there still with no movement at all in all of an instant we hear a loud pittched scream, so full of pain, we see Elizabeth in the Captians Cabin lying on her back in labor, all of the wemon of course trying to help, the men freeking out

Elizabeth: Good Lord, Someone do something I may just die trying to bring my child into the world.

Abi: sweetie you have to breathe!!

Eliabeth : Breathing!!!!

jack Og good lord I really really need RUM NOW

Abi: JACK!! Go outside and wait the rest of the crew your getting on our nerves

Elizabeth: No I want him to stay, Please I need him to

after a few minuites of pushing, screaming, jack passing out on the floor,
we hear a soft baby's cry
Abi: Congratulation you two you havea healthy baby
Jack waking up from passing out : WHAT' is it a boy or a girl
Elizabeth Holdering their baby, Jack Its a Boy
Jack: WhOOOOO I knew It I told you, Get a look from Abi and calms down
Jack : Sorry
Elizabeth : DO you want to hold him to Jack
Jack are you sure Ive never held a baby
Elizabeth Come over here, he sits by her and she hads the baby to him,

She hads the baby to jack
Jack: Wow, I never knew how this felt
and you see it
you see a tear fall from his eye, and he turn and kisses his wife and says I love you

Ok someone elses turn
Hope you like it

Abi: Looks at the babe, It's a boy, he's beautiful *tear coming donw her cheek* I wish I had one *elizabeth grins at Abigail*

(sorry not feeling really inspired at the moment)


thats an awesome beginning...but i thought jack and liz weren't back together yet?

they weren't suppose to be,
but this is fine, i mean how could a baby not bring them back together??

well who wants to write?

That was actually my goal to have the baby bring them not only back together, but bring them in as a family, I think we will see More of jack being a family type and protector of his family now that he knows what is truly important to him and what is true treasure is , his family

Dont worry Leo Abi's Time is comming smile

Jack and Liz sit in the captain cabin with their new son, Liz is feeding the baby, Jack still trying to figure outhow to work his new compass

Liz: What are you doing ?
Jack: Having a rather difficult time figuring out this new compass
liz let me have a look
Jack : be my guest dearie
Liz: Where did you get this, It only points north!
jack I know, i dont get it,
Liz, Does it not work like your old compass and show you what your heart desires most in the world
Jack : Apparently not
Liz Oh well I am sure you will figure it out
Jack well I Must!! I am still intending on finding that treasure and spoiling me family
Liz: jack, an adventure sounds graet but now may not be the best time with the baby and all
Jack: darling, this baby is a sparrow, he needs to learn from the start how we do things
Liz : Ok then find us a heading
jack : Aye
Liz :there is one thing we must discuss
Jack: Nothing serous I hope, your not still mad at me are you
Liz: No thats all over, untill you screw up again smile
Jack : gives a look and grins at her: What is is dearie that you want to discuss
Liz : A name, the baby needs a name, what shall we call him
Jack : Open eyes real big oooh I know how about Will
Liz Jack
Jack: sorry luv
Liz :I am serious, we must think of something and we must agree
Jack: well I know I want Jack JR
Liz :no
jack YES
Liz: HERE WE GO AGAIN, scene fades with argument on baby's name

lol I love it..go on go on

Ok Ill do one more but then someone else needs to write too smile
night time :
Abi sits alone on the ship when alex walks up behind her ne notices that she has been crying
Alex: Abi, whats troubling you dear
Abi: oh darling its nothing really(deep down inside she is so unsure of what to do, what to say how to tell him)
Alex: are you sure, you know I am here for you
Abi: I know dear, and I loe you for it
we are taken back into the Captains cabin where the Sparrow family is o Jack is wide awake staring a hole into the ceiling, Liz is trying to get the baby to sleep but he is crying uncontroably
Jack: Dear How am I to sleep if
Liz: Dont even say it jack, you could help me you know,
Jack: What can I do!
Liz: turn away, anyway begins to sing a lullaby to the baby, the baby start to quit, and falls asleep, she puts him in the cradle, turns to jack in a whisper
Liz: jack, can I tell you something in trust,
jack: sits up from the bed and looks at her,
Liz: I think something is going on with Abi, I am kind of worried about her, she seems differnet latley,
Jack: How so
Liz: crying more, she seemd to be distancing herself from everyone, including Alex,
Jack: Maybe you should talk to her
Liz: you think, i dont want to pry
Jack: what ever it is I am sure she could use a friend
Liz: ok Tomorrow, well go ashore and have girl talk,
jack: sounds good luv( smiles because he has made her happy )
Liz: you can watch jackson
jack: what, but how do I (smile turns to frown, and then panic)
Liz: remember it was your idea for me to talk to her, youll figure it out, you boys need male bonding time anyway, Good night

i'll write today i promise it's just that it's ut and i got to hit that up! anyway love the scene! awsomeness!

the next day on board the pearl liz meets up with abi and convinces her to go ashore

Liz: so Abi, I've noticed you seemed troubled, is there anything I can do?

Abi: *looks down* no, afraid not.

Liz: Do you want to talk about it? *she asks concerend*

Abi: *opens her mouth as if to say something, then doesn't...after a long pause she speaks up with tears streaming down her face* Elizabeth..I'm with child...

Liz: That's wonderful!

Abi: no it's not.

Liz: how so?

Abi: three reasons: one; and this is the most rivial, I don't want to steal your thunder, everyone's gushing about your baby; two, Alex and I had wanted to wait until we were older to start a family and thre, this is just how i feel Liz, no offence to you, but I don't feel as if it's quite safe for a baby on a pirate ship what with the cannonaide and cutlasses, and the drunken pirates...*she begins to cry harder*

Liz: *hugs her* there there, everything will work out, you just need to tell Alex, he's the father, he desreves to know..

Abi: yes, you're right

Liz: *grins the pattented sparrow grin* aren't I always

later that evening Abi and Alex are in there room, Abi is sitting at the foot of her bed not making eyecontact, alex notices this and trys to fix that.

Alex: Abi, I brought you something *she reaches in his pocket and produces two mecklaces with a compass rose charm damgling from the center...Abi looks at him and sees the neclaces*

Abi: oh, they're beautiful *she gets up and pours him a some rum and give it to him* you better drink this

Alex: *puzzled* why

Abi: I have something to tell you....

Love it!!!!!!!!

thanks...you wanna conitnue?

