The Kraken and Elizabeth

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Don't they just match up so much? Jack is terrified to face it cuz its gonna eat him..and he doesn't want to be brave and face up to it

At the same time he is terrified of facing up to Elizabeth. As if he doesn't want to kiss her just in case he falls hard for her and will make her an obligation in his life..he really does seem slightly afraid to kiss her..even when she basically leads him on he looks kinda scared.

The kraken comes face to face with Jack and he flees

Liz needs him and he flees

He decided to face up to it as a responsibility

At the same time he makes Liz one

Then Elizabeth basically kisses him as if she is trying to devour him I'm not kidding..he's trying to be all passionate and she is really trying to eat his goes in for another taste

The kraken comes back for another taste (looking like a giant.....) faces up to Jack..spews out a translucent gue all over him (totally not getting into that this time laughing out loud )

Then it EATS him and he lets it and says "not so bad" he's like come on then!..I'm ready to take you on

IMO he's ready and willing to take Liz on now...or at least I HOPE! in the next movie.

It kinda hints that Elizabeth is basically gagging to "kiss" Jack through out much of the movie.."she's chasing after him" laughing out loud

Chiki Mina
omg i jsut had pervi thoughts lol

like at the end of movie 1 he was rubbing wheel thingy of his ship lol

and now since the kraken is kind of like liz and all that crap mucus stuff gets out..ewwwww

come on kraken i can take u on/come on liz i can take u on baby


I know I really do think that was all one huge sexual implication from ed and Terry..about how that Kiss made elizabeth feel lmao

Ew, lubricated Lizzie.

Yeah, on a G-rated note, I really love how calm Jack is when the kraken's about to eat him. It really is as if he's made peace with the world. The tentacles are tearing the ship to pieces, its mouth is wide open and ready for a helping of Jack, and he just strolls over and puts on his hat, like Liz's kiss pacified him. It just seems like he's still in a daze even though he just freed himself from it.

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