Crazeee dream about awe

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Last night i had a crazy dream about awe

I'm guessing it was the ending because Lizzie was in a long velvety looking dress. Anyways she was looking over the railing and jack comes scrolling up to her says sympathetically "will knew what would happen if he stabbed the heart , i told him" Elizabeth looks up at him her face tear stained " I haven't anything in this world now jack , my fathers dead and wills immortal" jack smiles and puts his hand lightly on her back " You have me , the pearl and the crew" Elizabeth smiles And flips open jacks compass "bring me that horizon" she says and then clicks it shut.

psycho huh I'm surprised i remembered it because i usually don't remember my dreams.

hmm maybe not as psycho as i thought eh

LMAO awesome..big grin

Ha i know i woke up and im like whoa

aww man! i wish i could dream 'bout jack! or even johnny depp!

you lucky dog you....!

oh! omg! it worked!

*sing-song* i got my own siggy, i got my own siggy!

Jack of Blades
Thats good *Colapses on the floor*

oh! wait i did have a dream 'bout him, last night

i dreamt that i was talking to him online! probably 'cause i'm on here all the time talkin' about him! of course i don't remember what i said.

talk about depressing when i woke up and realized that it wasn't real!

Oh men I wish I had dreams like that. At least with Jack. sad

I had a dream that Elizabeth was in the Pearl and Jack was talking about how Will was a good man. I think he was dead, Will

And then she said something like at least he didn't die in vain. Then it showed the crew and all of them were together, with the candles and all that jazz, and they were singing the pirate song.

Drink up me hearties, yo ho.



Lmfao, I want that to be the ending. Not that crazy Liz get landed with a kid and who's the father, too soap-opera-ish.

With Gibbs, Marty, Cotton and the whole crew. Everyone, the scurvy ridden little bastards and even that annoying undead monkey. All of them, and off the the corner under the stars...Elizabeth and Jack.

That's my perfect ending, with no madness, no twisted messed up spin right before the credits. I want Pirates Of The Caribbean to be a ride, a thrill, a beauty till the burning end.

ditto...I'm having dreams about jack/johnny/Lizzie/pirates EVERYNIGHT now. dunno why but I love it. There was a time that I wished I would have this many dreams...I didn't use to have these many dreams. now I feel like I'm going crazy..I WISH I didn't have any more dreams...I can't even remember most of them but things that I do are pretty crazy: scenes just flick threw my mind,random jokes that jack makes in the middle of my dreams,scenes of rescuing jack, scenes of johnny at the AWE premier, scenes of johnny telling T&T that he didn't like the "new part" of the script that the two of them (dunno if he meant jack/liz or will/liz) are meant for eachother......SEE? I see all of that in one night..sometimes I feel like I haven't slept at all

Ive never had any piirate dreamssad

I have had Green Day and V for Vendetta dreams though lol..

Aw, I love pirate dreams. They're so romantic and adventurous. Thank god my dreams always revolve around Liz/Jack love. Not too far, good god no, but the sweet kisses and stuff.

There was one where Will saw them and comitted suicide. Then Jack married Liz, and she was so happy. Lol, twisted I know.

But that's my fave version so far.

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