Liz : so how did it go?
Jack: what, how did what go
Liz: your day with Jackson
Jack Oh went just fine(thinking of how he made the crew help him change diapers and such)
I did it all by me onsie
Liz: I am so proud of you,
Jack how did it go with Abi
Liz, well good, she is um shes - she pregnant
Jack, swallows his rum hard, what
Liz :shes really concerend about the baby living on a pirate ship, and quite frankly I do not blame her
Jack: what you dont want to live on the pearl
Liz,:did i say that, but its hardly a place for a child,
Jack: No but(light buld goes of in jacks head)
Jack: excuse me dearie
Liz: where you going?
Jack: ill be back
Liz: sighs (baby cries), Typical

Alex: Whats going on
Abi: I need to tell you that your going to be a daddysadscared to death of his reaction she closes her eyes)
Alex: overjoyed embraces her and they hug,
Abi: so its ok? your ok, were ok?
Alex: are you kidding: I just became the happiest man in the world, well second jack seems pretty happy latley
ABi: I know i feel bad about this, having a baby while they are in the midst of startingtheir new family
Alex: darling, you have no coltrol over destiny
Abi: tears in her eyes. I love you

tenth months later Abi and Alex's child is two months old a girl names Isabella. Abi and Alex are dropping her off at the orphanage. Abi's crying immensly

Abi: Mommy and daddy love you very much Isabella, please remember that *she puts the baby on the stoop of the orphange, alex places a hand on her shoulder*

Alex: It'll be alright...

Abi: *places the compass rose necklace on top of her, alex hugs her, they knock on the door and leave..it begins to rain*

aawww! love it!

wow !!
Ok let me think Ill get back to yasmile

this is really good...keep goingsmile

yeah keep going...I wanna know what happens...what did jack think of when he started walking out of the cabin?

guuuuuuuuuys....why is no one continuing? why are u leaving us on a cliffhanger?

HELLO??? somebody's gotta continue...plz

yes, continue!!

some one else please...


so i was thinking, about jackson, how do you think he should react when he meets isabella?

by this time Jackson was about 11 month sold getting ready to celebrate his first birthday
Jack: I Hope you like what I have done for Jackson, It took me 11 months to build it
Elizabeth: I know I will love it and I am sure Jackson will love it as well
Jack: well It really helped when we were able to figure out that compass and find the treasure we were looking for and now we have everthing weve ever wanted, Ok lets make port and ill take you to the surprise: making port on a small island that looked very familiar to Liz, she realizes where she is, Its the island where she and Jack were marooned so many years ago. on the back corner of the island liz sees something she cant belive
Jack: Ok Love here it is, your very own house:
Liz: What!! you mean, your serious, are we going to live here?
Jack: I wanted Jackson to have a place to call home, yes the pearl is a home but for a child its hardly a home
Liz: Smiles and runs to into the house
Jack: so you like it:
Liz I love it, But Jack, what about a pirates life?
Jack: we will alays be pirates love, well still have the pearl and we will still go on great adventures together, but now my life has changed I have my son to think about, and the one thing that no treasue on this world can ammount to: my family
Lz and Jack Embrace
Liz: Thank you , so much this means the world to me!!!

Scene starts Liz outside on the beach decorating for a birthday party, its a beautiful days and Liz is all smiles
Liz: Humming yo ho yo ho
jackson: is sitting playing in the sand
Liz: are you ready for your party todaysmile
Jack walk out of the house with party favors in his arms, dragging hin down: aye a little help here
Alex : I got it, rushes overto help Jack, the set up the rest of the party:
Liz: Abi, I know you must be upset, are you ok, I know its hard, tell me why did you give Isabella up to the Orphanage?
Abi: holding back the tears: I didnt think a pirate ship was a place to raise a child No offence
Liz: non taken, I understand
Abi: Alex and I could not afford to leave the pearl and build a home as you and Jack have done: (Only giving her 1/2 of the story)
Liz: staring at Abi, looks over at jackson: NO do not eat sand , runs over and takes Jacksoninside to get ready for the party:
Evening falls and the party is almost over, the men have been of course drinking rum the wemon, playing with Jackson, and a few other children from town that Liz had met. People start to leave:
Liz sees Abi sitting on the beach away from all the festivities:
Liz: Abi, if it hurst this much go for a vist, see if they will let you see her, try and get her back you can stay with Jack and I untill your stable:
Abi: What, are you serious, so you think they would let me see her.
Liz: Its worth a try
Next day, rainy day ABi asks Jack if she can take the pearl a out and run to the town close by, Jack agrees Abi makes port and makes her way through town, the excitement starts to overwhelm her, she is about to see her daughter agin, she cant believe it
she knocks on the door and a large lady answers
Abi: yes mam: I am here to see about a child I left here 12 months ago, I left her on the porch with a neclace, do you remember,
Woman: I do
Abi: is ther anyway I cansee her, Just one last time, I miss her so much
WOman: mam shes already been adapted and I cnnot give out thet Information: Im sorry, slamms the door and abi falls to her knees sobbing:

aw~!! that's so sad!

that is sad, but the 'NO do not eat sand made me laugh'

aaww! i luv it!! go on!

its a beauitful day, sun shinning, not a cloud in the sky, Liz has Jackson outside swimming in the ocean, Jack is watching from afar, Jackson is now 10 is is shapping up to be just like his father, acts like him even looks like him:
Jackson: Momma can we go on the pearl today
liz: well I suppose when we get in from swimming well talk to your father and see what he says
Jackson: Ok: swims a little ways away from Elizabeth
Liz: Jackson Not too far Honey
jackson: awe mom, about that time Jackson sinks underwater Liz starts to panic screaming : jack sees this a rushes from the porch to the shore line
Jack: whats happening
Liz: Im not sure he went under please save him
Jack: frantically looking for him
we see in the distance a pirate ship sort of resembles a ship from their past, looks almost like the dutchman: Jack realizes whats happening
Jack: Liz he not drowning, hes been kidnapped we must get to the pearl
Liz: who would do this, why is this happening,
Jack: I have no idea but I may have a good idea of it
Liz and Jack take off to the pearl, Liz is a strong woman, but whenit comes to her son shes is very emotionl:she cant hold back the tears, Jack where will we find him where do we start: I know he so scared, sobbing
Jack: darling: hes a sparrow can hold his own

Jackson wakes up on a ship:
Jackson: where am I, what is this place, he hears a voice answer him
Voice:mmm you dont know me but I know you
Jackson: how do you know me:
Voice: actually I know your father
Jackson: well if you have a score to settle with my father why are you talking to me
Voice: you are your fathers son:
Jackson: proudly
Jackson: who are you, and what do you want with my father? it dosent matter I am sure my parents are already looking for me you cannot beat the sparrows
Voice: youll find out who I am in good time

aboard the pearl eveyone is gathered and going over in their mid who could have done this
ABi: who do you think did this
Liz: still crying I have no idea
Jack: who could it be: I havent done anything to anyone in over 10 years now
Liz we must go over every possibility, Norrington?
Abi: No way!!
LizSorry no offence love
ALex: you know we havent heard from will in a about 7 years or so?what if...
Liz: no not possible dont even
Jack: true enough no way: he wouldnt! would he
every one goes silent
scene ends

anyone else want to give it a try ?

uh my gawd, scary!!

i would...but i'd probably f it up

not really. i'm too depressed and i don't know where you're going with this...

