The frigging DOG

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And I don't care what Disney choose to do with AWE I know I'm right about the dog and jack..IMO he's supposed to show you whats going on with the character of Jack..cuz Jack is an enigma on the surface and I doubt they would ever show you him showing his would be too much of a change...he's a character don't see them show their true emotions..but thats not to say Jack doesn't have them!

Movie 1.

the dog wont budge for anyone..they are trying to tempt him with a bone..he wont take it when there are lots of people around him..he has his keys..thats all he cares about.

Jack in movie 1 is very obsessed with his pirate/rock star image..he refuses to allow anyone to see him slip up and show his "weakness" to them..he pretends that all he needs in life are his material possessions and his image to keep him happy

Jack's line "you can do that all you want the dog is NEVER gong to move"

and the way he smirks when the men think he will

Oh then what do we see later?

we learn that the dog IS tempted to have that damn bone when its ONE person he WILL let hs guard slip (and who is he honest with on the beach later on?).,,he edges slowly...he wants love damn it..and he knows that its more important than his keys..and doing the right thing for that one person will REWARD him with what he wants..the bone..Instead the dog gets scared off like a coward and runs away clutching his keys.
..material objects, image etc

Then we see Jack run up grab his material things that "make him who he is" and there is a set of friggin keys underneath and the shot lingers..symbolic to the max

what do we see Jack do in movie 1? He clearly has Liz on the brain..there's that shot when he hears her say "this is where my heart lies (with Will) and then he looks depressed..spots the bird..realises his Pearl is coming and he gives Liz that quick glance and he's like "right I'm off pearl is better anyway!" Then we see him singing the song she taught him and smiling.he looks at his compass etc..he smirks and snaps it shut.. ..but would rather set off in the opposite direction with his image and material possessions..despite being infatuated with Elizabeth and how he met his match..she burned his rum

Movie 2??
friggin ties in with that ending^^ He's got Liz on his brain right from the start "why is the rum always gone" and what Ted said about the compass..pointing at her then away from her etc..Liz has been on his mind THAT long?

We see the dog again...he has made 2 friends and saved them from Jail but he still has those damn keys in his mouth..they are still the most important thing to of his friends is very affectionate towards him and has faith in him and the other doesn't care and is more interested in the spiritual side of things and immortality *cough will*

Jack cares for Liz and will...but he still is very much his old cowardly self..he wont do the right thing to get Elizabeth he still only thinks of him self (keys = material things/old way of life)

What do we see the dog do when he can see danger coming?

He ABANDONS them to be taken under by the wave

Jack abandons Elizabeth and Will to be taken under by the kraken on the pearl because all he cares about is himself mostly and he's still got that old way of life about him. (means much more to Liz who sees it and who has faith in him)

But doggie loses the keys in the water....

here in the water jack makes a choice

Next time we see the dog with no keys barking in the face of danger trying to protect his loved longer a coward

Jack does the right thing..he stops thinking of himself and goes to help Elizabeth blows the crap out of the Kraken no fear in the face of danger cuz he's fighting for someone he cares about not just himself..why be brave for those situations its usually th "flight" option one takes over and not the "fight" longer a "coward" as she said

If I saw a bunch of guys coming after me about to beat me up I would RUN cuz i only care about my own safety..if I saw a bunch of guys about to beat up someone I loved I would kick the crap out of them..this = Jack and how he sees Elizabeth..all the shots show this..that godlike one etc..the fact she's the only one who saw him leave and come back...means more to her than anyone else in the story..and it means more to him too that he's doing it for her..hence the sudden bravery.

Now the dog actually WAITS for everyone to get onto the ship and flee (jack would have stayed) he stands his ground and then diverts danger away from them..but one little thing happened to Jack that we didn't see happen to the anyway laughing out loud

Jack gets his reward..Elizabeth kisses him and even afterward shows she wants more...she's his little pirate..she is very much "his" now..

What did the dog have to do to gain the bone in movie 1?

He had to do the right thing, drop his cowardly way of life and help someone..only then can the dog be happy and have what a dog SHOULD have in life..a bone

next time we see the dog...he has that damn bone in his mouth and he is sitting there on Jack's old throne as a has something new to love and take care of now..and the dog WONT be eaten as long as he sits there and "plays the part"..he wont die

Jack has Elizabeth..something new to love and protect instead of himself and his material possessions "she's only a ship mate" - Jack Sparrow

Becket says "Jack sparrow will need to adapt to the new world or perish"...So if Jack sticks with elizabeth..he will stay the brave king and when danger faces him or her..he has a reason to live and be brave for himself..

BLAH! and its to end Will/Liz well blah is all I have to say..!!

I've never looked at the dog that way. I have to tell you something, in this collage in Sri Lanka, these people were taking the Movie Studies corse. They watched a movie with this political unrest and all that jazz, and in this one scene there was this guy on top of a rock, talking to his people about something {Forgot}.

Then this RED cart thing is pulled in the shot, it's not too far but close enough to see. It stays awhile then leaves.

The people that watched the movie and was in the corse made a presentation about it. They invited the director and the film makers and everything, the bloated about how they picked up on the symbolisim and stuff of the READ cart. That it represented the political unrest and bad things, then upon seeing the guy on the rock, it turned and left.

Confused, the director spoke. "No, not at all. The cart was in the shot by accident, we told them to get it out so they left after a while,"

True story.

A funny one, not meant as discouragment.


yeah LOL^^^

but IMO its so clear that Jack basically did that..Ted basically said that was the theme on boxofficemojo (jack worrying about changing for someone else)

and there is the fact that one of Ted and Terry's rules for script writing is "never kill the dog" (directors commentary for movie 1) which is basically the Jack character of their story..sure they add the dog in because its linked to the ride..gets a few laughs..but IMO they gave it a bit more depth than that.."never kill the dog"..."never kill Jack.".the dog mirrors him, everything he did in DMC and his personality IMO

too much to be a coincidence in my books..

Chiki Mina
think about this

that dog is actually an important character (yes an important character can u believe it) its true. that dog is one of the main characters of the ride of potc ride in disney. we definitely dont want the dog to die or not get what he wants.

same thing with jack. he is our main character. jack mirrors the dog. dog finally got what he wnated at the end which was the bone that sadly led him inot trouble, it was risk that he was willing to take now he has to find a way to get himself out of trouble and acheive to obtain his beloved bone.

with jack, he also got what he wanted. he got liz .he captured liz heart-he obtained it which also led him into trouble or "death". that was a risk he was willing to take and he has to find a way to get out and reclaimhis ultimate prize which is elizabeth.

The dog mirroring Jack is more than coincidence. Lovelyone you couldn't have said it better gives lovely a standing O clap

I'm thinking of getting my hopes for p3 back. Because they can't let this important part of the movie out. As if it didn't mean anything. It's so obvious that this dog plays an important part in the movie. I believe the writers are more intelligent than that.

AMEN TO THAT! HALLELUJAH! lol jkjk but yea thats so true! the dog definately plays andimportant part and definatley is an important character

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