Ok the thing about Liz at the end of AWE (possible spoilers)

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The kid idea..lets try and confirm it lol

It seems to have been removed a LONG time ago..so fear not there is probably no Will Junior

Although I don't think that it was ever meant to be Will's baby..IMO it was supposed to ahve been Jack's baby because:

1 The line Gibbs says to Elizabeth about Mother's son who calls himself pirate and then way Lizzie looks at Jack after that line..then the convo leads to sex and both secretly smile about the thought. All very suggestive..even the letters of Marque suggests something about their "future" it seems. Notice how Will is no where to be seen in that scene. Its not about him and Liz having a child. Also I don't know if this is intentional or not but there is a heart shape made with the light in the background of that scene laughing out loud

2. The theme that if Jack doesn't fit into the new world he will perish. Jack will need to fit in somewhere after the age of pirates is over which is probably the end of AWE (At World's End how more suggestive can you get?)and both characters have lost everything..a baby and echother is what they would have to continue after everything else falls to shit..especially Jack..and especially Liz lol. IMO they are still gonna have a Jack/Liz ending because where the heck is Jack gonna turn if he cant be a pirate anymore? (remember Will's gone)

His father you say? Well isn't every scene with Teague in AWE only Jack/Lizzie together with him...? and NO Will.

3. This supposed sex scene Gore and the writers were TRYING to get into AWE?? Its a supposed rumor but with this baby ending I bet it was for that..maybe they couldn't get it in there? Because Disney wouldn't allow one..not even a PG-13 rated one..lol..or maybe they have? big grin

4. There is no indication in the script I know of that she sleeps with Will

5. IMO it will be after marriage that she would sleep with someone...and since we know what happens to Will after that certain Ma-riage?? Then you look at my sig? It suggests sleeping with her TRUE husband after marriage in my opinion big grin

"a lady, widowed before her marriage. A virgin too, likely as not, searching for her husband lost at sea"
You cant even be called a widow before marriage unless you were married and lost a husband for some reason before hand. Who looks like she's mourning the death of someone before her marriage to Will when we are introduced to her? Who are we introduced to in a floating COFFIN?..Who is mourning at the death of a certain someone and who goes in search of him AGAIN..Jack lost at sea Lizzie? AGAIN?..ad all before the marriage to whelpy boy

6. When Johnny said in that interview something along the lines of: "they took my character to places I never thought they would in these two movies"

7. when T&T mentioned what was gonna happen in DMC and then they mentioned what they wanted for the end of AWE everyone(producers etc) supposedly said "NAHHH!" but they still kept that kind of theme in there for the end of it..what would have caused THAT reaction?..Will with a baby? Dont think so.

but this could all be lots of crap coming from my mouth here..^^ Just theories..based on a few things I've heard of..

So no Will or Jack Jr in AWE apparently..Its been "cut"

although..I dunno..me smells something fishy

That make perfect sense lovelyone but i smell something fishy as well.
It seems like in potc awe Liz will be pushing jack away more so after she saves him and realize hey this guy is really sexy and charming , and not a pansy like will and w/e but the reason i think she will be push ing him away is because she doesn't WANT to have feelings for him , even though her feeling for him are rising and her feelings for will are decreasing.

IMO once the whelp is out of the picture she will begin to accept Jack...or perhaps even before..because I dont see her getting closer to will in AWE either.

To me it seems that her character is set to accept her feelings for Jack by the end of AWE.

Remember Jack only decided on truly making Liz an obligation in his life RIGHT at the end of DMC

Yes i IMO we will notice i change in lizs behavior , i think she will be alot more independent in this movie , haveing an attitude like "i dont need a man to take care of me" but i do think she will realize that she does have feelings for jack.

when Liz feels weak..all she does is "run to Jack" laughing out loud..all she wants is jack there IMO he's her protector..the MAN in the relationship which is what she needs..she's always the one protecting Will.

I know if her and Liz were to get married wouldn't that make her a lesbian
...........................................................IMO WILLS A PANSY GIRL AND LIZZIE MORE OF A MAN THAN HIM.

hmm, I kinda like that the baby-thing has been cut, but you never know with these guys. No one thought that they would kill Jack in DMC.

What is it that smells fishy??

I dunno I think they are trying to hide something whrn it comes to the way Jack ends this trilogy

I'm kinda glad the idea has been cut too

Wow, you sure answer quick. What do think might happen?
As long as he doesn't end up as capt of TFD, I'm (somewhat) happy.
Someone over at Kttc (yes I lurk a bit)said that the scene with Jack and the wenches WAS the epilouge/ending of AWE but that there has been some major changes made.
I think it is safe to say that none of us, and that would be us here and KttC, knows exactly hoe this will end. Maybe Disney are spreading false rumors on purpose to lead us astray?? just a thought

the thing I got about Will wasnt a rumor lol I know he's gonna stab that heart and become the next captain. Confirmation baby big grin

also the thing with Jack and the whores..I dunno if that was ever the proper ending..it may have been one of the last scenes but it was never the proper ending I bet...it may have been something leading up to the proper ending but I doubt they would make Jack sail off with two disgusting looking whores after the way movie 2 ended and how well it did because of that..

Also I cant imagine him sailing off to be a pirate after this huge theme raised about changing to fit the new world or perishing...you ever read about the Odyssey and Odysseus?

Jack is going through the same kind of changes as him IMO..because Calypso was in that story too and the similarities between Jack and Oddy especially the way he appears to be viewing women is almost to a tee.

I've read the Odyssey back in high school but that was years ago and I didn'y pay much attention(stupid yes) but from what I remember I can see some similarities between Jack and O.

Well, good to know that Will *will* become the capt. Now all we need is to find out what happens with Jack and Lizzie (hopefully sans kid)

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