Originally posted by mmoviejunkie
uh my gawd, scary!!

i would...but i'd probably f it up no you wouldn't

no you wouldnt:
I am just trying to do something where we get one more good adventure out Of Jack and Elizabeth before the story turns into Jackson and Isabella
we just need to get Jackson back and let him get alittle older and somehow meet up with isabella
and go from there

thanks, but i have no idea who the villian would be

heheh I am thinking: I was hoping you guys would have some ideas
It can be something simple, Jackson can even escpae and make his was home: I just thought a villian could bring a little susoence t the story along with the Love story that will progress with Jackson and Isabella

yeah that would be good, i dont think he should escape

man: tell me boy do you know where your father keeps his compass
jackson: No
man: I need that compass, I am looking for a lost treasure in these waters calles the Rose treasure
jackson: I know nothing about it?
Man: well then we will just wait untill your father finds us and we will ask him where the compas is
jackson: knows exactly what the an is taking about, He had heard stories from his mother on how 10 yeras ago his father had found a treasure and thats how they had the money to build their house on the island

Jack: were catching up
Liz: good I cant take this anymore its been too long, I dont understand, I thought by now most all pirates were out of these waters and we would not have anythreats
Jack: so did I Luv, wher is my compass, I need it, I need to see something,
Liz: goes into the captain cabin and gets the compass
Jack: Oh lord Remember when we had the compass before and it only pointed north when we wanted the treasure
Liz: yes
Jack: Its not pointing anywhere?
Liz: what
Jack: somethings not right
we see the Pirate ship and the pearl is gaining on them
Jack Finds a way to get over to the ship un noticed, looking for his son, he sees jackson in the brig,
Jackson: Dad, you found me
Jac: son Im captain Jack Sparrow
Jackson: yea yea dad thats old get a new saying
Jack: you want out of here ?
Jackson: he says he needs your compass t find the rose treausre
Jack: i knew it, I had a feeling
man: hello Jack
Jack : Captian Dasani, how in the world
Captain dasani: nevermind that: I need your compass, its the only way I can find the treaure I am looking for, Ill trade your son for it,
Jack: ok you can have it
Captain dasani: well that was easy
Jack: no treasure can ammount to what my son means to me, now our bargain- let him go
Captain dasani: very well
Jack and Jackson run for the pearl: Liz hugs her son dramatically and they sail home for the Sparrow island

Jackson: Dad why did you give them the compass so easily, why did you not fight for it:
Jack : 2 reasons: your my son I would trade anything to have you bcak
2nd: Capatin dasani does not need only my compass, he needs a certain neclace in the shape of a rose compass to unlock the treausre hell never find that!!
ABi over hears this and is in shock
the rose compass neclace is what she took from the treaure 10 years ago and left it with her daughter at the orphanage
ABi: to herelf : Oh my God - Isabella

Abi: Captain! we need to find Isabella! She's in danger

Alex: Abigail, you know as well as I do, that she's been adopted and the odds of finding her are remote.

Jack: Well for the time being seeing as the captain doesn't realize he's short a few trinkets we'll lay low, if anything's amiss we'll head straight back to port royal and scower the shores till we find her

Abi: *tears in her eyes* do you promise

Jack: *laughs* of course on me honor as pirate, we'll find the lass when the time comes, oh Liz love, why don't you take young Jackson to be cleaned up some

big grin

i like it...please keep going

6 years have passed and there has been no threat from Captain Dasani and his evil crew: things seem normal as ever: Jackson is now 16 and dreams of freedom on the open water: Jack and Elizabeth of course understand because they have both felt the same way before:

Jackson: Father, seems as though I should be able to go on an adventure of my own by now, I am responsible and you can trust me with the pearl
Jack: Son, I don't think your ready, plus captain dasani may still be lurking and looking for that treasure
Jackson: (sighs and unfortunately understands the situation, you see Jackson is just like his father, good looking and extremely smart and very witty.)Very well
Jack: I tell you what: your mother is going to Port Royal today for food and supplies for the month: why don't you accompany her, getting off this island may do you good
Jackson: OK, Sounds good

Aboard the Pearl on the way to Port Royal:
Liz: Jackson whats troubling you?
Jackson: I don't think dad trust me to be a man
Liz: thats not it, he just wants to protect you as long as he possibly can thats all.
Jackson: but I want more than this, I want freedom and the open waters and, endless horizons
liz: (thinking to herself, wow Jackson is truly just like his parents, Jack and I both wanted the same things out of life)
Scene fades and takes us to a hose in port Royal:

Isabella: Of father I wish you understood how I feel, there has got to be more out there than Port Royal: I crave adventure and I want to find my biological parents
Isabella's father: I do understand! I just wish I could help you find you parents, I have no knowledge of their whereabouts, I am terrible sorry darling(walks away to find his wife sitting in the living room having tea)
father: Darling my heart is troubled, Isabella wants nothing more than to find her parents I wish we could help:
Wife: James norrington your the kindest man Ive ever known( come to find out Norrinton and Jacky are the couple who adopted Isabelle so many years ago)
Norrigton: and you Jacky are the reason I am still alive, you give me reason and propose: we have to help Isabella, I feel this weird connection whenever I look at her, Its almost like shes truly part of our family, like she belongs her, strangely Ive always thought she favors Abi, her eyes have the same look as Abi's did when she wanted to marry Alex so many years ago:
Jacky: she does belong here James, shes part of this family, by blood or not we will always love her!

in Isabella's room
Isabella: takes the compass rose Necklace and places it around her neck, looks in the mirror, I wish I knew about my parents, about my past, one day I will find out where I came from and find my place in this world

Chiki Mina
i wish i could help but im lost lol

haha I am sorrysad getting too complicated?
we are at the point where Isabella and Jackson are about to meet for the first time
they dont know it yet but the both crave the same thing Jackson craves freedom and Isabella craves freedom and to find her parents
Come to find out Norrington and Jacky were the couple who adopted Isabella from the Orphanage 15 years ago.
big grin

Chiki Mina
oo yea i know what ur talking about now i remember me and sailor leo talking about an rp with this girl named jackie, daughter of alex and isabell...i think lol

Isabella is the daughter of Abi and Alex
her name was Jacqueline but Leo changed it to Isabella because Jackson and Jacqueline would be confusing laughing out loud
as if its already not confusing laughing

Chiki Mina

lol i got confused sad

At Port Royal

Liz: Jackson darlin, I'm just going to pick up some supplies, why don't you go have a look around port royal eh? *trying to let him explore*

Jacks: *he grins*

Liz: Just try to stay out of trouble

Jacks: What's the fun in that *he laughs and runs off in the opposite direction of where they were heading.

