One day With Jack/Will

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Jack of Blades
Ok so im very borred so il make this tread.If you woud have lets say a day and you coud spend it with Jack or Will WHo and What will you do?
Please post fast im so borred

JACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I-I-I don't know what I'd do.....

Jack of Blades
oh come now there must be someting you must want to do with him

Hmmm....well,Jack+car=A very scared

I don't know,I'd make it up as I went.

ok here is story
Aday with captain Jack Sparrow
I arrive at the Doc and climb aboard the Black Pearl, Jack has agreed to take me for a ride and show the the Caribbean, we sail, Its Lovley, very romantic actually,jack of course has already had a half a bottle of Rum by 8:00 am
the crew docs the boat and we get off on a island, Jack says I have a surprise foe you dearie
we go into a cave where I see all this treasure, he tells me can have whatever I like
so I find this all facinating and go looking about and I find a few things that I fancy and Jack says they are fine I can talke them with me

we climb aboard the pearl and go back to the doc where i met him earlie thtat morning
I say
Jack i have a surprise for you if you dare to come with me, you will have to ride in my car
Jack: Car can I bring me rum
me: No you cant, sorry luv'
Jack : Ok ill get it a try
so we leave the doc and head to my car, Jack looking a little scared gets in and sits there, I take off Jack screaming, calm down, youll be ok, Please you can fightoff a Kraken but you cant ride in a car,
Jack: well well arent you a smartie
give him a grinsmile
we drive for a hour or so while singing a pirates life for me
whe finally arrive at our destination:
jack: where are we whats the surprise, all I see is a bloddy rum factory
ahhhhh ohhhh aaahhhhhh oohhhhhh A RUM FACTORY, Screaming, Jack jumps out of the car and runs for the gate Runs in proceedes to drink so much rum its unbelievebe, jack looks like he is in heaven! we decide to leave and go back to my place, cant tell you the rest, it could get ugly smile hehheheh

silly I know but Fun smile

Jack of Blades
Atleast it was interesting to read.Looks lioke im not gona die of boredrom today.Yipee

hey I tried to help ya out smile hehehe

Jack of Blades
thx well anybody else its interesting to read this.But please dont right novels okay?

thats about as long as Ill go and it was still kinda long smile

Jack of Blades
Yes but atleast idoesent take me hal an hour to read it

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