Worlds end script???

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That's the trailer script

I found this on kttc no drought it will be deleted off there in a matter of second so i copied it , it sounds believable and oops the topic is worlds end trailer script not script lol.

OMG i cant wait!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I think once i see the trailer the idea will really sink in!!!

And according to this then we can probably strike out the idea of bootstrap killing Norrington!

Will gets mad at Elizabeth Yes!!

Do u think they'll add in "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" effects in this movie cause of sao feng!!!?? it seems like they might....hmmm!

lol that would be a sight i love this bit

"BOOTSTRAP" BILL sits at a campfire talking to someone OC.

BILL: I need to find him...he' son.

VOICE: You have a son?

BILL: Yes.

VOICE: I have a son as well. In these very waters. I'll help you find yours if you help uncover mine.

The owner of the VOICE leans into the fire and we see his face.

CAPTAIN GRANT "The Sea Sponge" SPARROW: Savvy?

I thought his name was Teague..this fathers name is Teague...not Grant

i think thats fake.

That does seem like its going to be a hott scene...i just cant wait to see Jack and his pops on screen!!! I heard only Liz gets to meet Jacks father!!!

Im almost pos its grant...

Originally posted by LovelyOne
I thought his name was Teague..this fathers name is Teague...not Grant

i think thats fake.

Where did you here his name was Teague?

Black Screen...

Slow fade up on "Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End"

The slow, scary music begins to build on the black screen, as we hear Keith Richard's voice in a dramatic voiceover:

"Long ago, the pirates of the Caribbean swore an oath to one another, that if their livelihood was ever threatened, they would meet to defend themselves at Worlds End..."

A brief shot of a crowd of pirates, weapons in hand, on a beach facing the ocean. Camera pans up to reveal an oceanful of ships-- the EITC's vast armada.

Now we hear Tia Dalma's voice:

"I cannot fight this battle for you."

Black screen fades to show Teague Sparrow next to Tia Dalma.

TS: All I want is to find my son...

Cut to shot of Davy Jones, aboard the Dutchman, speaking to Bootstrap.

DJ: So its your son whose sworn to kill me, is it? Does he also know that the man who kills me will be cursed to follow my destiny?

Cut to a shot of William, fingering the knife his father gave him, then a brief shot of him pushing Elizabeth away.

We hear Beckett's voice...

B: I see it as destiny, Governor Swann. Jack Sparrow wasn't always a pirate, you know...

Brief shot of Jack Sparrow, younger, dressed as a Captain of an EITC ship...

Cut to shot of Barbossa, speaking to Jack.

Barbossa: I never thought you would have such an obvious weakness, Jack... (grins wickedly)

Brief shot of Elizabeth, hurling the compass into the ocean...

Black screen, as we hear Jack's voice:

Jack: So you haven't heard the WHOLE legend of Captain Jack Sparrow? (brief shot of Jack grinning in firelight)

Sequence of very quick shots:

A shipful of slaves on fire in the Atlantic

Governor Swann signing something as Beckett holds a gun to his head

Jack pushing Elizabeth towards Sao Feng

Will standing beside Tia Dalma, weeping

Norrington dressed as admiral of a ship, standing behind Beckett

Davy Jones smashing the locket

Elizabeth fighting Sao Feng with an asian sword

Gibbs reading something outloud on the deck of a festively decorated ship

Tia Dalma bending over a motionless Elizabeth

Will, Jack, Barbossa, and Norrington standing in a line, drawing their swords in unison...

Suddenly the screen goes black...

Tia's voice: When you know what you want, you have a choice to make... what makes you think you can make the right choice?

Shot of Jack, grinning

Jack: I'm Captain Jack Sparrow. Savvy?

Black screen...

Prepare yourself for the final adventure...

May 2007

this one seems a bit more accurate

hmm thats weird i found this on our forum but it doesent look like our forum.....

Chiki Mina
oh man u dont know how many times ppl posted that trailer me a headache already.

OMG I DoNT EvEN Know what to say!!! Thats hot...motionless liz....festive ship...Jack as a young person (not a pirate, hard to imagine)...obvious weakness...guess they're going back to the begininng...i love the part where will, jack, Barbossa, and Norrington draw their swords in cant hardly wait!!

but i guess i just have to wait and see which trailer is true!!

neither can i lol although all our pirate fam has already had a discussion about this one...

really i guess i wasnt there then...sad

Chiki Mina
omg...where did u get this. uhg everyone has spoiler-finding abilities but me >_<

It's from an OLD thread here.

Chiki Mina
man where have i head was flushed in the toilet or something.

um never mind pretend I never said anything

I just read that Tom Sawyer Island at the Disneyland park might be transformed into a PIRATE ISLAND with animatronic LIZ and WILL maybe Jack!! And that if it happens its going to be ready in time for the POTC 3 premiere...w0o0o000o which means that the Premiere is gonna be in CALI again...w0o0o0o cause they were talking bout the CALI DISNEY!!! Yessss me soooo there!!! Who's with me!!

Chiki Mina

oh lovely one when did u get in here smile

Its all fake, i know becuase i have my sources.

i cae here earlier saying it was Teague sparrow and its confired that by KttC

so I think the first script is fake..and the second one is too apparently, they were both posted on KttC and removed cuz they speak to "insiders" and they were confirmed fakes

Chiki Mina
maaannnn!!! thats it im gonna wait for the trailer plain and simple!!! just 2 more months till the dvd comes with the trailer in it!!!

not gonna believe anymore crap.aaarrrg i could use some aleve pills and rum right about now!


ahhhhhh these scripts r mad i hope theyre true ahhhhh dis is scary those that remember in our potc 5 script thread that we were making up, i wrote in2 da script that jack threw his compass ova board then i find out liz does this in this script ahhhhhhh this is scary i should take ova tia dalmas job lol just kidding but wow how kool is that i luv these scripts i hope theyre da real thing lol!

here in the central time zone of America...
its two months and one hour until the dvd comes out...

im pretty damn excited kids! too bad its in the middle of study days for finals... i'm still gettin it! haha

I'm in Central Time! YAY!!!!

Only one month till the trailer comes out... because it will be with the santa clause moviesmile

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