Norrie's Mansion

Isabella decides she doesn't want to stay in the house she wants to get out and have some fun which usually involves a late night swim she climbs out onto her patio on the second floor and slides down the pole onto her porch and runs off into the direction of town.

Isa: I wish there was some clue to this thing *Isabella busily inspects her necklace, it was a pretty thing a compass rose with blue ribbon, she doesn't pay attention to where she's going and collides into a boy

Jacks: Oy! Whatch where you're going you crazy wench! *he picks him self up Isabella is tryign to get her bearings*

Isa: Oh, my gosh, I'm sorry sorry I didn't see you there *she blushes in her stupidity. Jackson helps her up*

Jacks: Well at least you're a looker *Isabella blushes more. HE notices her necklace and her eyes widen* Where did you get that? *he touches her necklace*

Isa: My parents gave it to me

Jacks: WHERE ARE THEY! *he snaps she looks down*

Isa: I don't know, for all i know they're already dead

Jacks: *rolls his eyes and grabs your hand* You're coming with me then

Isa: No I'm not! *she strugles but he drags her along* HELP! Help, somebody! Help, rape!!!!! *in her commotion ELizabeth and Norrington rush to the aide of the shouting girl*

i love they way he askes her where did you get that,
Just how Jack asked Liz in POCT1 where she got the medallion

*blushes* thanks

Norrington: isabella!!!!
Liz: James(looking really puzzeled)
Norrington: Liz, what in the world?( Jackson and Isabella stand staring at the Norrington and Liz looking really confused)
Liz: what are you doing here
Norrington: Apparently saving my daughter from this kid
Liz: your daughter? and that my son!Not just some kid thank you
Norrington: your son?
Jackson walks to Norrington to shake his hand, I am Jackson sir pleased to meet you
Isabell: to Liz, I am Isabella norrington, pleased to meet you
Liz: Likwise
Norrie: whats going on here(to Jackson and Isabella)
Isabella: I dont know father he just grabbed me and said I had to come with him
liz: Jackson Christopher Sparrow!!!
Jackosn: Mom its not what you think, I swear! Look at her necklace!
Liz: Oh dear Lord
Norrie: what???
Liz: Ill explain on the ship, we have to set sail for Sparrow Island right away
Norrie: what, why, whats going on here
Liz:no time to waste we must leave now!!

on the side of the building we see two men listening to the entire conversation:
Pirate : ah so we have finally found the missing Compass Rose Necklace
Pirate: we must return to the Captain!
Pirate : captain dasani will be wanteing to know of this starteling development!!

duh du dun!!!!!!! lol

we are so good at this we need to send our scripts to T and T

i guess im up eh?

looks that way Unless someone else wants to have a go at it smile

On the Pearl with Isabella and Norrington in tow...

Abigail and Alex are on deck flirting with each other to occupy the time till Elzabeth came back

Liz: Abigail, I brought you something. *Abi turns to Liz and notices a girl of about 16 years standing next to Jackson and her father. she notices the necklace, begins to cry and runs toward her daughter*

Abi: Oh, Isabella, I missed you si much *she hugs her. Isabella's confused

Isa: Who are you? and how do you knw my name? *she finally notices her mothers necklace* Mother?

Abi: *she lets go of isabella and wipes a tear* Mmhmm *she nods and points to Alex* and this is your father. he in turn runs up to hug her*

Isa: I don't believe it! It's a miracle *she smiles but James looks down*

Isabella cant believe what she is hearing, she is overwhelmed with joy, she beings to cry, she looks over at her father and says
Isabella: I want you to meet my father:
Abi and Alex look at each other puzzled
Isabella: grabbing Norringtons Hand, this is my father: James Norrington
Abi Looks up, cant believe her eyes, father?
Norrington: I had no idea this was your daughter, Jacky and I went to the Orphanage when we found that jacky could not have children on her own, we felt an instant connection to her
ABi: I am so happy, I cant believe that you adopted my daughter
isabella: so your really my grandfather?
Norrie: I am
Jackson: to Liz: I am not related to isabella right?
Liz: No son
Jackson: YESSSSS
Liz: Jackson
Jackson: what look at her, shes beautiful
Liz: just like your father

Jack walks up to see what the commotion is about
Jack: whats going on here
Norrington: family reunion apparently
Jack: what are you doing here?
Norrington: you deaf, just told you
Jack: its just that I havent seen you in years, though you must be dead or something
Norrie: so you'd hoped, I'm sure
Jack : no mate its good to see you (smiles the sparrow smile)
Liz: this is Isabella, she is the daughter of Abi and Alex and the adopted daughter of Norrington, who is really her grandfather
jack: looking confused, well thats interesting, and a bit confusing
Jackson: how can we keep her safe
Norrinton: what ? safe , what do you mean
jack leads Norrington into the the sparrow home and say
Ill explain it to you over some rum mate.

Jackson turns to isabella: would you like to go for a walk
belle: sure id love to
they turn and walk down the beach, Liz and abi watch as they walk away
scene fades

this is AWSOME

on sparrow island Isabella and Jackson are walking down the beach together, the sun is setting beautiful evening
Isabella: (hold the rose compass charm in her had, smiling) quite a day huh
Jackson: yes mam, I never expected something like this to happen, you know your parents have been looking for you for years, your mother even went back to the orphanage a year later and you had already been adopted
Isabella: and come to find out I was adopted by her father, this is all so amazing, so hard to fathom
Ive wanted nothing but to meet my parents for as long as I can remember
Jackson: well it seems your dream has come true luv
Isabella: so it would seem

back at Liz and Jacks house, Abi, Alex, Norrington, Jacky, Liz and Jack are all having rum and filling Jacky and Norrie in on whats going on
Norrie: well Mr Sparrow, what should we do to keep her safe, shes my daughter(pausing, because he realized what he had said, shes not really his daughter anymore, Jacky reacher for his hand
Jacky: Its ok Dear
Liz: YOu know we havent had any more trouble out of Captain Dasani and his crew for over 6 years maybe he's forgotten?
Jack: Dont count on it , were not safe yet luv

back on the Beach with Jackson and Isabella
Isabella: Jackson, what did your mom mean when she said how do we keep her safe?
Jackson: Its a really long story, but you ned to know it
Jackson fills her in on what had happend to him when he was 10,about the compass, and how Captain Dasani wants to find the Rose Treasure, he tells her about the Necklace
Isabella: oh Jackson, what will we do, what if he comes after us, do you think he knows I have the compass rose necklace?
Jackson: I do not think he knows, lets hope he dosent that is???

out is the shallows we see two heads popping up out of the water, listening to the conversation between Jackson and Isabella, these two figures seem to be mermaids, but far less beautiful than you would expect a mermaid to be, they stare at the two teen on the beach and smile a smirkish grin, the heads dissapear and the scene fades

Isabella: Did you hear something?

Jacks: No, not a thing *he hears the splashing of water and pretends not to be nervous*

Bella: Maybe we should get back to the ship

Jacks: Yeah, that sounds like a plan

the run back to the pearl

they run to the pearl and notice that no one is aboard, so they run into the house:
Jack stands as they enter the room
Jack:whats going on
bella: we just got a little spooked, we heard something in the water, and it scared us
Jackson: it scared you , you mean
Isabella gives Jackson the evil eye,
lIZ: OK, obvioulsy water is not a sfe place to be right now so you all are staying here for the night (talking to Norrie, Jacky, and Bella)
Jacky: are you sure Liz, we dont want to impose
Liz: we have plenty of room, I think when Jack builtthis house he though we were going to have a huge family
Jack grins and shrugs his shoulders, never too late to try again luv
Liz: gives jack a look as if she is intersted but she will have to think about that later smile Jckson: will you show Isabella to the guest suite
JAckson: sure

walking downa long hall the kids come to a room, Jack opens the door and leads bella into the room
Bella: Thank you: (sharply)
Jackson: Whats wrong?
Bella I am just a little, nothing
Jackosn: what?/
Bellasad tries to bite her tounge) I am just a little scared thats all, lets a tear fall down her cheek, she tries to be strong, but its been a tough day and all the emotion is overwhelming her
Jackson (takes her hand and hold is lightly) It will be ok Isabella, I promise I wont let enything happen to you, I promise you that!
Isabella (looks up they are face to face, Jackson wipes a tear from her face, it looks as though they are about to kiss when jack walk around the corner)
Jack: awehhhh (looks really shocked) sorry mate, I didnt realize, time to go
Jackson: will you be alright alone
Bella: I think so, dont go too far though, I feel safe with you
Jackson kisses her cheek and exits the room

In Jack and Liz's room
Jack: Ok dearie seems that our son has taken a liking to miss isabella, cought them about tokiss
Liz: really
Jack: yes, made me think about how bad I want to kiss you
Liz: really
Jack: Liz, I want to ask you something, do you want to have another baby, I loved having a baby, I know it may not be the time but we can practice cant we
Liz: (has a look about her that jack recognizes) well jack all I have to say is
Persuade me:

It's the middle of te night every one is sound asleap, out of no where a sweet voice is heard that wakes up Isabella, it's music, lovely music which Isabella finds irresitable. She leaves the house to find where the music is coming from. She sees to lovely creatures in the water

Creature: Come play with us

Another One: Yes come play the water's ever so nice

Isabella has seen to have gone into a trace, she does as she's obeys and goes into the water. The creatures encircle her blowing kisses and being EXTREMELY friendly

Creature: Aren't you having fun?

BELLA: yes, much fun *toneless*
the two creatures bite her neck and drag her into the water

ok now I have to get to work hehehe

keeping it alive, although I need to finish 5.

jackson christopher depp?
using johnny's middle name are we shannstar?

great job you guys!

5 is finshed sorry its good tho cuz i finished it b4 reading dis n its a miracle hallelujah! it all ties 2 gether yAH! i luv dis story guys keep going plz ur all terrific n talented writers! smilesmilesmilesmilesmile

you dhould definitely continue

y id stuff it up my post/scripts i did on potc 5 script were horrible thank god tee_pirategirl + sailorleo + jacky + shannstar + others were there 2 fix it i really shouldnt of written they were really bad sad



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that was great really! stop selling yourself short!

Originally posted by mmoviejunkie
jackson christopher depp?
using johnny's middle name are we shannstar?

great job you guys!

yep hehehe couldnt help myself smile

great job everybody!!
This is turning into a GREAT story

Isabella awakens to find herslf in a place she has never seen before, shes scared, cold, wet, and has a pounding head ache, she thinks to herself, she knows exactly whats happend, shes been kidnapped for the Rose Compass necklace, she reaches down to her chest only to find the necklace is gone
Captian Dasani: you wont be finding your necklace if what you be looking for young missy
Isabella : (the voice startles her she didnt know anyone else was in the room) why are you keeping me her, you have the necklace, why cant you take me back to shore?
Captian Dasani: mmmm lets just say its matter or leaverage (smiles at her and walks out of the room, leaves her alone and scared
Isabella: they will come for me!!!
Captain Dasani: (walking out the door)Yes I know dear, thast all part of the plan

ABoard the Pearl
ABi: Alex I am so worried, what it
Alex: try not to fret dear, were going to do everything we can
Norrington: yes Abi, try and relax I know its hard. you both do know how to handle a sword right?

Inside the Captain's cabin
Jack and Liz are reviewing charts and trying to figure what their next move is, Jackson stares out a port hole
Jackson: father! tell me something, how much do you know about this Rose treasure?
Jack: son, its the trasure of Captain Morgan, every Pirate in these waters has at some point been on a quest to find it, as far as I know we were the only ones sucessfull of finding said traesure, once the tresure was opened, it can never be reopened without the pair of compass rose necklaces that we took from the treasure years ago: Abi has one, and she gave the other to Isabella, One is useless with out the other
Liz: so they will be comming after ABi as well
Jack: Aye, unless they do not know about the second necklace
Jackson: alright so where do we start, where are we heading, to the treausre sight right?
Jack: thats the problem, rememeber the compass I traded for you 6 years ago, we must have that to find the treasure
Jackson: its hopless then
Jack: No son nothing is ever hopless, we will kind it, and rescue Isabella
Liz: keep your head up son, your father knows what he is doing I assure you(smiles at Jack)
Jackson: lets hope so, some one I care deeply about is in danger
Walks out the door onto the Deck of the Peal
Jack and Liz stare at the door as it closes behind jackson
Jack: well, now that we know how he feels, back to work

ooohhh....good stuff....man it's gonna be a pain in the ass getting her back...lol

Originally posted by sailorleo
ooohhh....good stuff....man it's gonna be a pain in the ass getting her back...lol

hehehe true that, but we can do it smile

I'm so loving this I'm thinking of working up my courage and writing something after a few more scenes...and surfchikpir8fan? don't say that u don't write good cause you totally do...it's really great ALL OH YOU GUYS

Originally posted by tee_pirategirl
I'm so loving this I'm thinking of working up my courage and writing something after a few more scenes...and surfchikpir8fan? don't say that u don't write good cause you totally do...it's really great ALL OH YOU GUYS
Thanks glad u like it, feel free to write whenever!! put yourtwist on it go ahead!!
big grin

It is night time on Dasani's ship, Isabella is locked in the captains office. She scurries about the room to find something that could help her escape. She finds nothing and when she is about to give up she spies sometihng out of the corner of her eye. It is a compass. The compass, but Isabella doesn't know that. She picks it up and opens it.

Bella: This doesn't point north! What type of compass is this? *she looks at the bottom and notices it's been engraved JS.* Jaskson? *she thinks for a moment and blushes* NO! Isabella don't be stupid, this can't be his...wait...the captain, captain sparrow, this must belong to him. I wonder if he needs it. She walks over to the port hole which is dangerously close to the water. She runs back to the desk and breaks apart a chair using its back to hold the compass in the ocean. She lets it free and prays that it returns to its master

love it

the next morning aboard the pearl Jackson is up looking out into the water, he hasent slept all night, Jack and liz are still frantically looking over charts
Liz: Jack I hate to say this but I think this may be hopeless, with out the compass we are never going to find the treasure
Jack: I know luv, we just have to keep trying to find a way
all of a sudden we hear Jackson yelling: MOM/ DAD COME QUICK
Jack and Liz run out of the captains cabin and see Jackson frantically trying to reach into the water
Jack: son, what re you doing
Jackson: there is something in the water,
Jack: here use this, hands him a sort of net to help him pull up the object
everyone including Abi, Norrington, Alex, and Liz are looking over the boat to see whats happening, just as jackson puts the net under the compass we see the hadd of a mermaid pop up, she tries to grab the compass but she is too late Jackson has it aboard the ship: everyone is startled by this mermaid and jumps back from the side of the boat
making sure jackson is ok, liz looks inside the net
Jack: Oh my Lord
Liz: Jackson, do you know what this is, its the compass we need to find the treasure site
jack: how in the world did it get here, back to us, after all this time
and what the hell was that thing trying to grab it in the water ?
Jackson: That was a member of Captain dasani's crew she kidnapped me 6 years ago while swimming, and I am certain she is who kidnapped Bella
Abi: Captain, we must set said for that island with all haste
Jack: no need to worry dear, Liz and I are already on it

Jackson stands at the side ofthe pearl looking out into the water
talking out loud, but to himself,
Were comming Isabella, I know you sent the compass on a journey to find us, and now were comming for you

Aboard Dasani's ship Isabella still locked it the room, hears the sound of someone entering the room
Captain Dasani: whats going on dearie
Isabell: Please address me as Miss Norrington, not dearie
Dasani: mmm I wont be stain long missy, just came in for my compass
Bella's eyes get real big and she realizes he left the door open behid him, he turns his back to her and begins looking for his compass, he starts to frantically look for it, he turns quickly to ask her
Dasain: you girl, where is me compass
Only to find Isabella is gone

Isabella runs towards the top of the ship nearly making it before she is knocked unconscious by a member of the crew. Dasani quickly follows

Dasani: Good work *he grabes her and pulls her back to his cabin and chains her up...hours later she wakes up*

Isabella: Damn

Dasani: *pulls out his cutlass and poises it at her throat* What did you do with my compass dearie

Isabella: *spits on him*

Dasani: I'm only going to ask nicely once more. WHAT DID YOU DO WITH MY COMPASS!

Isabella: I don't know what you're talking about sir *curtly* *dasani smacks her with the sword and she bleeds*

Dasani: You're in an extremely compromising position, my suggestion to you is than you do not do anything to compromise yourself anymore

Isabella: Meaning what, CAPTAIN.

Dasani: Meaning I can do just about what I damn well please, so what do you think about telling me what you did with my compass! *he gets up and prepares to leave* you have one hour before i make you suffer a most unprecidented fate. *he leaves*

I amleaving work It will have to be a cliffhanger unless anyone else wants to take a shot?
Tee Pirate girl
now is your chancesmile

soo pirate girl...go ahead and write if you want to

ok thanks I think I'll have a go with it....
in jack's cabin: jack- oh I MISSED this compass...I mean it was silly how that compass pointed north eh?
lizzie and jack are both working on some charts..they've already pointed out the heading to gibbs and now they're trying to find out WHERE they're exactly headed to.
lizie nodds in jack's response.
jack-this don't seem right...why's dasani doing around in a circle? he's starting at one point and ending at the same..what could tha mean?
lizzie-are you sure that's what you want most?
jack-what I want most is jackson's happiness and what makes him happy is belle so we will conclude that what I want most is finding and or saving miss norrington.
liz nodds agian as jackson comes in the cabin.
jackson-any luck?
lizzie-well we have no trouble FINDING them but it's a bit fishy that they're only going around in a circle instead of heading for the treasure...maybe we should wait to..
jackson-I'm not waiting..belle's in danger I'm SURE she sent the compass to us and for that she is in even more danger savvy?
lizzie- you're like your dad now aren't you? not very patient eh?but we do that we'll have to fight them...
jackson-not if we have the proper leverage.
at that liz and jack both chuckle.
jack-like father like son.very well than set out to find them.
jackson-than what?
jack smiles devilishly-it requires all of you to trust me..I have a plan!
liz and jackson-don't you always?

back in dasani's ship
capt'n-your time's running out missy! you better talk before i loose me temper or I'll...
belle-or you'll what? you still need me you can't hurt me..
capt'n-why can't I?
belle smiles knowingly- I know more than you think I do... you still need me and you know it...so it's me who has the upper hand not you..you must offer me a bargain which I can't refuse in exchanfe for the location of your preciouse compass.
capt'n-is tha so? well what about your freedom?first of all you don't have the compass with you so...
belle cuts him off_but I know where it is!
capt'n-very well..your freedom for my compass.
belle-my freedom AND the rose compass for your compass.
capt'n-now that's just pushing your luck ain't it?
belle-maybe...maybe not!

Dasani: I think it is, you need to be put in your place, very dangerous thing for a women to not know where her place is in this world. *he gets dangerously close to her face smelling her hair Bella tries to swat him away but she can't, she gets nervous He looks at her with hungry eyes* I smell fear *cocky* *he jerks her head back and forcefully kisses her. He throws her on the bed, he stands up and leaves*

Belle: *screams, then begins to cry*

on the pearl

Jacks: *passes* She's in danger i know it...*he sighs* Dammit father, can't we move this any faster? *he shouts*

Jack: Son, were going as fast as possible, the Pearl is the fastest in the Caribbean you know
Jackson walks over to the edge of the railing, and sees something in the distance:
Jackson: DAD Come quick
Jack runs over
Jackson: whats that over there
Jack pulls out his spy glass, takes a look a nd confims
thats Dasanis ship, were cathing up
Jackson: ok lets get a plan of action together: I go aboard and find Isabella, you mom and Mr Norrington can fight off the crew and Captain Dasani: (Jackson pauses because he knows his father wont want him to go aboard Captain Dasani's ship for fear he may be hurt)
Jack: I think thast a great plan son, Ill have your back the whole way, you can count on me
Jackson: (smiles, and realizes its happened, his father trust him to be a man ): alright then to the long boat

Inside dasani's cabin
Isabella frantically crying, she looks up and realizes she MUST find a way out of here, there must be a way, she canntot let this man strip of her of her innocence, because he will if something dosent happen soon
Isabella not knowing the pearl is catching up begins to look for a way out
suddenly the door open and two men walkin
Pirate 1 : its time missy
Pirate 2 :come along dear we dont have allday
Belle: where we going?
Cpatian Dasain walks in behind them: oh your going to open this treasure with you compass necklace
isabella starts to fret a bit because she knows she cannot open the treasure with out both necklaces and her monther has the other one
Isabella: follows without saying a word

Jack:It looks like they have taken to their long boat we must be here at the treasure site, were going to need ABi to come along
Abi: with pleasure Captain

(sits down in the long boat with the look of readiness in her eyes
Jak Rows the boat to the shore line, every one gets off with their swords and weapons
Liz: I sure hope I remember how to do this Its been so long Jack
Jack: darling your a pirate, it will all come back to you believe me: be carefull I know you can hold your own but be carefull anyway
Liz: you know I will
Jack leads everyone into a long cave at the mercy of his ever so trusted compass, there is loud commotion at the end of the cave, we see Captain Dasani and his crew, we pan to the left and see isabella dressed like a princess sitting in a throne with the look of fear in her eyes
Captian Dasani: when this treasure is opened, we will live like kings and Miss isabella you will be my queen
Jackson: (looks at jack,) dad we have to do something,NOW
jack : son you know me were waiting for the opportune moment

Captain dasani: bring forth the Necklace
Isabella gets up and takes the Neclace to Captain dasain
Captian dasani forcfully grabs the neclace and places it in its rightfull place, noticing it dosent fit like it should,and the treasure does not open
Captain dasani: whats going on here, whats the meaning of this, youve had your chance missy, its time you talk or die you choose
I will kill you here and NOW if you don not explain
The entire crew draws their swords on Isabella, Captain Dasani grabs he by the throat, his clench gets tighter and tighter , she cant breathe

Jackson: is this the moment?????????????
Jack: YES
Just then we see ABi running towards Captain dasani
captain Dasani drops his hold on Isabella and she falls to the ground motionless and lifeless

Abi: She's not the one you want! It's me *runs up to the motionless bella* It's me..*sobs* *Dasani coldheartedly yanks off the necklace of Abi and tries hers on the key hole when it doesn't work he gets more angry and slaps her*

Dasani: Lyin' wench! Your's doesn't work either

Abi: *through tears* put them together *dasani is confused at this and inspects both of the necklaces, finally he notices that they interlock, he locks them and tries on the key once more, tihs time it does work and the treasure is revealed showing a reiculous amount f gold. he doesn't have much time to enjoy it before Jackson and Alex tackle him to the ground*

the struggle between Alex, jackson and Captain dasani is brutal, Liz is in the corner fighting a few pirates
Liz: ahhhh No need to worry if sword fighting ever left my blood, its alawys been here cant you tell(she asks the Pirate shes fighting just as she stabs the sword through his belly :Beat that says Liz
ABi rushes over to a lifeless Isabella lying on the ground, she tries t awaken her but its no good, nothing happens ABi begins to sob uncontrollably
jack and Norrington are fighting pirates and are winning, jack look overto see Liz kicking butt gives a sparrow grin and then rushes to help Jackson and Alex with Captain Dasani.
Jackson: Give up old man, your not going to win
dasani, I am not aye: at that moment he stabs alex and alex falls to the ground
jackson: you bastard, I am going to kill you, youve reeked havoch on the people Ilove for too long
Dasain: looks like you have no weapon, so how do you plan on killing me son, holds up the sword about to peirce it into jackson's heart
Liz NO
Jackson: Do not call me son, I am not your son
Jack steps in and stabs dasani from behind, dasani falls to the ground bleeding,dying
Jack: no old man, hes MY son
Jackson and Jack embrace in a hug,
Jack: I told you Id have you back son, I meant it
Jackson: where is she
Jack: points to Isabella on the grounds with ABi lying over her montionless body
Jackson: NOOOOO, runs over to where she is, please Belle, wake up, please,
ABi: I cant believe this we were too late, she takes the two rose compass necklaces that had become innertwinned and placed them around Bell's neck, Jackson reaches down and kisses her ever so lightlly
I love you he says softly
everyone is watching: Liz is crying and in Jacks arms, Alex is ok, Norrinton has gotten him up off the ground and has stopped the Bleeding from his wound
Jack: I am so sorry son
jackson: please , a tear falls from his cheek and hits the two necklaces
isabellas eyes open slowley
Isabella: why is eveyone crying
jackson: looking surprised grabs her andkisses her
Abi: Thank God
jackson: looks around eveyone is staring at them: would you all mind giving up a bit of privacy: jack looks disapointed but turns around
Isabella: you came after me, just like you promised
jackson: I promised Id not let anything happen to you
Belle: I love you jackson
jackson: I love you too (embrace in a kiss and turn leave)
everyone is still watching and has a look of love on their faces
Jackson: you guys come one, lets go
everyone begins towalk out of the cave
Jack: what luv
liz: well the treasure, what do we do with it
Jack: has a eveil sparrow grin, are you thinking what I am thinking luv
Liz: you know I am

Jack: Back to the Pearl

On the pearl the crew is celebrating with their new treasure, having a grand ole time drinking and hooting and hollering. Jack is teaching Jackson and Isabella how to twirl coins between your fingers. out of the corner of her eye Liz also watches trying to master the technique. Jacky and Norrington are flirting playfully in the corner. Jacky is very drunk.

Jacky: You know whatsh EIRONNIK (ironic) about dish (this) ? Ish dat Jackshon and Bur-rella are cousins....*she laughs and takes a drink. Isabella hears thins and thinks a moment and recoils in horror*

Isabella: Excuss me sirs, I have to excuse myself *she uns to the outside to get a bit of fresh air. Jackson looks concernd and Elizabeth takes Isabella's place at the table

Liz: *a little smashed* LOOK JACK! I Can do it! *she tries twirling the coin it makes it past the first two fingers than falls into Jack's lap, giggling she picks it up* Sorry love,

Jack: No, feel free to do that again mate, *he takes a swig with rum while twirling the coin in his other hand*

jackson runs after Isabella
darling whats wrong
Belle: you cant call me darling anymore
Jackson: what, why not, But I love you
Belle: didnt you hear my step mom says we are ralated ao we cant be together(she starts to sob,)
Jackson: (takes her hand) Isabella, nothing can come between us and the love I have for you
Belle: jackson, it wont work the same blood runs through our veins
Jackson: thats what I am trying to tell you dear, no it dosent, we wre related by marriage, we are not blood related
belle: (looks up, at Jackson ) are you telling the truth
Jackson: every word Love(smiles the sparrow smile)
isabella: I want to be with you
Jackson: I want to be with you too, we have our whole lives to be together, lets take it slow, i want to know everything about you, the things you hate , the thing you love, everything there is to know I want to know
They embrace for a passionate kiss

back on the pearl the party is still buzzing
Abi: Alex Ihave an idea, I think we should live here on sparrow island that is if jack and Liz agree
Liz: I love that idea, (starting to feel a little dizzy liz sits down, she feels a little woozy), mmmm maybe I ought to lay off on the rum, must have had too much already
jacky: hahahahahah maybe your pregger sagain she says with a dunken laugh
jack looks at Liz:
Liz looks at jack
Jack: interesting: very interesting

dun dun dun cliffhanger YAH!!!!!!!!!!!! gr8 work guys i luv dis story/script


by morning everyone is waking up with headaches and hangovers, the pearl is about to Dock at Sparrow island jack is in the Captain' s cabin watching Elizabeth sleep

Jack: (thinks to himself, wow, could it be could my elizabeth be pregnant again, I love the idea of it and it would be the best thinng for our family) notices she is waking up

Liz: jack, morning love

Jack: morning to you dear, you need anything were about to be home any moment

Liz: I am fine, I have a bit of a head ache, but I am ok, Jack can I ask you something?

Jack: sure, anything

Liz: If I am pregnant again, are you going to be ok with it, I mean

Jack: (stopping her before she can finish her sentence) Elizabeth Sparrow you know how much my family means to me, I love the thought of having as many children as possible with you

Liz: throws her arms around jack, I love you more than you could ever know

Jack: I feel the same way darling

Gibbs: Land Ho

jackson walks out of his room and sees Sparrow Island in the distance, he goes to wake Isabella

Jackson: wake up Isabella

Isabella: Good morning

Jasckon: morining to you , you look beauitful

Isabella: Ive been sleeping, how can I look beautiful

Jackson, kisses her cheek, your always beautiful to me

Everyone starts to get off the ship, Isabella stars looking at sparrow island

Isabella: I do not want to go back to port Rpyal, I wsh there was a way I could stay here

ABi:Belle, your father and I are planning to build a house here on sparrow island, you are welcome to live with us here

Belle: really, (thinks of Norrington and rushes to his side) My mother has aked me to live with her, would you object

Norrington: isabella, I only want for you what makes you happy, I think you should stay here and get to know your parents, I will see you often, Port Royal isnt that far from here

belle: thank you, I will always love you, your alawya going to be my father, grandfather

Inside Sparrow Monnor everyone has gathered and of course the rum is being poured

Jack: Id like to make a toast, to family, to my family, to everyone here, you are all a part of my family, with out all of you, our family would be incomplete


Jack notices liz is not drinking rum, No rum tonight luv

Liz: nope, not tonight, and for the next 9 months or so

scene fades

woooooow that rocked and it was cool how liz made us sure of her pregnency! I LOVE it...

a few months have passed and the construction of Abi, Alex and isabellas house is well underway, they crew ofthe pearl ahve been working countless days and nights
it is evening, and everyone is gathered in Sparrow Mannor talking and laughing
Jackson and Isabella have walked out side to take a walk along the shore line
Jackson: I must admit, I am truly taken by you
Isabella: Oh Jackson, I am truly taken by you as well, I am so happy to be here with you and my family, and your family
Jackson: I cant wait to see what the future holds for us
Smiling at each other, they embrace and kiss you see the image of moonlight floating on the sea

back inside the house:
Jack is sitting in his chair of course drinking a bit of rum, Abi and Alex are in the living room with Jack sitting on the sofa talking,elizabeth exits the bathromms wiping her mouth
Jack: you alright luv
Liz: mm I am ok, just a bit of evening sickness I guess you would call it
jack: gross :sticks his tounge out sick
Abi: you know I cant believe things have worked out so well for all of us, weve all become such a close family
Jack: places a hand on Liz's belly, (she is about 3 months pregnat by now and shoing slightly) yes we are a family arent we
Liz: yes everything seems to be looking up and going well

Suddenly there is a knock at the door
Liz: Ill get it
Jack: you sure, I dont mind
Liz: i am ok, Ill get it

Liz walks to the door and opens it gently with a smile on her face, her smile slowly turns intoa concerned look with a bit on uncertanty, she looks closer at the person at her door
Liz: Kate is that you, what on earth,
Kate is standing at here door with tears streaming down her face, clothes torn and tattered, she look slike she has been through hell
Jack heres this and stumbless to the door
Jack: Oh kate its been so long, where s bloddy WIll( noticing Kate is crying, he stops talking and stars at her
Liz: Jack, sometings wrong, kate whats going on, why are you here after so many years
Kate: looks up at Liz and Jack tears falling, I had no where else to go, no one to turn to, everthing is worong, its all wrong, I need help
suddenly she falls to the ground and passes out

Alex and Jack Pick up kate a nd bring here into the living room,Liz makes her some tea
she is waking up and seems quite shaken
Jack: dear you must tell us what s going on
kate: they have got Will, he needs your help, please jack you and liz have to save him

Liz and jack look at each other
Jack: here we go again, always saving dear William

kate begins to tell everyone what has happened in the goveners Mansion and what has happened to will
Camera pans out of then home and outside, the fromt door iscloses being the camera, everyone is still in view but getting smaller
fade to black
ending music plays credits roll

after the credits

dark room, a man sits in a chair, bound and gagged, its Will,
he is bleeding from the head and has a look of fear but at the same time a look of madness about him
ecene ends with a big bang, cuts to a black screen

The End

can't wait til #7
hopefully i'll add some... smile

(love how you added the little scene after the credits)

there's going to be a seven then aye?

seven would be awsome!!
SOmeone else start this time and I will follow your lead smile

Originally posted by mmoviejunkie
can't wait til #7
hopefully i'll add some... smile

(love how you added the little scene after the credits)

thanks so much !!
I try , Its not as good of a story as what kate wrote back for POTC4 but I try smile

omg you guys im am like terriley sorry i havent been here this entire time this is like srsly woonderful

Originally posted by PIRATES=SEX
omg you guys im am like terriley sorry i havent been here this entire time this is like srsly woonderful

Thank u so much
we started 7 come join is
we need some more people to write smile

Great! But where did Will go?

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